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200 metres Freestyle, Women

Date 1 September 1972
LocationSchwimmhalle, Olympiapark, München
Participants33 from 17 countries

In 1971 Australian Shane Gould had set two world records in this event. But American Shirley Babashoff bested those at the 1972 US Olympic Trials in Chicago in August. Gould took the lead in the final almost immediately and at 100 metres was half-a-bodylength ahead of the American trio of Babashoff, Keena Rothhammer, and Ann Marshall. By 150 metres Gould had open water. Babashoff and Rothhammer would better the Chicago world record, but it would only be good for the silver and bronze medals, as Gould shattered the mark with 2:03.56. Gould would eventually win three golds, a silver, and a bronze in Munich and then retire from swimming in early 1973.

1Shane GouldAUS2:07.95 (1 h4)2:03.56 (1)Gold
2Shirley BabashoffUSA2:08.48 (2 h5)2:04.33 (2)Silver
3Keena RothhammerUSA2:07.48 (1 h3)2:04.92 (3)Bronze
4Ann MarshallUSA2:08.12 (1 h1)2:05.45 (4)
5Andrea EifeGDR2:07.05 (1 h5)2:06.27 (5)
6Hansje BunschotenNED2:08.58 (2 h3)2:08.40 (6)
7Anke RijndersNED2:09.09 (1 h2)2:09.41 (7)
8Karin TüllingGDR2:09.01 (2 h1)2:11.70 (8)
9Gudrun WegnerGDR2:09.49 (3 h5)
10Debbie PalmerAUS2:10.29 (2 h4)
11Angela SteinbachFRG2:10.59 (4 h5)
=12Jutta WeberFRG2:12.44 (3 h1)
=12Merrily StrattenCAN2:12.44 (4 h1)
14Helen GrayAUS2:12.76 (2 h2)
15Uta SchützFRG2:12.84 (3 h4)
16Tatyana ZolotnitskayaURS2:13.12 (3 h3)
17Lesley AllardiceGBR2:13.43 (5 h5)
18Mary Beth RondeauCAN2:13.52 (4 h4)
19Susan EdmondsonGBR2:13.54 (5 h4)
20Nadezhda MatyukhinaURS2:13.60 (3 h2)
21Yelena TimoshenkoURS2:14.06 (4 h3)
22Heather CoombridgeNZL2:14.78 (5 h1)
23Françoise MonodSUI2:15.30 (4 h2)
24Diana SutherlandGBR2:16.00 (5 h3)
25Karen LeGresleyCAN2:16.34 (6 h1)
26Olga de ÁnguloCOL2:17.34 (5 h2)
27Lucy BurleBRA2:18.57 (6 h4)
28Roselina ÁngelCOL2:18.62 (6 h5)
29Ileana MoralesVEN2:18.84 (6 h3)
30Marcia ArriagaMEX2:18.93 (7 h4)
31Belinda PhillipsJAM2:19.49 (7 h1)
32Hsu Yue-YunTPE2:20.17 (7 h5)
33Silvia BorginiARG2:23.11 (6 h2)
DNSHriska PeychevaBUL– (DNS h2)
DNSMireille BassoulLBN– (DNS h3)

Round One (1 September 1972 — 11:50)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

1Ann MarshallUSA2:08.12QOR
2Karin TüllingGDR2:09.01Q
3Jutta WeberFRG2:12.44
4Merrily StrattenCAN2:12.44
5Heather CoombridgeNZL2:14.78
6Karen LeGresleyCAN2:16.34
7Belinda PhillipsJAM2:19.49

Heat Two

1Anke RijndersNED2:09.09Q
2Helen GrayAUS2:12.76
3Nadezhda MatyukhinaURS2:13.60
4Françoise MonodSUI2:15.30
5Olga de ÁnguloCOL2:17.34
6Silvia BorginiARG2:23.11
DNSHriska PeychevaBUL

Heat Three

1Keena RothhammerUSA2:07.48QOR
2Hansje BunschotenNED2:08.58Q
3Tatyana ZolotnitskayaURS2:13.12
4Yelena TimoshenkoURS2:14.06
5Diana SutherlandGBR2:16.00
6Ileana MoralesVEN2:18.84
DNSMireille BassoulLBN

Heat Four

1Shane GouldAUS2:07.95Q
2Debbie PalmerAUS2:10.29
3Uta SchützFRG2:12.84
4Mary Beth RondeauCAN2:13.52
5Susan EdmondsonGBR2:13.54
6Lucy BurleBRA2:18.57
7Marcia ArriagaMEX2:18.93

Heat Five

1Andrea EifeGDR2:07.05QOR
2Shirley BabashoffUSA2:08.48Q
3Gudrun WegnerGDR2:09.49
4Angela SteinbachFRG2:10.59
5Lesley AllardiceGBR2:13.43
6Roselina ÁngelCOL2:18.62
7Hsu Yue-YunTPE2:20.17

Final (1 September 1972 — 19:00)

13Shane GouldAUS2:03.56WR
22Shirley BabashoffUSA2:04.33
35Keena RothhammerUSA2:04.92
46Ann MarshallUSA2:05.45
54Andrea EifeGDR2:06.27
67Hansje BunschotenNED2:08.40
78Anke RijndersNED2:09.41
81Karin TüllingGDR2:11.70