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200 metres Butterfly, Women

Date 4 September 1972
LocationSchwimmhalle, Olympiapark, München
Participants24 from 17 countries

The 200 butterfly final was held on the final day of swimming at the Munich Olympics. The favorite was the United States’ Karen Moe, who had won the US Trials in Chicago in August, breaking the world record with 2:16.62. Also highly considered was her teammate, Ellie Daniel, one of the few US female swimmers who had competed at Mexico City, where she won a bronze in this event. Daniel had set three world records in the 200 fly in 1971. Daniel took the lead in the final on the first lap over the 100 butterfly champion, Mayumi Aoki, but East German Rosemarie Kother moved ahead by 100 metres. Kother still led at 150, but off the turn Daniel moved back into the lead, closely chased by Karen Moe. Moe took the lead for good at 170 metres, and almost at the same time American Lynn Colella passed both Daniel and Kother. Moe hung on the gold medal and led a USA sweep, with Colella in second and Daniel repeating her bronze medal from Mexico. Over the next four years Rosemarie Kother, later Rosemarie Gabriel, would become the top swimmer in the world in this event, winning the title at the 1973 and 1975 World Championships, and setting five consecutive world records. Favored at the 1976 Olympics, she failed to come through, winning a bronze medal at the back of a GDR sweep.

1Karen MoeUSA2:18.15 (1 h4)2:15.57 (1)Gold
2Lynn ColellaUSA2:18.80 (1 h3)2:16.34 (2)Silver
3Ellie DanielUSA2:17.18 (1 h2)2:16.74 (3)Bronze
4Rosemarie KotherGDR2:18.32 (1 h1)2:17.11 (4)
5Noriko AsanoJPN2:20.09 (2 h3)2:19.50 (5)
6Helga LindnerGDR2:20.00 (2 h4)2:20.47 (6)
7Gail NeallAUS2:23.21 (3 h3)2:21.88 (7)
8Mayumi AokiJPN2:23.01 (2 h1)2:22.84 (8)
9Frieke BuysNED2:24.20 (4 h3)
10Brigitte MertzGDR2:24.92 (3 h4)
11Sue FunchAUS2:26.69 (4 h4)
12Jean JeavonsGBR2:27.59 (2 h2)
13Eva SiggFIN2:27.64 (5 h4)
14Ileana MoralesVEN2:28.41 (6 h4)
15Eva WiknerSWE2:29.03 (3 h2)
16Margrit ThometSUI2:29.21 (4 h2)
17Věra FaitlováTCH2:29.34 (5 h2)
18Moira BrownGBR2:30.08 (6 h2)
19Anca GrozaROU2:30.32 (3 h1)
20Jennifer McHughCAN2:30.36 (7 h2)
21Maria Isabel GuerraBRA2:32.60 (7 h4)
22Olga de ÁnguloCOL2:34.69 (5 h3)
23Grisel MendozaMEX2:35.85 (4 h1)
24Hsu Yue-YunTPE2:44.88 (6 h3)
DNSNovella CalligarisITA– (DNS h1)
DNSMireille BassoulLBN– (DNS h1)
DNSZhanet SlavchevaBUL– (DNS h3)

Round One (4 September 1972 — 10:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

14Rosemarie KotherGDR2:18.32QOR
25Mayumi AokiJPN2:23.01Q
32Anca GrozaROU2:30.32
47Grisel MendozaMEX2:35.85
DNSNovella CalligarisITA
DNSMireille BassoulLBN

Heat Two

14Ellie DanielUSA2:17.18QOR
25Jean JeavonsGBR2:27.59
36Eva WiknerSWE2:29.03
41Margrit ThometSUI2:29.21
52Věra FaitlováTCH2:29.34
63Moira BrownGBR2:30.08
77Jennifer McHughCAN2:30.36

Heat Three

14Lynn ColellaUSA2:18.80Q
26Noriko AsanoJPN2:20.09Q
35Gail NeallAUS2:23.21Q
43Frieke BuysNED2:24.20
52Olga de ÁnguloCOL2:34.69
67Hsu Yue-YunTPE2:44.88
DNSZhanet SlavchevaBUL

Heat Four

14Karen MoeUSA2:18.15Q
25Helga LindnerGDR2:20.00Q
36Brigitte MertzGDR2:24.92
43Sue FunchAUS2:26.69
51Eva SiggFIN2:27.64
62Ileana MoralesVEN2:28.41
77Maria Isabel GuerraBRA2:32.60

Final (4 September 1972 — 18:00)

15Karen MoeUSA2:15.57WR
26Lynn ColellaUSA2:16.34
34Ellie DanielUSA2:16.74
43Rosemarie KotherGDR2:17.11
57Noriko AsanoJPN2:19.50
62Helga LindnerGDR2:20.47
78Gail NeallAUS2:21.88
81Mayumi AokiJPN2:22.84