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Javelin Throw, Women

Date31 July – 1 August 1992
LocationEstadio Olímpico de Montjuïc, Barcelona
Participants25 from 17 countries
Olympic Record 74.68 / Petra Felke GDR / 26 September 1988

Petra Felke (GER) was the defending champion but was not the dominant thrower she had been in 1988. She had finished second at the 1991 World Championships behind Xu Demei (CHN), while the 1990 European Champion was Finland’s Päivi Alafrantti. But the best throwers in 1992 had been Belarussian Nataliya Shikolenko and Norway’s Trine Hattestad, and they led the qualifiers. Shikolenko took the lead in the final with 68.26 (223-11½) in the first round. Round one produced all the medalists as Silke Renk (GER) threw 67.24 (220-7¼) and Karen Forkel, eventual bronze medalist, threw 65.02 (213-4), and nobody would surpass those marks except the leaders. The standings held up through five rounds with Shikolenko leading Renk, who then won the gold medal with 68.34 (224-2½) on her final toss.

1841Silke RenkGER65.38 (4)68.34 (1)Gold
2495Natallia ShykalenkaEUN67.36 (1)68.26 (2)Silver
3798Karen ForkelGER65.44 (3)66.86 (3)Bronze
4757Tessa SandersonGBR60.70 (8)63.58 (4)
51316Trine Solberg-HattestadNOR67.20 (2)63.54 (5)
6606Heli RantanenFIN63.98 (5)62.34 (6)
7827Petra Meier-FelkeGER60.58 (9)59.02 (7)
8345Dulce GarcíaCUB60.44 (12)58.26 (8)
9565Yelena SvezhentsevaEUN60.44 (11)57.32 (9)
10934Kinga ZsigmondHUN60.74 (7)56.54 (10)
1156Louise McPaulAUS60.56 (10)56.00 (11)
121736Donna MayhewUSA61.24 (6)55.68 (12)
13 r1/2353Isel LópezCUB60.42 (13)
14 r1/2290Xu DemeiCHN59.98 (14)
15 r1/2276Ha XiaoyanCHN59.70 (15)
16 r1/2189Antoaneta SelenskaBUL59.40 (16)
17 r1/21333Kirsten SmithNZL59.34 (17)
18 r1/21189Teresė NekrošaitėLTU58.28 (18)
19 r1/21378Genowefa PatlaPOL58.18 (19)
20 r1/2522Iryna KostiuchenkovaEUN57.96 (20)
21 r1/2887Anna VerouliGRE56.96 (21)
22 r1/21156Lee Yeong-SeonKOR55.10 (22)
23 r1/21669Paula BerryUSA49.00 (23)
24 r1/21533Vijitha AmerasekeraSRI48.00 (24)
AC r1/2587Päivi AlafranttiFIN– (AC)

Qualifying Round (31 July 1992)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 62.50 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCDistance2nd Best
1Natallia ShykalenkaEUN67.36Q
2Trine Solberg-HattestadNOR67.20Q
3Karen ForkelGER65.44Q
4Silke RenkGER65.38Q
5Heli RantanenFIN63.98Q
6Donna MayhewUSA61.24q
7Kinga ZsigmondHUN60.74q
8Tessa SandersonGBR60.70q
9Petra Meier-FelkeGER60.58q
10Louise McPaulAUS60.56q
11Yelena SvezhentsevaEUN60.4457.76q
12Dulce GarcíaCUB60.4457.02q
13Isel LópezCUB60.42
14Xu DemeiCHN59.98
15Ha XiaoyanCHN59.70
16Antoaneta SelenskaBUL59.40
17Kirsten SmithNZL59.34
18Teresė NekrošaitėLTU58.28
19Genowefa PatlaPOL58.18
20Iryna KostiuchenkovaEUN57.96
21Anna VerouliGRE56.96
22Lee Yeong-SeonKOR55.10
23Paula BerryUSA49.00
24Vijitha AmerasekeraSRI48.00
ACPäivi AlafranttiFINDQ

Qualifying Round, Group A (31 July 1992 — 18:00)

PosOrdAthleteNOCDistanceGroup A Round OneGroup A Round TwoGroup A Round Three
13Trine Solberg-HattestadNOR67.2067.20--
22Donna MayhewUSA61.2458.7658.0261.24
311Kinga ZsigmondHUN60.7458.1855.6060.74
48Tessa SandersonGBR60.7060.70×53.20
512Petra Meier-FelkeGER60.5860.5859.4257.40
69Louise McPaulAUS60.5658.0059.2460.56
76Dulce GarcíaCUB60.4460.44×57.02
810Xu DemeiCHN59.98××59.98
95Kirsten SmithNZL59.34×53.8259.34
107Iryna KostiuchenkovaEUN57.96×57.96×
114Anna VerouliGRE56.9655.8256.9656.60
1213Vijitha AmerasekeraSRI48.00×48.0044.70
AC1Päivi AlafranttiFIN×××NM

Qualifying Round, Group B (31 July 1992 — 19:30)

PosOrdAthleteNOCDistanceGroup B Round OneGroup B Round TwoGroup B Round Three
112Natallia ShykalenkaEUN67.3667.36--
24Karen ForkelGER65.4462.2861.4865.44
38Silke RenkGER65.3865.38--
49Heli RantanenFIN63.9863.98--
55Yelena SvezhentsevaEUN60.4454.6660.4457.76
611Isel LópezCUB60.42××60.42
76Ha XiaoyanCHN59.7059.7056.5858.38
83Antoaneta SelenskaBUL59.4059.4057.8657.78
97Teresė NekrošaitėLTU58.2858.28××
102Genowefa PatlaPOL58.1858.18×55.14
1110Lee Yeong-SeonKOR55.1055.10×54.54
121Paula BerryUSA49.0048.70×49.00

Final Round (1 August 1992 — 19:20)

111Silke RenkGER68.3467.2462.0665.3465.6265.6268.34
210Natallia ShykalenkaEUN68.2668.2667.42××××
312Karen ForkelGER66.8665.02×62.7665.8466.8666.80
45Tessa SandersonGBR63.5863.58×62.60××59.80
57Trine Solberg-HattestadNOR63.5459.5258.5263.54×59.70×
69Heli RantanenFIN62.3462.3459.62×58.0261.3658.76
76Petra Meier-FelkeGER59.02×58.3658.34×57.5459.02
83Dulce GarcíaCUB58.2654.5658.0058.26×××
91Yelena SvezhentsevaEUN57.3256.5057.3253.82
102Kinga ZsigmondHUN56.5456.5454.7855.16
114Louise McPaulAUS56.0054.9256.00×
128Donna MayhewUSA55.68×55.6854.36