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Shot Put, Men

Date18 August 2004
LocationStadio Arkhaias Olympias, Olympia
Participants39 from 26 countries

The event was conducted at the Ancient Olympic stadium on the Peleponnesus, although the woman threw first and had the honor of the first competition there in over 1,600 years. Adam Nelson (USA) had placed second at the last three major meets – the 2000 Olympics, and the 2001 and 2003 World Championships – and he hoped to improve on that. He opened with 21.16 (69-5¼) in round one, which led. It would be his best throw, and in fact, his only fair throw, as he followed with five fouls. In second after the first round was Ukraine’s Yuriy Bilonoh with 21.15 (69-4¾), only one centimeter back. He repeated that mark in round two but could do no better, and still trailed Nelson until the final round. In the final round Nelson had a marginal foul of around 21.30 (69-10¾), and had to settle for his opening mark. Bilonoh then threw 21.16 (69-5¼) in the final round to tie Nelson, but his next best mark was better than Nelson’s, who had no next best mark. Thus Nelson was again in second place. Finally in 2005, he would stop that trend, winning the World Championships.

But Nelson would eventually do better. In 2012 the IOC re-tested the drug samples from the Athens Olympics. Bilonoh would be disqualified in December 2012 when his doping sample revealed the presence of oxandrolone metabolite, an anabolic steroid. In June 2013 the IOC re-classified the medals, awarding Nelson the gold medal, with the silver medal going to Joachim Olsen and the bronze to Manuel Martínez.

13316Adam NelsonUSA21.15 (1)21.16 (1)Gold
21531Joachim OlsenDEN20.78 (2)21.07 (2)Silver
31602Manuel MartínezESP20.37 (6)20.84 (3)Bronze
41184Andrei MikhnievichBLR20.11 (8)20.60 (4)
51170Yury BialouBLR20.06 (10)20.34 (5)
61051Justin AnlezarkAUS20.45 (5)20.31 (6)
71859Ralf BartelsGER20.65 (3)20.26 (7)
83267John GodinaUSA20.53 (4)20.19 (8)
93061Mikuláš KonopkaSVK20.32 (7)19.92 (9)
103022Miran VodovnikSLO20.04 (11)19.34 (10)
111517Petr StehlíkCZE20.06 (9)19.21 (11)
13 r1/21708Tepa ReinikainenFIN19.74 (12)
14 r1/22576Rutger SmithNED19.69 (13)
15 r1/22786Gheorghe GușetROU19.68 (14)
16 r1/22961Ivan YushkovRUS19.67 (15)
17 r1/21182Paval LyzhynBLR19.60 (16)
18 r1/22684Tomasz MajewskiPOL19.55 (17)
19 r1/21710Ville TiisanojaFIN19.50 (18)
20 r1/21323Brad SnyderCAN19.46 (19)
21 r1/22836Janus RobbertsRSA19.41 (20)
22 r1/23281Reese HoffaUSA19.40 (21)
23 r1/22870Pavel ChumachenkoRUS19.38 (22)
24 r1/22062Zsolt BiberHUN19.31 (23)
25 r1/22498Ion EmilianovMDA19.25 (24)
26 r1/21644Taavi PeetreEST19.14 (25)
27 r1/21523Antonín ŽalskýCZE19.09 (26)
28 r1/21927Peter SackGER19.09 (27)
29 r1/21434Nedžad MulabegovićCRO19.07 (28)
30 r1/22767Khalid Habash Al-SuwaidiQAT19.04 (29)
31 r1/22944Pavel SofyinRUS19.02 (30)
32 r1/22985Dragan PerićSCG18.91 (31)
33 r1/21862Detlef BockGER18.89 (32)
34 r1/22824Burger LambrechtsRSA18.67 (33)
35 r1/23204Roman VirastiukUKR18.52 (34)
36 r1/21429Edis ElkasevićCRO18.44 (35)
37 r1/21283Galin KostadinovBUL17.75 (36)
AC r1/21338Marco Antonio VerniCHI– (AC)
AC r1/22119Bahadur SinghIND– (AC)
AC3166Yuriy BilonohUKR20.61 (AC)21.16 (AC)DQ1

Qualifying Round (18 August 2004)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 20.40 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCDistance2nd Best
1Adam NelsonUSA21.15Q
2Joachim OlsenDEN20.78Q
3Ralf BartelsGER20.65Q
4John GodinaUSA20.53Q
5Justin AnlezarkAUS20.45Q
6Manuel MartínezESP20.37q
7Mikuláš KonopkaSVK20.32q
8Andrei MikhnievichBLR20.11q
9Petr StehlíkCZE20.0619.74q
10Yury BialouBLR20.06q
11Miran VodovnikSLO20.04q
12Tepa ReinikainenFIN19.74
13Rutger SmithNED19.69
14Gheorghe GușetROU19.68
15Ivan YushkovRUS19.67
16Paval LyzhynBLR19.60
17Tomasz MajewskiPOL19.55
18Ville TiisanojaFIN19.50
19Brad SnyderCAN19.46
20Janus RobbertsRSA19.41
21Reese HoffaUSA19.40
22Pavel ChumachenkoRUS19.38
23Zsolt BiberHUN19.31
24Ion EmilianovMDA19.25
25Taavi PeetreEST19.14
26Antonín ŽalskýCZE19.0918.93
27Peter SackGER19.0917.91
28Nedžad MulabegovićCRO19.07
29Khalid Habash Al-SuwaidiQAT19.04
30Pavel SofyinRUS19.02
31Dragan PerićSCG18.91
32Detlef BockGER18.89
33Burger LambrechtsRSA18.67
34Roman VirastiukUKR18.52
35Edis ElkasevićCRO18.44
36Galin KostadinovBUL17.75
ACMarco Antonio VerniCHINM
ACBahadur SinghINDNM
ACYuriy BilonohUKR20.61DQ Q2

Qualifying Round, Group A (18 August 2004 — 10:00)

12Adam NelsonUSA21.15×21.15-
219Ralf BartelsGER20.6520.65--
318Justin AnlezarkAUS20.4518.5320.45-
41Andrei MikhnievichBLR20.1120.1020.1120.09
59Petr StehlíkCZE20.06×19.7420.06
617Rutger SmithNED19.6919.0219.2819.69
710Gheorghe GușetROU19.6819.4219.2619.68
83Ivan YushkovRUS19.6719.1519.4219.67
97Reese HoffaUSA19.4018.88×19.40
1014Pavel ChumachenkoRUS19.3819.1719.38×
1112Ion EmilianovMDA19.2518.8318.9219.25
124Taavi PeetreEST19.1419.1418.97×
136Antonín ŽalskýCZE19.0918.9319.09×
1420Nedžad MulabegovićCRO19.07×18.8619.07
1513Detlef BockGER18.8918.4018.89×
1611Roman VirastiukUKR18.5218.1218.4018.52
175Galin KostadinovBUL17.7517.7517.5117.47
AC8Marco Antonio VerniCHI×××NM
AC15Bahadur SinghIND×××NM
AC16Yuriy BilonohUKR20.6120.61--DQ3

Qualifying Round, Group B (18 August 2004 — 10:00)

116Joachim OlsenDEN20.7820.78--
217John GodinaUSA20.5319.7320.53-
33Manuel MartínezESP20.3719.1519.5420.37
41Mikuláš KonopkaSVK20.3220.3220.20×
57Yury BialouBLR20.06××20.06
610Miran VodovnikSLO20.0418.8320.04×
712Tepa ReinikainenFIN19.7418.2719.7119.74
85Paval LyzhynBLR19.60××19.60
914Tomasz MajewskiPOL19.5519.5519.07×
1019Ville TiisanojaFIN19.5019.2819.50×
1118Brad SnyderCAN19.4619.3619.46×
1211Janus RobbertsRSA19.4119.41××
134Zsolt BiberHUN19.3119.31××
1413Peter SackGER19.0919.0917.91×
1515Khalid Habash Al-SuwaidiQAT19.04××19.04
162Pavel SofyinRUS19.0218.7819.02×
176Dragan PerićSCG18.9118.9118.7918.74
189Burger LambrechtsRSA18.6718.6718.63×
198Edis ElkasevićCRO18.4417.5418.44×

Final Round (18 August 2004 — 17:30)

16/8Adam NelsonUSA21.1621.16×××××
211/6Joachim OlsenDEN21.0720.4720.4821.0720.78××
33/5Manuel MartínezESP20.8420.7020.2120.4920.7820.84×
45/4Andrei MikhnievichBLR20.6019.4120.51××20.60×
52/3Yury BialouBLR20.3420.3420.33×××19.88
64/2Justin AnlezarkAUS20.3120.07×20.31×××
77/1Ralf BartelsGER20.2620.26××20.07×20.00
89John GodinaUSA20.19××20.19
98Mikuláš KonopkaSVK19.92×19.9219.91
101Miran VodovnikSLO19.3419.3418.93×
1112Petr StehlíkCZE19.2118.72×19.21
AC10/7Yuriy BilonohUKR21.1621.1521.1521.07××21.16DQ4