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10,000 metres, Women

Date27 August 2004 — 21:50
LocationOlympiako Stadio, Olympiako Athletiko Kentro Athinon Spiros Loues, Maroussi
Participants31 from 20 countries
FormatFinal only.
Olympic Record 30:17.49 / Derartu Tulu ETH / 30 September 2000

At the last two World Championships, Ethiopia had won five of the six medals. Their team was so talented that the 2003 World Champion, Berhane Adere, was not chosen for Athina. The only runner they feared was Britain’s Paula Radcliffe, who in both 2002 and 2003 had set world marathon bests, bringing the record in 2003 to a Beamon-like 2-15:25. Radcliffe had run the marathon in Athina, but dropped out in that race, held five days earlier. Still hurting, she was not a factor in the 10K, although she led the early kilometres. She lost contact on the 15th lap and stopped on the 19th. That left the lead to the Ethiopian team of Ejegayehu Dibaba, 1992 and 2000 champion Derartu Tulu, and Werknesh Kidane, China’s Xing Huina, and Kenya’s Lornah Kiplagat. Xing was somewhat unheralded but had set a world junior record of 30:31.55 at the 2003 Worlds. This group stayed together until the last lap, when Dibaba took off, chased by Xing. Off the last turn, Xing pulled ahead for the gold medal, but it was Dibaba who celebrated. Dibaba did not realize that Xing was on the same lap, thinking she had been lapped. She raised her hands joyfully as she crossed the line, but it would only be for the silver medal.

PosNrAthleteNOCTime (A)
11378Xing HuinaCHN30:24.36Gold
21660Ejegayehu DibabaETH30:24.98Silver
31675Derartu TuluETH30:26.42Bronze
41668Werknesh KidaneETH30:28.30
52567Lornah KiplagatNED30:31.92
61374Sun YingjieCHN30:54.37
72425Jeļena ProkopčukaLAT31:04.10
82879Lidiya GrigoryevaRUS31:04.62
92362Lucy KabuuKEN31:05.90
103011Helena JavornikSLO31:06.63
112778Mihaela BotezanROU31:11.24
121793Kathy ButlerGBR31:41.13
132295Megumi TanakaJPN31:42.18
142130Marie DavenportIRL31:50.49
151912Sabrina MockenhauptGER32:00.85
162360Alice TimbililKEN32:12.57
172332Sally BarsosioKEN32:14.00
182268Harumi HiroyamaJPN32:15.12
193254Elva DryerUSA32:18.16
202073Anikó KálovicsHUN32:21.47
213319Kate O'NeillUSA32:24.04
222857Galina BogomolovaRUS32:25.10
232511Adriana FernándezMEX32:29.57
241070Benita JohnsonAUS32:32.01
251077Haley McGregorAUS33:35.27
262266Kayoko FukushiJPN33:48.66
272494Natalia CercheşMDA34:04.97
AC1008Souad Aït SalemALGDNF
AC3165Nataliya BerkutUKRDNF
AC1831Paula RadcliffeGBRDNF
AC2741Fernanda RibeiroPORDNF


1000 m3:16.02Nataliya Berkut
2000 m6:21.82Jeļena Čelnova-Prokopčuka
3000 m9:27.40Paula Radcliffe
4000 m12:32.69Derartu Tulu
5000 m15:34.56Ejegayehu Dibaba
6000 m18:37.39Werknesh Kidane
7000 m21:34.26Werknesh Kidane
8000 m24:34.70Werknesh Kidane
9000 m27:34.79Werknesh Kidane