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200 metres Butterfly, Women

Date21 July 1980
LocationPlavatelny basseyn, Sportivny kompleks Olimpiysky, Moskva
Participants21 from 14 countries

Mary T. Meagher was the world’s greatest butterfly swimmer, bar none. She had set three world records in 1979, lowering the mark from Tracy Caulkins’s 2:09.87, set in 1978, to 2:07.01. The two weeks before the Moscow Olympics, Meagher took the mark down further, to 2:06.37, at a meet in Irvine, California. In August 1981 at the US Nationals, that mark fell to her as she finished in 2:05.96, a world record that would last until 1999. Despite the East German women’s hegemony in Moscow, Meagher would have won.

Without her the gold medal went to the GDR’s Ines Geißler, who would later win the event at the 1981 Europeans and 1982 World Championships. Her Moscow gold came by only 1/100th of a second over teammate Sybille Schönrock, who was never heard from again.

1Ines GeißlerGDR2:13.23 (1 h2)2:10.44 (1)Gold
2Sybille SchönrockGDR2:13.68 (1 h1)2:10.45 (2)Silver
3Michelle FordAUS2:12.72 (1 h3)2:11.66 (3)Bronze
4Andrea PollackGDR2:13.88 (2 h3)2:12.13 (4)
5Dorota BrzozowskaPOL2:14.74 (2 h1)2:14.12 (5)
6Ann OsgerbyGBR2:15.17 (3 h1)2:14.83 (6)
7Agneta MårtenssonSWE2:16.41 (2 h2)2:15.22 (7)
8Alla GrishchenkovaURS2:16.01 (3 h3)2:15.70 (8)
9Éva MiklósfalvyHUN2:17.32 (4 h1)
10Cinzia Savi ScarponiITA2:17.53 (3 h2)
11Karen Van de GraafAUS2:17.82 (4 h2)
=12Larisa PolivodaURS2:17.88 (5 h1)
=12Sonja HausladenAUT2:17.88 (4 h3)
14Janet OsgerbyGBR2:18.01 (5 h2)
15Armi AiraksinenSWE2:19.39 (5 h3)
16Małgorzata RóżyckaPOL2:19.70 (6 h3)
17María ParísCRC2:21.14 (6 h2)
18Wilma van VelsenNED2:21.81 (7 h3)
19Carole BrookSUI2:24.82 (6 h1)
20Marion MichelBEL2:25.10 (7 h2)
21Celeste GarcíaPER2:26.07 (7 h1)

Round One (21 July 1980 — 11:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

14Sybille SchönrockGDR2:13.68Q
25Dorota BrzozowskaPOL2:14.74Q
33Ann OsgerbyGBR2:15.17Q
46Éva MiklósfalvyHUN2:17.32
52Larisa PolivodaURS2:17.881
67Carole BrookSUI2:24.82
71Celeste GarcíaPER2:26.07

Heat Two

14Ines GeißlerGDR2:13.23Q
23Agneta MårtenssonSWE2:16.41Q
36Cinzia Savi ScarponiITA2:17.53
45Karen Van de GraafAUS2:17.82
52Janet OsgerbyGBR2:18.01
67María ParísCRC2:21.14
71Marion MichelBEL2:25.10

Heat Three

15Michelle FordAUS2:12.72Q
24Andrea PollackGDR2:13.88Q
36Alla GrishchenkovaURS2:16.01Q
47Sonja HausladenAUT2:17.88
53Armi AiraksinenSWE2:19.39
62Małgorzata RóżyckaPOL2:19.70
71Wilma van VelsenNED2:21.81

Final (21 July 1980 — 20:00)

15Ines GeißlerGDR2:10.44OR
23Sybille SchönrockGDR2:10.45
34Michelle FordAUS2:11.66
46Andrea PollackGDR2:12.13
52Dorota BrzozowskaPOL2:14.12
67Ann OsgerbyGBR2:14.83
78Agneta MårtenssonSWE2:15.22
81Alla GrishchenkovaURS2:15.70