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200 metres Individual Medley, Women

Date24 September 1988
LocationSu-yeong-jang, Ol-lim-pik Gong-won, Seoul
Participants36 from 24 countries

The 1986 World Champion was Kristin Otto, who won golds in four individual events in Seoul, but skipped this one. In her absence there was no real favorite although in 1988 picking an East German to win was a pretty good bet. And 16-year-old Daniela Hunger came through for the gold medal, winning in 2:12.59, the fifth-fastest time ever, and the fastest in four years, which put her third on the all-time performer list. Hunger also won bronze in the 400 IM in Seoul and in Barcelona, would add a bronze in the 200 IM.

The final was led by American Whitney Hedgepeth at 100 metres, but she flagged badly and would finish last. Silver went to Soviet Yelena Dendeberova, silver medalist at the 1986 Worlds behind Otto. The top American was Mary Wayte, who seemed to have qualified third in prelims, only to be disqualified for an illegal kick on her breaststroke leg.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Daniela HungerGDR2:16.23 (1 h5)2:12.59 (1)Gold
2Yelena DendeberovaURS2:15.30 (1 h4)2:13.31 (2)Silver
3Noëmi LungROU2:15.55 (1 h3)2:14.85 (3)Bronze
4Jodie ClatworthyAUS2:17.29 (2 h3)2:16.31 (4)
5Marianne MuisNED2:16.60 (2 h4)2:16.40 (5)
6Anca PătrășcoiuROU2:17.39 (2 h5)2:16.70 (6)
7Lin LiCHN2:17.09 (3 h4)2:17.42 (7)
8Whitney HedgepethUSA2:17.45 (3 h5)2:17.99 (8)
9Mildred MuisNED2:19.46 (5 h3)2:17.73 (1)
10Birgit Lohberg-SchulzFRG2:17.46 (3 h3)2:17.85 (2)
11Jean HillGBR2:17.57 (4 h5)2:19.20 (3)
12Anette PhilipssonSWE2:18.86 (5 h5)2:19.35 (4)
=13Roberta FelottiITA2:19.62 (7 h5)2:19.63 (=5)
=13Anamarija PetričevićYUG2:19.38 (4 h3)2:19.63 (=5)
15Yuliya BogachovaURS2:19.07 (6 h5)2:19.91 (7)
16Yoshie NishiokaJPN2:20.20 (5 h4)2:20.43 (8)
17Allison HigsonCAN2:19.54 (4 h4)1
18Svenja SchlichtFRG2:20.31 (8 h5)
19Donna ProcterAUS2:21.79 (1 h2)
20Annette PoulsenDEN2:21.83 (2 h2)
21Silvia PareraESP2:22.20 (6 h4)
22Hiroyo HaradaJPN2:22.59 (3 h2)
23Zara LongGBR2:22.64 (6 h3)
24Ragnheiður RunólfsdóttirISL2:22.65 (4 h2)
25Manuela Dalla ValleITA2:22.85 (7 h4)
26Michelle SmithIRL2:25.53 (5 h2)
27Marlene BrutenMEX2:26.89 (6 h2)
28Seto Car-WaiTPE2:27.72 (1 h1)
29Patricia KohlmannMEX2:29.61 (2 h1)
30Valentina AracilARG2:31.53 (7 h2)
31Dipika ChanmugamSRI2:33.58 (3 h1)
32Annemarie MunkHKG2:34.32 (4 h1)
33Kim ChenTPE2:35.11 (5 h1)
34Sharon PickeringFIJ2:35.22 (6 h1)
35Angela BirchFIJ2:39.20 (7 h1)
DQMary WayteUSA– (DQ h3)
DNSTanya DangalakovaBUL– (DNS h3)

Round One (24 September 1988 — 10:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Places 9-16 advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

15Seto Car-WaiTPE2:27.72
24Patricia KohlmannMEX2:29.61
37Dipika ChanmugamSRI2:33.58
43Annemarie MunkHKG2:34.32
56Kim ChenTPE2:35.11
62Sharon PickeringFIJ2:35.22
71Angela BirchFIJ2:39.20

Heat Two

15Donna ProcterAUS2:21.79
22Annette PoulsenDEN2:21.83
33Hiroyo HaradaJPN2:22.59
47Ragnheiður RunólfsdóttirISL2:22.65
56Michelle SmithIRL2:25.53
68Marlene BrutenMEX2:26.89
71Valentina AracilARG2:31.53

Heat Three

14Noëmi LungROU2:15.55Q
21Jodie ClatworthyAUS2:17.29Q
32Birgit Lohberg-SchulzFRG2:17.46q
43Anamarija PetričevićYUG2:19.38q
57Mildred MuisNED2:19.46q
68Zara LongGBR2:22.64
DQ5Mary WayteUSA
DNS6Tanya DangalakovaBUL

Heat Four

14Yelena DendeberovaURS2:15.30Q
26Marianne MuisNED2:16.60Q
32Lin LiCHN2:17.09Q
43Allison HigsonCAN2:19.54q
58Yoshie NishiokaJPN2:20.20
67Silvia PareraESP2:22.20
71Manuela Dalla ValleITA2:22.85

Heat Five

14Daniela HungerGDR2:16.23Q
25Anca PătrășcoiuROU2:17.39Q
33Whitney HedgepethUSA2:17.45Q
41Jean HillGBR2:17.57q
57Anette PhilipssonSWE2:18.86q
62Yuliya BogachovaURS2:19.07q
78Roberta FelottiITA2:19.62q
86Svenja SchlichtFRG2:20.31

B Final (24 September 1988 — 20:00)

17Mildred MuisNED2:17.73
24Birgit Lohberg-SchulzFRG2:17.85
35Jean HillGBR2:19.20
43Anette PhilipssonSWE2:19.35
=51Roberta FelottiITA2:19.63
=52Anamarija PetričevićYUG2:19.63
76Yuliya BogachovaURS2:19.91
88Yoshie NishiokaJPN2:20.43

Final (24 September 1988 — 20:00)

13Daniela HungerGDR2:12.59OR
24Yelena DendeberovaURS2:13.31
35Noëmi LungROU2:14.85
47Jodie ClatworthyAUS2:16.31
56Marianne MuisNED2:16.40
61Anca PătrășcoiuROU2:16.70
72Lin LiCHN2:17.42
88Whitney HedgepethUSA2:17.99