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400 metres Freestyle, Women

Date28 July 1992
LocationPiscinas Bernat Picornell, Barcelona
Participants33 from 24 countries

Janet Evans was the defending champion and had not lost at the distance in six years. She was the world record holder with 4:03.85 set winning the 1988 Olympics. German Dagmar Hase was a backstroker who elected to swim the 400 free at the German Trials as a training race and because it would not interfere with her backstroke events. In Barcelona Evans qualified first and Hase second, and Hase said, “I figured the gold would be taken by Evans, but I thought I could get silver or bronze.” Or maybe even better.

In the final, Evans set a fast pace, hoping to bury the other swimmers, but she never fully dropped Hase, who was only a body length behind at 300 metres. Hase then started gaining on the final two laps and caught Evans 10 metres from the wall, outtouching her in 4:07.18, Evans won silver in 4:07.37, only the ninth fastest time of her career, although she had been slowing each year in this race since 1989.

In her specialty, the backstroke, Hase did not do as well in Barcelona, winning silver in the 200 back and missing the A final in the 100. By Atlanta in 1996, she was a freestyler, winning bronze in the 200 free, and silvers in the 400 and 800 freestyles. Evans would come back a few days later and defend her Olympic gold medal in the 800 freestyle.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Dagmar HaseGER4:10.92 (2 h5)4:07.18 (1)Gold
2Janet EvansUSA4:09.38 (1 h5)4:07.37 (2)Silver
3Hayley LewisAUS4:12.95 (1 h3)4:11.22 (3)Bronze
4Erika HansenUSA4:12.08 (3 h5)4:11.50 (4)
5Kerstin KielgaßGER4:12.50 (1 h4)4:11.52 (5)
6Isabelle ArnouldBEL4:13.81 (2 h3)4:13.75 (6)
7Malin NilssonSWE4:13.16 (4 h5)4:14.10 (7)
8Suzu ChibaJPN4:13.85 (5 h5)4:15.71 (8)
9Phillippa LangrellNZL4:14.00 (3 h3)4:12.96 (1)
10Sandra CamBEL4:17.87 (5 h3)4:14.11 (2)
11Irene DalbyNOR4:16.05 (3 h4)4:14.46 (3)
12Beatrice CoadăROU4:16.23 (4 h3)4:14.90 (4)
13Carla-Creola NegreaROU4:17.00 (6 h5)4:14.92 (5)
14Olga ŠplíchalováTCH4:15.43 (2 h4)4:16.41 (6)
15Manuela MelchiorriITA4:19.18 (5 h4)4:20.75 (7)
16Hana ČernáTCH4:19.87 (7 h5)4:21.50 (8)
17Mette JacobsenDEN4:16.80 (4 h4)1
18Julie M. McDonaldAUS4:20.16 (6 h4)
19Samantha FoggoGBR4:22.26 (7 h4)
20Itziar EsparzaESP4:22.27 (8 h5)
21Jeanine SteenkampRSA4:23.33 (6 h3)
22Yan MingCHN4:23.69 (7 h3)
23Laura SánchezMEX4:23.87 (8 h3)
24Judit KissHUN4:24.01 (1 h2)
25Elizabeth ArnoldGBR4:25.55 (8 h4)
26María José MarencoESA4:29.32 (2 h2)
27Tanya SridamaTHA4:29.64 (1 h1)
28Joscelin YeoSGP4:29.76 (2 h1)
29Érika GonzálezMEX4:32.06 (3 h2)
30Robyn LamsamHKG4:32.23 (3 h1)
31Claudia FortínHON4:37.58 (4 h2)
32May OoiSGP4:37.77 (4 h1)
33Corinne LeclairMRI4:43.53 (5 h2)

Round One (28 July 1992 — 10:00)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Swimmers placing 9th-16th advanced to the B Final.

Heat One

16Tanya SridamaTHA4:29.64
24Joscelin YeoSGP4:29.76
35Robyn LamsamHKG4:32.23
43May OoiSGP4:37.77

Heat Two

15Judit KissHUN4:24.01
23María José MarencoESA4:29.32
34Érika GonzálezMEX4:32.06
46Claudia FortínHON4:37.58
52Corinne LeclairMRI4:43.53

Heat Three

14Hayley LewisAUS4:12.95Q
23Isabelle ArnouldBEL4:13.81Q
36Phillippa LangrellNZL4:14.00q
45Beatrice CoadăROU4:16.23q
52Sandra CamBEL4:17.87q
61Jeanine SteenkampRSA4:23.33
77Yan MingCHN4:23.69
88Laura SánchezMEX4:23.87

Heat Four

13Kerstin KielgaßGER4:12.50Q
27Olga ŠplíchalováTCH4:15.43q
35Irene DalbyNOR4:16.05q
42Mette JacobsenDEN4:16.80q
56Manuela MelchiorriITA4:19.18q
64Julie M. McDonaldAUS4:20.16
71Samantha FoggoGBR4:22.26
88Elizabeth ArnoldGBR4:25.55

Heat Five

14Janet EvansUSA4:09.38Q
23Dagmar HaseGER4:10.92Q
35Erika HansenUSA4:12.08Q
47Malin NilssonSWE4:13.16Q
56Suzu ChibaJPN4:13.85Q
62Carla-Creola NegreaROU4:17.00q
71Hana ČernáTCH4:19.87
88Itziar EsparzaESP4:22.27

B Final (28 July 1992 — 18:00)

14Phillippa LangrellNZL4:12.96
27Sandra CamBEL4:14.11
33Irene DalbyNOR4:14.46
46Beatrice CoadăROU4:14.90
52Carla-Creola NegreaROU4:14.92
65Olga ŠplíchalováTCH4:16.41
71Manuela MelchiorriITA4:20.75
88Hana ČernáTCH4:21.50

Final (28 July 1992 — 18:00)

15Dagmar HaseGER4:07.18
24Janet EvansUSA4:07.37
32Hayley LewisAUS4:11.22
43Erika HansenUSA4:11.50
56Kerstin KielgaßGER4:11.52
61Isabelle ArnouldBEL4:13.75
77Malin NilssonSWE4:14.10
88Suzu ChibaJPN4:15.71