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4 x 100 metres Freestyle Relay, Women

Date28 July 1992
LocationPiscinas Bernat Picornell, Barcelona
Participants61 from 13 countries

With the East German women no longer a factor, as the country no longer existed, there was a new world order in women’s swimming. The United States came in as the favorites, having won the event at the 1991 Worlds and Pan Pacs. After the opening leg of the final, they were only third as China’s Zhuang Yong, gold medalist in the 100 free in Barcelona, split 54.51, the second fastest 100 time ever, and Germany’s Franziska van Almsick was second in 54.99. On the second leg, Dara Torres moved the US into second, but China still led through the second and third legs. China sent out Le Jingyi for their anchor, star of the 1994 World Championships, while the USA countered with Jenny Thompson, silver medalist here in the 100 free who had set the world record in that event at the US Trials. Thompson came home in 54.01, the fastest relay split ever, to earn a gold medal for the USA. China held on for second, while the Germans won bronze.

1United StatesUSA3:41.57 (1 h2)3:39.46 (1)Gold
Nicole HaislettDara TorresAngel MartinoJenny ThompsonAshley TappinCrissy Ahmann-Leighton
2People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:43.41 (1 h1)3:40.12 (2)Silver
Zhuang YongLu BinYang WenyiLe JingyiZhao Kun
3GermanyGER3:43.58 (2 h2)3:41.60 (3)Bronze
Franziska van AlmsickSimone OsygusDaniela HungerManuela StellmachKerstin KielgaßAnnette Hadding
4Unified TeamEUN3:45.06 (3 h2)3:43.68 (4)
Nataliya MeshcheryakovaSvetlana LeshukovaYelena DendeberovaYelena ShubinaYevgeniya Yermakova
5NetherlandsNED3:44.00 (2 h1)3:43.74 (5)
Diane van der PlaatsMildred MuisMarianne MuisKarin BrienesseInge de Bruijn
6DenmarkDEN3:48.78 (4 h2)3:47.81 (6)
Gitta JensenMette JacobsenBerit PuggaardMette Nørskov NielsenAnnette Poulsen
7SwedenSWE3:48.15 (3 h1)3:48.47 (7)
Eva NybergLouise KarlssonEllenor SvenssonMalin NilssonLinda Olofsson
8CanadaCAN3:49.28 (5 h2)3:49.37 (8)
Marianne LimpertNikki DrydenAndrea NugentAllison Higson
9AustraliaAUS3:49.64 (4 h1)
Angela MullensLise MackieNicole StevensonLisa Curry-Kenny
10JapanJPN3:49.91 (5 h1)
Ayako NakanoYoko KoikawaShina MatsudoSuzu Chiba
11FranceFRA3:50.22 (6 h2)
Julie BlaiseJulia ReggianiMarie-Laure GiraudonVéronique Jardin
12RomaniaROU3:55.52 (6 h1)
Diana UrecheCarla-Creola NegreaBeatrice CoadăLuminița Dobrescu
13MauritiusMRI4:09.96 (7 h2)
Corinne LeclairLuanne MauriceAnnabelle MariejeanneNathalie Lam

Round One (28 July 1992 — 12:30)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
13People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:43.41Q
Zhao Kun27.3756.9556.95 (2)
Lu Bin26.7455.611:52.56 (2)
Yang Wenyi26.0355.512:48.07 (1)
Le Jingyi26.2855.343:43.41 (1)
Mildred Muis27.3756.7156.71 (1)
Diane van der Plaats26.3355.751:52.46 (1)
Inge de Bruijn26.1456.032:48.49 (2)
Marianne Muis26.4355.513:44.00 (2)
Eva Nyberg27.8057.1257.12 (3)
Linda Olofsson27.1457.381:54.50 (3)
Louise Karlsson26.1556.792:51.29 (3)
Ellenor Svensson26.8856.863:48.15 (3)
Angela Mullens27.2957.7857.78 (5)
Lise Mackie27.1957.881:55.66 (5)
Nicole Stevenson28.5258.252:53.91 (5)
Lisa Curry-Kenny26.1155.733:49.64 (4)
Ayako Nakano27.6357.3657.36 (4)
Yoko Koikawa28.0457.451:54.81 (4)
Shina Matsudo27.9258.052:52.86 (4)
Suzu Chiba27.4057.053:49.91 (5)
Diana Ureche28.3858.4358.43 (6)
Carla-Creola Negrea28.671:00.261:58.69 (6)
Beatrice Coadă28.6659.342:58.03 (6)
Luminița Dobrescu27.8157.493:55.52 (6)

Heat Two

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
14United StatesUSA3:41.57Q
Angel Martino26.5454.8354.83 (2)
Ashley Tappin26.5455.681:50.51 (1)
Crissy Ahmann-Leighton26.3555.552:46.06 (1)
Dara Torres26.3155.513:41.57 (1)
Manuela Stellmach27.3256.1056.10 (4)
Kerstin Kielgaß27.1955.851:51.95 (2)
Annette Hadding26.7956.352:48.30 (2)
Daniela Hunger26.5455.283:43.58 (2)
37Unified TeamEUN3:45.06Q
Nataliya Meshcheryakova26.6456.0556.05 (3)
Svetlana Leshukova26.8256.381:52.43 (3)
Yevgeniya Yermakova26.8156.432:48.86 (3)
Yelena Dendeberova27.2556.203:45.06 (3)
Berit Puggaard27.9458.3858.38 (7)
Gitta Jensen26.7155.661:54.04 (4)
Annette Poulsen27.6658.162:52.20 (4)
Mette Jacobsen27.4256.583:48.78 (4)
Marianne Limpert27.9357.1157.11 (5)
Allison Higson27.6357.801:54.91 (5)
Nikki Dryden28.5958.262:53.17 (6)
Andrea Nugent26.8256.113:49.28 (5)
Julie Blaise27.7457.5457.54 (6)
Julia Reggiani28.0357.621:55.16 (6)
Marie-Laure Giraudon27.6257.782:52.94 (5)
Véronique Jardin27.7257.283:50.22 (6)
Corinne Leclair29.091:00.991:00.99 (1)
Luanne Maurice30.221:02.942:03.93 (7)
Annabelle Mariejeanne30.671:03.663:07.59 (7)
Nathalie Lam30.181:02.374:09.96 (7)

Final (28 July 1992 — 20:00)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeExchange (Pos)
14United StatesUSA3:39.46WR
Nicole Haislett26.9955.3355.33 (3)
Dara Torres26.2955.331:50.66 (2)
Angel Martino26.4854.792:45.45 (2)
Jenny Thompson26.1354.013:39.46 (1)
25People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:40.12
Zhuang Yong26.2554.5154.51 (1)
Lu Bin27.0755.901:50.41 (1)
Yang Wenyi26.3854.902:45.31 (1)
Le Jingyi26.5254.813:40.12 (2)
Franziska van Almsick26.9054.9954.99 (2)
Simone Osygus26.5555.741:50.73 (3)
Daniela Hunger26.4455.122:45.85 (3)
Manuela Stellmach27.0055.753:41.60 (3)
42Unified TeamEUN3:43.68
Nataliya Meshcheryakova26.8855.6955.69 (4)
Svetlana Leshukova26.8056.561:52.25 (4)
Yelena Dendeberova26.9655.792:48.04 (5)
Yelena Shubina26.3355.643:43.68 (4)
Diane van der Plaats27.1756.6856.68 (6)
Mildred Muis26.7255.751:52.43 (6)
Marianne Muis26.4555.532:47.96 (4)
Karin Brienesse26.7355.783:43.74 (5)
Gitta Jensen27.2156.1356.13 (5)
Mette Jacobsen27.5856.261:52.39 (5)
Berit Puggaard27.7657.672:50.06 (6)
Mette Nørskov Nielsen27.3557.753:47.81 (6)
Eva Nyberg28.0057.3757.37 (8)
Louise Karlsson26.8856.501:53.87 (7)
Ellenor Svensson27.3257.662:51.53 (8)
Malin Nilsson27.0256.943:48.47 (7)
Marianne Limpert27.6857.0657.06 (7)
Nikki Dryden27.6857.651:54.71 (8)
Andrea Nugent26.8456.792:51.50 (7)
Allison Higson27.6957.873:49.37 (8)