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Team Sprint, Freestyle, Women

Date21 February 2018
LocationAlpensia Cross-Country Centre, Alpensia Resort, Mountain Cluster, Daegwallyeong
Participants42 from 21 countries
FormatTwo-woman teams, each skiing three alternate legs of approximately 1,500 metres.
DetailsCourse Length: 1,176 m
Height Differential: 27 m
Maximum Climb: 25 m
Total Climbing: 43 m

Based on the results of the individual sprint event a week earlier, Sweden and Norway had to be considered favorites for the team sprint. Norway’s team included Marit Bjørgen, the most successful female cross-country skier of all time, and Maiken Caspersen Falla, silver medalist in the individual sprint. The Swedish team consisted of skiathlon gold medalist Charlotte Kalla, and Stina Nilsson winner of the individual sprint. The Olympic Athletes from Russia and the United States team of Kikkan Randall und Jessie Diggins were considered potential bronze medalists. The first semi-final was dominated by Norway; Switzerland, Slovenia and Germany also advanced to the final. The second semi-final was hard-fought with the United States being the eventual winners beating Sweden into second, and another four teams - OAR, Finland, Poland and France – qualified as the fastest losers. In the final, Norway, Sweden, United States, and the Olympic Athletes from Russia dictated the first part of the race. Then, Diggins increased the pace and broke away together with Sweden and Norway. The Swiss and the Russians, after a fall and a broken ski pole, both lost contact.

The race was decided on the last of six 1.2 km legs, when Falla led the trio into the last descent. Falla, and the second-placed Nilsson, made physical contact and became unbalanced, but both managed to stay on their feet. Coming out of the descent, Nilsson looked like a sure winner, but an extremely strong Diggins passed Falla and closed the gap on Nilsson. Coming out of the slipstream, the American rose to the occasion and beat Nilsson by 0.2 seconds. Falla just made sure to secure the bronze medal for Norway. For America’s Kikkan Randall, it was the first Olympic medal in her fifth Olympics, and in her eighteenth Olympic race. Diggins finished among the top seven in all six women’s cross country events in 2018. Randall and Diggins, world champions in the team sprint in 2013, made history by being the first non-European team to win the women’s team sprint at the Olympics. Although, she missed the expected gold medal, Marit Bjørgen won her 14th Olympic medal, making her the most successful Winter Olympian, and with one more event still to come in PyeongChang. Switzerland and Finland finished fourth and fifth, but with a considerable gap of 18 and 20 seconds, respectively, behind third-placed Norway.

1Kikkan Randall / Jessie DigginsUSAGold
2Charlotte Kalla / Stina NilssonSWESilver
3Marit Bjørgen / Maiken Caspersen FallaNORBronze
4Nadine Fähndrich / Laurien van der GraaffSUI
5Mari Laukkanen / Krista PärmäkoskiFIN
6Alenka Čebašek / Anamarija LampičSLO
7Justyna Kowalczyk / Sylwia JaśkowiecPOL
8Aurore Jean / Coraline Thomas HugueFRA
9Nataliya Nepryayeva / Yuliya BelorukovaROC
10Nicole Fessel / Sandra RingwaldGER
11Kateřina Beroušková / Petra NovákováCZE
12Jessica Yeaton / Barbara JezeršekAUS
13Emily Nishikawa / Dahria BeattyCAN
14Lisa Unterweger / Teresa StadloberAUT
15Elisa Brocard / Gaia VuerichITA
16Yuliya Tsikhanava / Palina SeranosavaBLR
17Chi Chunxue / Li XinCHN
18Alena Procházková / Barbora KlementováSVK
19Tetyana Antypenko / Maryna AntsyborUKR
20Anna Shevchenko / Valeriya TyulenevaKAZ
21Lee Chae-Won / Ju Hye-RiKOR

Semi-Finals (21 February 2018 — 17:00)

First 3 teams in each heat plus the four fastest losers qualify for final.

Heat 1 (17:00)

PosNrSkierNOCTimeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3
1-1Marit Bjørgen2:32.722:44.182:46.21
1-2Maiken Caspersen Falla2:40.312:44.793:05.07
3-1Nadine Fähndrich2:35.692:46.162:45.93
3-2Laurien van der Graaff2:39.402:47.803:04.85
5-1Alenka Čebašek2:34.702:45.032:46.08
5-2Anamarija Lampič2:40.802:48.943:04.37
2-1Nicole Fessel2:38.232:52.402:57.82
2-2Sandra Ringwald2:37.552:43.403:02.27
56Czech RepublicCZE16:53.06
6-1Kateřina Beroušková2:36.732:48.682:54.45
6-2Petra Nováková2:41.212:47.883:04.11
9-1Jessica Yeaton2:37.412:48.823:01.74
9-2Barbara Jezeršek2:41.182:54.453:16.78
4-1Lisa Unterweger2:40.123:02.553:10.19
4-2Teresa Stadlober2:37.362:51.243:04.52
8-1Yuliya Tsikhanava2:45.212:59.222:56.62
8-2Palina Seranosava2:42.672:57.653:12.26
11-1Alena Procházková2:38.522:50.313:03.89
11-2Barbora Klementová2:42.673:07.673:29.08
7-1Anna Shevchenko2:42.522:58.872:58.14
7-2Valeriya Tyuleneva2:52.713:03.363:21.44
1110Republic of KoreaKOR19:19.17
10-1Lee Chae-Won2:52.463:13.063:13.36
10-2Ju Hye-Ri3:06.393:17.063:36.84

Heat 2 (17:20)

PosNrSkierNOCTimeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3
13United StatesUSA16:22.56Q
14-1Kikkan Randall2:37.412:44.342:39.91
14-2Jessie Diggins2:40.272:41.102:59.53
12-1Charlotte Kalla2:37.052:44.862:39.10
12-2Stina Nilsson2:42.902:39.432:59.94
34Olympic Athletes from RussiaROC16:24.63q
15-1Nataliya Nepryayeva2:36.762:42.662:36.31
15-2Yuliya Belorukova2:42.282:44.673:01.95
13-1Mari Laukkanen2:37.732:44.172:52.26
13-2Krista Pärmäkoski2:42.632:40.092:54.66
18-1Justyna Kowalczyk2:39.052:42.032:44.98
18-2Sylwia Jaśkowiec2:41.932:44.403:02.80
17-1Aurore Jean2:38.002:42.892:47.52
17-2Coraline Thomas Hugue2:41.672:45.303:05.02
21-1Emily Nishikawa2:38.622:45.772:58.41
21-2Dahria Beatty2:41.282:43.023:14.44
16-1Elisa Brocard2:39.402:44.352:46.65
16-2Gaia Vuerich2:41.302:46.273:35.07
99People's Republic of ChinaCHN17:35.94
20-1Chi Chunxue2:44.262:56.032:58.34
20-2Li Xin2:44.632:56.483:16.20
19-1Tetyana Antypenko2:44.792:58.733:03.88
19-2Maryna Antsybor2:42.102:56.083:18.46

Final Round (21 February 2018 — 19:00)

PosNrSkierNOCTimeLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3
11United StatesUSA15:56.47
14-1Kikkan Randall2:32.972:38.902:43.31
14-2Jessie Diggins2:40.072:30.622:50.60
12-1Charlotte Kalla2:32.522:38.892:41.44
12-2Stina Nilsson2:40.062:32.562:51.19
1-1Marit Bjørgen2:32.042:38.352:41.85
1-2Maiken Caspersen Falla2:40.802:32.082:54.32
3-1Nadine Fähndrich2:34.122:38.892:43.61
3-2Laurien van der Graaff2:39.832:39.653:01.69
13-1Mari Laukkanen2:36.892:50.412:48.10
13-2Krista Pärmäkoski2:36.552:37.472:49.76
5-1Alenka Čebašek2:34.562:40.132:48.59
5-2Anamarija Lampič2:41.272:42.673:01.02
18-1Justyna Kowalczyk2:35.722:43.112:49.65
18-2Sylwia Jaśkowiec2:40.432:41.803:01.77
17-1Aurore Jean2:33.332:37.362:47.47
17-2Coraline Thomas Hugue2:43.212:46.283:04.84
95Olympic Athletes from RussiaROC16:41.76
15-1Nataliya Nepryayeva2:32.222:37.952:59.06
15-2Yuliya Belorukova2:43.332:45.653:03.55
2-1Nicole Fessel2:39.112:49.383:06.70
2-2Sandra Ringwald2:35.792:43.123:12.47