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Pairs, Mixed

Date14 – 15 February 2018 — 10:00
LocationGangneung Ice Arena, Gangneung Olympic Park, Coastal Cluster, Gangneung
Participants44 from 14 countries
FormatTotal of points from short program and free skating.

Originally only 20 spots were available at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, with each country allowed to enter a maximum of three teams. With the invitation of the North and South Korean teams, the quota jumped to 22 teams – South Korea as hosts. Sixteen quotas were given at the 2017 World Figure Skating Championships and four were given at the 2017 CS Nebelhorn Trophy in Germany (where North Korea originally qualified, but did not register its athletes in time due to not knowing if they were even going to PyeongChang.) The Olympic competition was held at the Gangneung Ice Arena with the short program held on 14 February and the free skating on 15 February 2018.

Entering PyeongChang 2018, it was going to be a two-pair race for gold with the emotional edge going to Germany’s Aljona Sawtchenko and Bruno Massot. Sawtchenko, the five-time World champion who, with her new partner of 3 ½ years and Olympic rookie Massot, was competing in her fifth Olympic Games and mining for gold, having won bronzes in Vancouver 2010 and Sochi 2014 with Robin Szolkowy. PyeongChang was perhaps the best chance Sawtchenko ever had to win the gold. Interestingly, neither she nor Massot were originally from Germany. She made her Olympic début representing Ukraine in Salt Lake City 2002 with Stanislav Morozov. Massot was a native Frenchman who had to acquire German citizenship to compete at the Olympics with Sawtchenko.

Sui Wenjing and Han Cong of China arrived in PyeongChang as the reigning World champions and even after Sui’s surgeries on both feet in 2016, they won four events in a row, before having their streak snapped by Sawtchenko and Massot at the 2017 Grand Prix Final. They would need two flawless skates to climb to the top of the Olympic podium. The difference between the German and Chinese teams would lie in the components, especially in the free skate.

The team that could upset the two favourites were the Russians, or “Olympic Athletes from Russia” (OAR), Yevgeniya Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov, the 2017 World bronze medalists. They were turning heads, not only with their quadruple twist, but with their win in the pairs event in the 2018 Olympic team competition.

Canadians Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford, the two-time World champions (2015, 2016), were full of confidence having won Olympic gold in the 2018 team event (where Radford became the first openly gay man to win a gold medal in a Winter Olympics) and would make one last run at the Olympic podium after a season of soul-searching.

After the short program, China’s reigning World champions Sui and Han scored 82.39 points for their flawless skate to k.d. lang’s version of “Hallelujah.” Tarasova and Morozov, the last team to go, bumped the Canadians down to third with an 81.68 points skate, and were sitting in second place, less than one point separating them from the Chinese. Unfortunately, Germany’s Massot doubled a planned triple salchow, landing them in fourth with 76.59 points.

Entering the free skate long program, Savchenko and Massot set a record with their score of 159.31 for a total of 235.90 points, rising from fourth to first – and winning the first pairs medal for Germany since 1952. Savchenko tied the medal record in Olympic pairs skating with three medals (with two different partners). Sui and Han of China made a couple of mistakes in the free program, and won the silver – the first Olympic medal in pairs skating for China since the team’s coach, Zhao Hongbo, won gold in Vancouver 2010 (with Shen Xue.

The Canadians Duhamel and Radford, who were seventh in Sochi 2014, remained solid and held on to their third position for the bronze medal. They were the first Canadian pairs team to win an Olympic medal since Jamie Sale and David Pelletier, who shared gold with Russians Yelena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze in the 2002 Olympic Winter Games at Salt Lake City.

Russians Tarasova and Morozov, skated last in the long program, and let their nerves get to them, committing two major errors dropping them to fourth and off the podium. This was the second Olympics since 1964 that a Soviet or Russian pair did not win a medal.

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsShort ProgramFree Skating
1Aljona Sawtchenko / Bruno MassotGER235.9076.59 (4)159.31 (1)Gold
2Sui Wenjing / Han CongCHN235.4782.39 (1)153.08 (3)Silver
3Meagan Duhamel / Eric RadfordCAN230.1576.82 (3)153.33 (2)Bronze
4Yevgeniya Tarasova / Vladimir MorozovROC224.9381.68 (2)143.25 (4)
5Vanessa James / Morgan CiprèsFRA218.5375.34 (6)143.19 (5)
6Valentina Marchei / Ondřej HotárekITA216.5974.50 (7)142.09 (6)
7Nataliya Zabiyako / Aleksandr EnbertROC212.8874.35 (8)138.53 (7)
8Yu Xiaoyu / Zhang HaoCHN204.1075.58 (5)128.52 (11)
9Julianne Séguin / Charlie BilodeauCAN204.0267.52 (12)136.50 (8)
10Nicole Della Monica / Matteo GuariseITA202.7474.00 (9)128.74 (10)
11Kirsten Moore-Towers / Michael MarinaroCAN198.1165.68 (13)132.43 (9)
12Kristina Astakhova / Aleksey RogonovROC194.4570.52 (10)123.93 (13)
13Ryom Tae-Ok / Kim Ju-SikPRK193.6369.40 (11)124.23 (12)
14Anna Dušková / Martin BidařCZE186.3363.25 (15)123.08 (14)
15Alexa Scimeca Knierim / Chris KnierimUSA185.8265.55 (14)120.27 (15)
16Annika Hocke / Ruben BlommaertGER171.9863.04 (16)108.94 (16)
17 r1/2Peng Cheng / Jin YangCHN62.6162.61 (17)
18 r1/2Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya / Harley WindsorAUS61.5561.55 (18)
19 r1/2Paige Conners / Evgeni KrasnopolskiISR60.3560.35 (19)
20 r1/2Miriam Ziegler / Severin KieferAUT58.8058.80 (20)
21 r1/2Miu Suzaki / Ryuichi KiharaJPN57.7457.74 (21)
22 r1/2Kim Gyu-Eun / Alex GamKOR42.9342.93 (22)

Short Program (14 February 2018 — 10:00)

Judge #1Deborah NoyesAUS
Judge #2Huang FengCHN
Judge #3Anthony LeroyFRA
Judge #4Anna KantorISR
Judge #5Jeff LukasikCAN
Judge #6Zsuzsanna Vikarné-HomolyaHUN
Judge #7Elke TreitzGER
Judge #8Walter ToigoITA
Judge #9Pekka LeskinenFIN
PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
1Sui Wenjing / Han CongCHN82.3944.4937.900.00Q
2Yevgeniya Tarasova / Vladimir MorozovROC81.6843.9737.710.00Q
3Meagan Duhamel / Eric RadfordCAN76.8241.2635.560.00Q
4Aljona Sawtchenko / Bruno MassotGER76.5939.1637.430.00Q
5Yu Xiaoyu / Zhang HaoCHN75.5842.1033.480.00Q
6Vanessa James / Morgan CiprèsFRA75.3440.6734.670.00Q
7Valentina Marchei / Ondřej HotárekITA74.5040.3634.140.00Q
8Nataliya Zabiyako / Aleksandr EnbertROC74.3540.1334.220.00Q
9Nicole Della Monica / Matteo GuariseITA74.0040.4133.590.00Q
10Kristina Astakhova / Aleksey RogonovROC70.5238.9331.590.00Q
11Ryom Tae-Ok / Kim Ju-SikPRK69.4038.7930.610.00Q
12Julianne Séguin / Charlie BilodeauCAN67.5235.6331.890.00Q
13Kirsten Moore-Towers / Michael MarinaroCAN65.6834.4631.220.00Q
14Alexa Scimeca Knierim / Chris KnierimUSA65.5534.1831.370.00Q
15Anna Dušková / Martin BidařCZE63.2534.6228.630.00Q
16Annika Hocke / Ruben BlommaertGER63.0434.6128.430.00Q
17Peng Cheng / Jin YangCHN62.6133.5030.11-1.00
18Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya / Harley WindsorAUS61.5534.7026.850.00
19Paige Conners / Evgeni KrasnopolskiISR60.3534.2626.090.00
20Miriam Ziegler / Severin KieferAUT58.8031.7128.09-1.00
21Miu Suzaki / Ryuichi KiharaJPN57.7432.8924.850.00
22Kim Gyu-Eun / Alex GamKOR42.9321.0422.89-1.00

Free Skating (15 February 2018 — 10:30)

Judge #1Pekka LeskinenFIN
Judge #2Yelena FominaRUS
Judge #3Huang FengCHN
Judge #4Anthony LeroyFRA
Judge #5Tamie CampbellUSA
Judge #6Jana BaudyšováCZE
Judge #7Zsuzsanna Vikarné-HomolyaHUN
Judge #8Deborah NoyesAUS
PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
1Aljona Sawtchenko / Bruno MassotGER159.3182.0777.240.00
2Meagan Duhamel / Eric RadfordCAN153.3379.8673.470.00
3Sui Wenjing / Han CongCHN153.0876.2976.790.00
4Yevgeniya Tarasova / Vladimir MorozovROC143.2570.0874.17-1.00
5Vanessa James / Morgan CiprèsFRA143.1971.5971.600.00
6Valentina Marchei / Ondřej HotárekITA142.0973.9468.150.00
7Nataliya Zabiyako / Aleksandr EnbertROC138.5370.3668.170.00
8Julianne Séguin / Charlie BilodeauCAN136.5071.2865.220.00
9Kirsten Moore-Towers / Michael MarinaroCAN132.4370.4262.010.00
10Nicole Della Monica / Matteo GuariseITA128.7464.6065.14-1.00
11Yu Xiaoyu / Zhang HaoCHN128.5262.9867.54-2.00
12Ryom Tae-Ok / Kim Ju-SikPRK124.2363.6560.580.00
13Kristina Astakhova / Aleksey RogonovROC123.9362.1763.76-2.00
14Anna Dušková / Martin BidařCZE123.0864.3458.740.00
15Alexa Scimeca Knierim / Chris KnierimUSA120.2760.5760.70-1.00
16Annika Hocke / Ruben BlommaertGER108.9453.7955.150.00