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Music, Compositions for Orchestra, Open

Date29 July – 14 August 1948
LocationVictoria & Albert Museum, London
Participants15 from 8 countries
JudgeBill AdamGBR
JudgeEric de NormannGBR
JudgeArnold BaxGBR
JudgePaul LeRoiFRA
JudgeBruno RoghiITA
JudgeMalcolm SargentGBR
JudgeGeorge DysonGBR
JudgeStanley MarchantGBR
JudgeEdric CundellGBR

There is no known list of entrants for the 1948 music competitions, although it is known that Austria, Canada, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg and Poland sent a total of 36 entries. However, with few exceptions, only the prize winners are known in each category.

The orchestral compositions competition was won by Polish composor/conductor Zbigniew Turski. A founder of the Polish-Baltic Philharmonic in 1945, Turski later taught music at Chopin University of Music in Warszawa. Danish composer Erling Brene earned a bronze medal with “Viguer,” a work he had written in 1943, before the official 1 January 1944 deadline for art entries at the 1948 Olympics.

PosCat NrArtist(s)NOCTranslated TitleOriginal TitleTitle in Olympic Report or Catalogue
1Zbigniew TurskiPOLOlympic SymphonySymfonia OlimpijskaGold
2Kalervo TuukkanenFINBear huntKarhunpyyntiSilver
3Erling BreneDENVigorVigueurBronze
HMGrażyna BacewiczPOLOlympic CantataKantata olimpijska
HMEinar EnglundFINEpinikiaEpinikia
HMJan KaprTCHMarathon ScherzoMaratón, symfonické scherzo
HMMaurice ThirietFRAThe athlete's oathLe Serment de l'Athlete
HMStanisław WiechowiczPOLHarvest CantataKantata żniwna
HMYves BaudrierFRAThe windjammerLe Grand Voilier
HMWerner GallusserSUI
HMJean DaetwylerSUI
ACSergei BortkiewiczAUTOlympic scherzoOlympisches Scherzo
ACClermont PépinCANConcerto No. 1 for piano and orchestraConcerto No. 1 for piano and orchestra
ACAlexander BrottCANWar and PeaceWar and Peace
ACOskar MorawetzCANCarnival OvertureCarnival Overture