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Moguls, Women

Date13 February 2010
LocationCypress Mountain, West Vancouver
Participants27 from 12 countries
DetailsGradient: 28°
Length: 250 m
Start Elevation: ?
Vertical Drop: ?
Width: 18 m

The Women’s Moguls event at the 2010 Winter Olympics differed from recent World Championships by allowing the top 20 competitors (as opposed to the top 16) in the qualifying round to participate in the finals. The overwhelming favorites in the event were the Canadians and the Americans. Canada had the #1 ranked Jennifer Heil, who was also the defending Olympic champion, and the #5 ranked Kristi Richards, who had won the event at the 2007 World Championship. The United States had the #2 ranked Heather McPhie, the #3 ranked Hannah Kearney, who had captured the event at the 2005 World Championship, and the #4 ranked Shannon Bahrke, who had mogul silver medals from the 2002 Winter Olympics and the 2007 World Championships. These strengths were clearly visible at the end of the qualifying round, where six of the top seven competitors (the other being Aiko Uemura of Japan) were North American. The event was particularly significant for the Canadians who held Heil to be one of their best hopes in breaking their gold-medal drought in Olympics hosted in their country.

Some were worried that the finals might be delayed, or even canceled, as the weather worsened on the hill, but the skiers began on time, competing in intermittent rain and an increasingly soggy course. The event went as expected until American Michelle Roark, who had finished seventh in the qualifying round, crashed out and was soon followed in this regard by Richards and McPhie, leaving Bahrke as the front runner in the competition up to that point, followed by Uemura and Chloe Dufour-Lapointe of Canada. A great run by Heil placed her ahead of Bahrke by a slim margin, leaving only Kearney to challenge her for the gold. Kearney rose to the challenge and produced an amazing run, which left little doubt in the end that she had claimed victory in the event. Although she did not produce Canada’s first gold medal on home territory, Heil’s was the host nation’s first medal at the 2010 Games.

1Hannah KearneyUSA25.96 (1)26.63 (1)Gold
2Jennifer HeilCAN25.50 (2)25.69 (2)Silver
3Shannon BahrkeUSA24.27 (6)25.43 (3)Bronze
4Aiko UemuraJPN24.31 (5)24.68 (4)
5Chloé Dufour-LapointeCAN23.74 (9)23.87 (5)
6Margarita MarblerAUT23.77 (8)23.69 (6)
7Yekaterina StolyarovaRUS23.01 (10)23.55 (7)
8Arisa MurataJPN22.99 (11)23.22 (8)
9Regina RakhimovaRUS21.01 (19)22.70 (9)
10Debby ScanzioITA21.84 (14)22.19 (10)
11Yuliya GalyshevaKAZ21.51 (16)22.17 (11)
12Miki ItoJPN21.81 (15)21.63 (12)
13Marina CherkasovaRUS20.92 (20)21.09 (13)
14Darya RybalovaKAZ21.31 (17)20.85 (14)
15Darya SerovaRUS21.08 (18)20.84 (15)
16Nikola SudováCZE22.40 (12)19.41 (16)
17Michelle RoarkUSA23.98 (7)15.90 (17)
18Heather McPhieUSA25.03 (3)14.52 (18)
19Tae SatoyaJPN22.15 (13)12.85 (19)
20Kristi RichardsCAN24.63 (4)4.36 (20)
21Seo Jeong-HwaKOR20.88 (21)
22Yuliya RodionovaKAZ20.73 (22)
23Britt CoxAUS19.87 (23)
24Ellie KoyanderGBR18.98 (24)
25Šárka SudováCZE18.55 (25)
26Nina BednarikSLO13.79 (26)
27Tereza VaculíkováCZE1.50 (27)

Qualifying Round

Date13 February 2010 — 16:30
FormatTop 20 finishers advanced to final.
Judge #1 (Turns)Jim BatesUSA
Judge #2 (Turns)Reinhard KrampflGER
Judge #3 (Turns)Pipsa PohjavirtaFIN
Judge #4 (Turns)Morten SkarpaasNOR
Judge #5 (Turns)Susan VerdierCAN
Judge #6 (Air)Tina Tanaka SundequistJPN
Judge #7 (Air)Oleg KitovRUS
PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsTurns PointsAir PointsTime PointsTime
110Hannah KearneyUSA25.9614.04.986.9827.97Q
27Jennifer HeilCAN25.5013.75.106.7028.69Q
317Heather McPhieUSA25.0313.44.986.6528.82Q
412Kristi RichardsCAN24.6313.05.106.5329.11Q
521Aiko UemuraJPN24.3112.84.986.5329.11Q
627Shannon BahrkeUSA24.2713.34.686.2929.74Q
78Michelle RoarkUSA23.9812.84.856.3329.64Q
89Margarita MarblerAUT23.7713.04.566.2129.93Q
96Chloé Dufour-LapointeCAN23.7412.25.366.1830.02Q
1013Yekaterina StolyarovaRUS23.0111.95.345.7731.04Q
115Arisa MurataJPN22.9912.24.925.8730.81Q
124Nikola SudováCZE22.4012.64.265.5431.63Q
1316Tae SatoyaJPN22.1512.13.606.4529.32Q
1423Debby ScanzioITA21.8412.14.505.2432.40Q
1511Miki ItoJPN21.8111.74.745.3732.06Q
163Yuliya GalyshevaKAZ21.5111.24.056.2629.80Q
1724Darya RybalovaKAZ21.3111.34.205.8130.94Q
1826Darya SerovaRUS21.0811.54.125.4631.84Q
1920Regina RakhimovaRUS21.0111.24.445.3732.06Q
2018Marina CherkasovaRUS20.9211.14.505.3232.19Q
211Seo Jeong-HwaKOR20.8811.33.965.6231.44
2215Yuliya RodionovaKAZ20.7311.23.805.7331.16
2319Britt CoxAUS19.8710.74.025.1532.63
2422Ellie KoyanderGBR18.989.83.785.4031.99
252Šárka SudováCZE18.5510.33.664.5934.04
2614Nina BednarikSLO13.797.43.063.3337.26
2725Tereza VaculíkováCZE1.500.31.200.00

Final Round

Date13 February 2010 — 19:30
Judge #1 (Turns)Jim BatesUSA
Judge #2 (Turns)Reinhard KrampflGER
Judge #3 (Turns)Pipsa PohjavirtaFIN
Judge #4 (Turns)Morten SkarpaasNOR
Judge #5 (Turns)Susan VerdierCAN
Judge #6 (Air)Tina Tanaka SundequistJPN
Judge #7 (Air)Oleg KitovRUS
PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsTurns PointsAir PointsTime PointsTime
120Hannah KearneyUSA26.6314.25.407.0327.86
219Jennifer HeilCAN25.6913.74.987.0127.91
315Shannon BahrkeUSA25.4313.54.927.0127.90
416Aiko UemuraJPN24.6812.95.166.6228.88
512Chloé Dufour-LapointeCAN23.8712.74.936.2429.87
613Margarita MarblerAUT23.6913.04.326.3729.52
711Yekaterina StolyarovaRUS23.5512.75.045.8130.96
810Arisa MurataJPN23.2212.54.566.1630.05
92Regina RakhimovaRUS22.7011.94.925.8830.77
107Debby ScanzioITA22.1911.84.326.0730.29
115Yuliya GalyshevaKAZ22.1711.44.466.3129.67
126Miki ItoJPN21.6311.64.445.5931.51
131Marina CherkasovaRUS21.0911.34.085.7131.21
144Darya RybalovaKAZ20.8510.74.205.9530.59
153Darya SerovaRUS20.8411.14.185.5631.59
169Nikola SudováCZE19.4110.63.065.7531.10
1714Michelle RoarkUSA15.905.94.715.2932.27
1818Heather McPhieUSA14.524.83.905.8230.92
198Tae SatoyaJPN12.855.62.524.7333.69
2017Kristi RichardsCAN4.361.62.760.00