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Points Race, Professionals, Men

Date 9 September 1900
StatusOlympic (non-medal)
LocationVélodrome Municipal de Vincennes, Paris
Participants23 from 12 countries
Format10 kilometres - 20 laps of the track. 250 FFr. to the first-place finisher; 150 FFr. to the second-place finisher; and 100 FFr. to the third-place finisher. 20 FFr. to the winner of each of the 19 primes.

This had a huge field as Le Velo noted that “over 60 professionals were on the track” although we only have names of 23 of them. It was a very international field, with 12 countries represented, and some of the top professional riders of the day were present, including American Floyd McFarland, Dutch rider Jaap Eden, and New Zealand’s George Sutherland. The race was quick, with only 20 laps of the 500 metre Vincennes Velodrome, and was more a scratch race than a true points race. McFarland won by finishing first, although he did not win any primes, and finished second in only two of them. He won 250 francs with runner-up Matthieu Cordang receiving 150 francs. The winner of each of the 19 primes won 20 francs each.

1Floyd McFarlandUSA13:29.41
2Matthieu CordangNED
3Paul BourotteFRA
AC BalajatFRA
AC BonnevieFRA
ACAleksey ButylkinRUS
ACCésar SimarFRA
AC CerveraBRA
ACPaul DanglaFRA
ACJaap EdenNED
ACOmar EhrmanFRA
ACJean GougoltzSUI
ACJack GreenGBR
ACRichard HellerAUT
ACCharles JueFRA
ACEmanuel KudelaBOH
AC LeclercqBEL
ACJean-Baptiste LouvetFRA
ACHenri MayerGER
ACGaston PrévostFRA
ACPaul RugèreFRA
ACGuus SchillingNED
ACGeorge SutherlandNZL