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1,000 metres, Women

Date13 February 1984 — 9:15
LocationPista za brzo klizanje Zetra, Sarajevo
Participants38 from 17 countries
Olympic Record 1:24.10 / Nataliya Petrusyova URS / 17 February 1980
StarterHeinrich BeckFRG
RefereeOdd-Jens BjerkliNOR

The favorite was East German Karin Enke, who already had two medals in 1984 – a gold in the 1,500 and silver in the 500. Enke had won the World Sprints in 1980, 1981, and 1983, and was second in 1982, and at the World Championships, she had won in 1982 and earlier in 1984, placing second in 1981 and 1983. Her biggest challengers were expected to be the defending champion, Soviet Nataliya Petrusyova, who held the world record of 1:19.31, set at Medeo in 1983, and was the 1982 World Sprint champion, and Enke’s East German teammate, Andrea Schöne, who had won the 1983 World Championships and was second to Enke in both 1982 and 1984.

The 500 champion, Christa Rothenburger, started in the first pair and posted an Olympic record 1:23.98. Schöne was in the second pair, and although she started slowly, she was well ahead of Rothenburger at 600 metres, and finished in 1:22.83 to take the lead. Enke was in the next pairing. She had the fastest start of the event and held on to it, crossing the line in 1:21.61, which would win her the gold medal. Petrusyova was in the sixth group but her time of 1:23.21 would be good only for bronze. One other medal favorite was Nataliya Glebova, who started very well, but fell at 150 metres.

A few weeks later, at the 1984 World Sprint Championships, Enke would again win the title, this time dominating by winning all four races. In her career she would win eventually win eight Olympic medals (3 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze), and 11 World Championships (6 sprint, 5 all-around). The three medalists finished in the exact same order as they had done in the women’s 1,500, four days earlier.

13IKarin EnkeGDR1:21.61GoldOR
22IAndrea SchöneGDR1:22.83SilverOR
36INataliya PetrusyovaURS1:23.21Bronze
44OValentina LalenkovaURS1:23.68
51OChrista RothenburgerGDR1:23.98OR
610IYvonne van GennipNED1:25.36
77IErwina Ryś-FerensPOL1:25.81
85IMonika HolznerFRG1:25.87
911IAnnette CarlénSWE1:26.15
1019OLilianna MorawiecPOL1:26.53
1110OSilvia BrunnerSUI1:26.61
1211OSeiko HashimotoJPN1:26.69
136OLydia StephansUSA1:26.73
1413OZofia TokarczykPOL1:26.95
153OSigrid SmudaFRG1:27.05
1614OBjørg Eva JensenNOR1:27.08
1713IKatie ClassUSA1:27.57
188ONatalie GrenierCAN1:27.67
1916OPak Gum-HyonPRK1:27.86
2012OEdel Therese HøisethNOR1:27.90
2115OThea LimbachNED1:28.12
2214IShoko FusanoJPN1:28.19
234IAlie BoorsmaNED1:28.40
247OMary DocterUSA1:28.55
251ISylvie DaigleCAN1:28.96
2618IShen GuoqinCHN1:29.11
279OHiromi OzawaJPN1:29.20
2819IMiao MinCHN1:29.22
2915IHan Chun-OkPRK1:29.30
308IEmese HunyadyHUN1:29.36
3112ILee Yeon-JuKOR1:29.80
329ICao GuifengCHN1:30.28
332OMarzia PerettiITA1:30.33
3417OLee Kyung-JaKOR1:31.11
3518OChoi Seung-YounKOR1:32.31
3617IBibija KerlaYUG1:51.06
375ONataliya GlebovaURS1:55.42fall
3816IDubravka VukušićYUG2:03.02