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3,000 metres, Women

Date15 February 1984 — 9:15
LocationPista za brzo klizanje Zetra, Sarajevo
Participants26 from 14 countries
Olympic Record 4:32.13 / Bjørg Eva Jensen NOR / 20 February 1980
StarterHeinrich BeckFRG
RefereeOdd-Jens BjerkliNOR

As always the 3,000 ended the women’s program at the Olympics. The three favorites were all East German, led by Karin Enke, who had won the World Sprints in 1980, 1981, and 1983, and was second in 1982, and at the World Championships, she had won in 1982 and earlier in 1984, placing second in 1981 and 1983. She was expected to be challenged by Andrea Schöne, the 1983 World Champion, who had been second to Enke in 1982 and 1984; and Gabi Schönbrunn, who held the world record of 4:21.70, set at Medeo in 1981, and who had won the European Championships only a few weeks before at Medeo, winning the 3,000 and 5,000 at that meet. Schöne started in the first pairing and set a formidable mark, posting 4:24.79, for an Olympic record, at the time the fourth fastest ever. In the end it would win her the gold medal. Enke started in the third group, and started faster, leading through 600 metres, but after that she fell off the pace slightly, crossing in 4:26.33, but that would be good enough for the silver medal. Schönbrunn was in the next pair but never challenged her teammates at any time. She finished in 4:33.13, which would be good enough for the bronze medal, however.

The East German medal sweep was only the third ever in speed skating, following two in 1964 – by the Soviet women in the 500 and the Norwegian men in the 5,000 m. Enke ended her 1984 Winter Olympics with four medals – two gold and two silvers. She would end her Olympic career after the 1988 Calgary Games, eventually winning eight Olympics medals – three gold, four silver, and one bronze. Enke would also win 11 World Championships, six in the sprints, and five in the all-arounds. Schöne had first competed at the 1976 Winter Olympics as a 15-year-old. She would compete again in 1988, this time as Andrea Ehrig. She won three medals in Sarajevo, one gold and two silver, and would again win three medals in Calgary, finishing her Olympic career with seven medals, but this would be her only gold. Schönbrunn would also skate in Calgary, winning bronze medals in the 3,000 and 5,000, and ending her Olympic career with three bronze medals.

11IAndrea SchöneGDR4:24.79GoldOR
23IKarin EnkeGDR4:26.33Silver
34OGabi SchönbrunnGDR4:33.13Bronze
42IOlga PleshkovaURS4:34.42
55IYvonne van GennipNED4:34.80
69IMary DocterUSA4:36.25
76IBjørg Eva JensenNOR4:36.28
85OValentina LalenkovaURS4:37.36
97ONataliya PetrusyovaURS4:39.36
103ONancy Swider-PeltzUSA4:40.10
111OAnnette CarlénSWE4:40.36
127IJane GoldmanUSA4:42.49
132OThea LimbachNED4:42.84
1412IErwina Ryś-FerensPOL4:42.90
158ONatalie GrenierCAN4:48.60
1610IPak Gum-HyonPRK4:49.26
1711IHan Chun-OkPRK4:51.91
188ISigrid SmudaFRG4:53.22
196OSeiko HashimotoJPN4:53.38
2013IKim Chang-HaePRK4:58.41
2110OWang GuifangCHN4:59.32
2212OWang XiuliCHN5:00.15
239OKong MeiyuCHN5:03.43
2411OLee Kyung-JaKOR5:07.12
254IRia VisserNED5:14.80fall
2613OBibija KerlaYUG5:37.67