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Floor Exercise, Men

Date24 July – 1 August 2021
LocationAriake Gymnastics Centre, 10-1, 1chome, Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Participants68 from 32 countries

None of the 2016 Rio medallists were present in the floor final in Tokyo. Israel’s Artem Dolgopyat led the qualifiers ahead of Nikita Nagorny. The reigning world champion, Carlos Edriel Yulo of the Philippines, was hoping to become his country’s first Olympic gymnastics medalist, but he failed to make the final after finishing 44th in qualifying with just 13.566 points.

The ROC’s Nagorny opened the final, which saw his new triple back pike, but a 0.3 penalty for stepping off the mat resulted in a score of 13.066, and he eventually finished seventh. Spain’s Ray Zapata, who ranked fourth in qualifying, took the lead after following Nagorny onto the floor and his 14.933 was never bettered. It was equalled by Dolgopyat, however, who had a few landings that were less than perfect, and he incurred a 0.1 penalty for landing out of the area on one of them. Because he had a marginally better D score, 6.600 to 6.500, than Zapata, after both men had identical E scores (8.433), Dolgopyat was in the lead. He had to wait while four more gymnasts took to the floor, including China’s Xiao Ruoteng, the individual all-round silver medalist, before he knew if he had won the gold medal. Fortunately for him, Ruoteng’s 14.766 put him in third place, which meant the Israeli took the gold medal and the Spanish the silver. It was Israel’s first Olympic gymnastics medal of any colour, and only their second ever Olympic gold medal after Gal Fridman won windsurfing gold in 2004.

1142Artem DolgopyatISR15.200 (1)14.933 (1)Gold
2127Ray ZapataESP15.041 (4)14.933 (2)Silver
3116Xiao RuotengCHN14.866 (7)14.766 (3)Bronze
4155Ryu Seong-HyunKOR15.066 (3)14.233 (4)
5152Milad KarimiKAZ14.766 (8)14.133 (5)
6193Yul MoldauerUSA14.866 (6)13.533 (6)
7172Nikita NagornyROC15.066 (2)13.066 (7)
8153Kim Han-SolKOR14.900 (5)13.066 (8)
9 r1/2194Shane WiskusUSA14.733 (9)
10 r1/2146Daiki HashimotoJPN14.700 (10)
11 r1/2149Takeru KitazonoJPN14.666 (11)
12 r1/2133Giarnni Regini-MoranGBR14.666 (12)
13 r1/2186Ahmet ÖnderTUR14.600 (13)
14 r1/2150Wataru TanigawaJPN14.466 (14)
15 r1/2192Sam MikulakUSA14.466 (15)
16 r1/2182Tang Chia-HungTPE14.333 (16)
17 r1/2115Sun WeiCHN14.333 (17)
18 r1/2168Denis AblyazinROC14.300 (18)
19 r1/2176Benjamin GischardSUI14.266 (19)
20 r1/2107Diogo SoaresBRA14.200 (20)
21 r1/2180Lee Chih-KaiTPE14.200 (21)
22 r1/2175Pablo BräggerSUI14.133 (22)
23 r1/2131Joe FraserGBR14.066 (23)
24 r1/2184Adem AsilTUR14.033 (24)
25 r1/2108Caio SouzaBRA13.966 (25)
26 r1/2113Lin ChaopanCHN13.966 (26)
27 r1/2148Kazuma KayaJPN13.933 (27)
28 r1/2190Yevhen YudenkovUKR13.900 (28)
29 r1/2132James HallGBR13.866 (29)
30 r1/2174Christian BaumannSUI13.833 (30)
31 r1/2181Shiao Yu-JanTPE13.833 (31)
32 r1/2135Lukas DauserGER13.766 (32)
33 r1/2144Ludovico EdalliITA13.733 (33)
34 r1/2137Philipp HerderGER13.733 (34)
35 r1/2171Aleksandr KartsevROC13.733 (35)
36 r1/2154Lee Jun-HoKOR13.733 (36)
37 r1/2170Artur DalaloyanROC13.700 (37)
38 r1/2129Loris FrascaFRA13.700 (38)
39 r1/2191Brody MaloneUSA13.666 (39)
40 r1/2123Néstor AbadESP13.666 (40)
41 r1/2158Robert TvorogalLTU13.633 (41)
42 r1/2112Tomás GonzálezCHI13.600 (42)
43 r1/2188Petro PaxnyukUKR13.566 (43)
44 r1/2166Carlos YuloPHI13.566 (44)
45 r1/2125Nicolau MirESP13.533 (45)
46 r1/2177Eddy YusofSUI13.500 (46)
47 r1/2143Aleksandr ShatilovISR13.500 (47)
48 r1/2126Joel PlataESP13.500 (48)
49 r1/2121David JessenCZE13.466 (49)
50 r1/2120Marios GeorgiouCYP13.466 (50)
51 r1/2165Misha KoudinovNZL13.433 (51)
52 r1/2179Hung Yuan-HsiTPE13.233 (52)
53 r1/2104İvan TixonovAZE13.233 (53)
54 r1/2122Omar MohamedEGY13.233 (54)
55 r1/2160Daniel CorralMEX13.200 (55)
56 r1/2159Jeremiah LooMAS13.100 (56)
57 r1/2105Francisco Barretto JúniorBRA13.000 (57)
58 r1/2136Nils DunkelGER12.933 (58)
59 r1/2169David BelyavskyROC12.933 (59)
60 r1/2187Illia KovtunUKR12.866 (60)
61 r1/2163Uche EkeNGR12.833 (61)
62 r1/2138Andreas TobaGER12.833 (62)
63 r1/2106Arthur Nory MarianoBRA12.800 (63)
64 r1/2196Rasul AbdurakhimovUZB12.566 (64)
65 r1/2110David HuddlestonBUL12.433 (65)
66 r1/2124Thierno DialloESP12.233 (66)
67 r1/2178David RumbutisSWE12.166 (67)
68 r1/2111René CournoyerCAN11.766 (68)
DNS173Vladislav PolyashovROC– (DNS)
DNS118Zou JingyuanCHN– (DNS)

Qualification (24 July 2021 — 10:00)

Top eight (maximum two per nation) qualified for the final.

PosGymnastNOCPointsD ScoreE ScorePenalty
1Artem DolgopyatISR15.2006.6008.6000.0Q
2Nikita NagornyROC15.0666.2008.8660.0Q
3Ryu Seong-HyunKOR15.0666.9008.1660.0Q
4Ray ZapataESP15.0416.5008.5410.0Q
5Kim Han-SolKOR14.9006.5008.4000.0Q
6Yul MoldauerUSA14.8665.8009.0660.0Q
7Xiao RuotengCHN14.8666.2008.6660.0Q
8Milad KarimiKAZ14.7666.4008.3660.0Q
9Shane WiskusUSA14.7336.0008.7330.0
10Daiki HashimotoJPN14.7006.2008.600-0.1
11Takeru KitazonoJPN14.6666.2008.4660.0
12Giarnni Regini-MoranGBR14.6666.4008.366-0.1
13Ahmet ÖnderTUR14.6006.3008.3000.0
14Wataru TanigawaJPN14.4665.9008.5660.0
15Sam MikulakUSA14.4666.2008.2660.0
16Tang Chia-HungTPE14.3335.4008.9330.0
17Sun WeiCHN14.3336.0008.3330.0
18Denis AblyazinROC14.3006.0008.400-0.1
19Benjamin GischardSUI14.2666.0008.2660.0
20Diogo SoaresBRA14.2005.2009.0000.0
21Lee Chih-KaiTPE14.2005.7008.5000.0
22Pablo BräggerSUI14.1335.9008.333-0.1
23Joe FraserGBR14.0665.8008.2660.0
24Adem AsilTUR14.0336.2007.933-0.1
25Caio SouzaBRA13.9665.5008.4660.0
26Lin ChaopanCHN13.9666.1007.8660.0
27Kazuma KayaJPN13.9335.6008.3330.0
28Yevhen YudenkovUKR13.9005.7008.300-0.1
29James HallGBR13.8665.9008.166-0.2
30Christian BaumannSUI13.8335.4008.4330.0
31Shiao Yu-JanTPE13.8335.5008.3330.0
32Lukas DauserGER13.7665.6008.1660.0
33Ludovico EdalliITA13.7335.3008.4330.0
34Philipp HerderGER13.7335.5008.2330.0
35Aleksandr KartsevROC13.7335.9008.033-0.2
36Lee Jun-HoKOR13.7335.8007.9330.0
37Artur DalaloyanROC13.7005.7008.0000.0
38Loris FrascaFRA13.7005.9007.900-0.1
39Brody MaloneUSA13.6665.5008.266-0.1
40Néstor AbadESP13.6666.0008.066-0.4
41Robert TvorogalLTU13.6335.4008.2330.0
42Tomás GonzálezCHI13.6005.8007.8000.0
43Petro PaxnyukUKR13.5665.5008.0660.0
44Carlos YuloPHI13.5666.6006.9660.0
45Nicolau MirESP13.5335.9007.6330.0
46Eddy YusofSUI13.5005.4008.1000.0
47Aleksandr ShatilovISR13.5005.7007.900-0.1
48Joel PlataESP13.5006.0007.600-0.1
49David JessenCZE13.4665.1008.3660.0
50Marios GeorgiouCYP13.4665.5008.066-0.1
51Misha KoudinovNZL13.4335.2008.2330.0
52Hung Yuan-HsiTPE13.2334.9008.433-0.1
53İvan TixonovAZE13.2335.5007.833-0.1
54Omar MohamedEGY13.2335.8007.533-0.1
55Daniel CorralMEX13.2005.4007.8000.0
56Jeremiah LooMAS13.1005.5007.6000.0
57Francisco Barretto JúniorBRA13.0005.0008.0000.0
58Nils DunkelGER12.9335.0007.9330.0
59David BelyavskyROC12.9335.2007.7330.0
60Illia KovtunUKR12.8665.7007.1660.0
61Uche EkeNGR12.8334.7008.1330.0
62Andreas TobaGER12.8335.4007.533-0.1
63Arthur Nory MarianoBRA12.8005.6007.600-0.4
64Rasul AbdurakhimovUZB12.5664.8007.7660.0
65David HuddlestonBUL12.4334.2008.2330.0
66Thierno DialloESP12.2335.8007.033-0.6
67David RumbutisSWE12.1665.8006.666-0.3
68René CournoyerCAN11.7665.6006.466-0.3
DNSVladislav PolyashovROC
DNSZou JingyuanCHN

Final (1 August 2021 — 17:00)

Difficulty Judge 1Diego LazzarichITA
Difficulty Judge 2Josef TothAUT
Execution Judge 1Piotr KulbickiPOL
Execution Judge 2Bjørn TomassonISL
Execution Judge 3Gareth BrettellNZL
Execution Judge 4Robson CaballeroBRA
Execution Judge 5Tung Chun ChiehTPE
Execution Reference Judge 1Mario VukojaCRO
Execution Reference Judge 2Enes Hodžić LedererSLO
Time JudgeMasao KondoJPN
Line Judge 1Akihiro KasamatsuJPN
Line Judge 2Naoki MoriJPN
PosGymnastNOCPointsD ScoreE ScorePenalty
1Artem DolgopyatISR14.9336.6008.433-0.1
2Ray ZapataESP14.9336.5008.4330.0
3Xiao RuotengCHN14.7666.2008.5660.0
4Ryu Seong-HyunKOR14.2337.0007.533-0.3
5Milad KarimiKAZ14.1336.4008.033-0.3
6Yul MoldauerUSA13.5335.4008.1330.0
7Nikita NagornyROC13.0666.4006.966-0.3
8Kim Han-SolKOR13.0666.3006.7660.0