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50 kilometres, Men

Date27 February 1960
LocationMcKinney Creek Stadium, Tahoma, California
Participants31 from 10 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: ?
Intermediate 1: 10.0 km
Intermediate 2: 25.0 km
Intermediate 3: 35.0 km
Maximum Climb: ?
Total Climbing: ?

Almost everybody expected the 50 km race, the last of the cross country skiing events, would be a duel between the two great Nordic skiing heroes, Sweden’s Sixten Jernberg and Finland’s Veikko Hakulinen, with the Soviet skiers as the most dangerous opponents. The silver medalist from the 30 km race, Rolf Rämgård, and Finland’s Kalevi Hämäläinen, World Champion at 30 km 1958, were also counted among the outsiders. Norway’s hopes relied on the winner of the 50 km at Holmenkollen in 1959, 26-year old Sverre Stensheim, but Stensheim, with his disappointing 20th place in the 30 km race, was apparently feeling uncomfortable in the Californian highlands, as parts of the track were over 2000 m above sea level.

Jernberg was in front at the 10 km mark, 23 seconds ahead of Hämäläinen, with Hakulinen and Rämgård in third place, another 10 seconds behind. Nikolay Anikin followed closely in fifth place. But at the halfway point, Jernberg was struggling and had dropped down to fourth place, over a minute behind the leading Hämäläinen. Hakulinen had advanced to second place 22 seconds back, and Rämgård was still in third position, closely behind Hakulinen. At 35 km Hämäläinen had widened the gap down to Hakulinen to 34 seconds, and Rämgård could not keep up with pace of the Finnish duo. Jernberg had dropped further down to sixth place, now over three and a half minutes behind the leader. In the last 15 km, Hakulinen tried hard to catch Hämäläinen, but the latter fought bravely and was able to cling to the lead. At the finish he was 20 seconds ahead of Hakulinen, as the Finnish duo had the fastest finish of all. Rämgård, in spite of losing two more minutes to the two Finns, secured the bronze medal ahead of the third fastest finisher, his countryman Lennart Larsson. Jernberg also advanced on the final stage, finishing in fifth place. The race was totally dominated by the Finnish and Swedish skiers, both nations having three skiers each among the first six.

11Kalevi HämäläinenFIN2-59:06.3Gold
226Veikko HakulinenFIN2-59:26.7Silver
316Rolf RämgårdSWE3-02:46.7Bronze
411Lennart LarssonSWE3-03:27.9
536Sixten JernbergSWE3-05:18.0
614Pentti PelkonenFIN3-05:24.5
722Gennady VaganovURS3-05:27.6
820Veikko RäsänenFIN3-06:04.4
912Hallgeir BrendenNOR3-08:23.0
1023Sverre StensheimNOR3-08:51.5
1128Oddmund JensenNOR3-09:16.2
122Assar RönnlundSWE3-09:46.6
1335Nikolay AnikinURS3-10:13.9
147Harald GrønningenNOR3-11:17.1
159Aleksey KuznetsovURS3-11:47.0
1639Federico DeflorianITA3-16:23.6
1713Mack MillerUSA3-17:23.2
1819Livio StufferITA3-20:43.4
196Ivan LyubimovURS3-25:06.4
2034Helmut HaggGER3-25:14.6
218Antonio SchenattiITA3-26:32.2
2225Stefan MitkovBUL3-26:32.5
2324Rudolf DannhauerGER3-27:54.6
2415Siegfried WeißGER3-28:29.1
254Alfredo DibonaITA3-33:31.6
2617Olavi HirvonenUSA3-36:37.8
2718Eiji KuritaJPN3-38:40.6
283Egon FleischmannGER3-38:53.6
295Leo MassaUSA3-41:08.2
3010John MooreGBR3-43:15.3
3131Ted Farwell, Jr.USA3-49:56.6
DNS32Clarence ServoldCAN
DNS37Norman ShuttGBR
DNS21Andrew MorganGBR
DNS30Pál SajgóHUN
DNS27Kazuo SatoJPN
DNS33Andrzej MatejaPOL
DNS29Fritz KocherSUI
DNS38Rudolf ČillíkTCH