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5 kilometres, Women

Date 9 February 1972 — 9:00
LocationMakomanai Cross Country Events Site, Sapporo
Participants43 from 12 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 90 m
Maximum Climb: 56 m
Total Climbing: 133 m

Galina Kulakova had won the World Championships 1970 at this distance and was favored for her second Olympic gold after her impressive victory over 10km. The 5 km race developed into a very close fight for the medals, with only 6.9 seconds between the first four finishers. Marjatta Kajosmaa, starting last of the 43 participants, was able to control her opponents, but could not prevent Kulakova from winning her second Olympic gold medal with a margin of 5 seconds. The International Ski Federation FIS had decided before the 1970 World Championship to register the times in hundredths of a second, and in a close battle Helena Šikolová, a 22-year old Czechoslovak skier, would secure the bronze medal only 0.08 seconds better than Alevtina Olyunina. Šikolová was however no big surprise, aged only 20, she placed fourth at the 10 km in the 1970 World Championships, and she had placed seventh at the 10 km race three days earlier. Now she secured her country the first ever cross-country skiing Olympic medal.

139Galina KulakovaURS17:00.50Gold
243Marjatta KajosmaaFIN17:05.50Silver
341Helena ŠikolováTCH17:07.32Bronze
431Alevtina OlyuninaURS17:07.40
514Hilkka KuntolaFIN17:11.67
618Lyubov MukhachovaURS17:12.08
720Berit Mørdre-LammedalNOR17:16.79
828Aslaug DahlNOR17:17.49
929Helena TakaloFIN17:21.39
105Nina FyodorovaURS17:25.62
1144Michaela EndlerFRG17:32.56
1235Inger AuflesNOR17:33.14
1334Weronika BudnyPOL17:38.74
1427Renate FischerGDR17:41.07
1517Eva OlssonSWE17:46.66
169Alena BartošováTCH17:47.25
172Katharina Mo-BergeNOR17:49.06
1825Martha RockwellUSA17:50.34
1937Barbro TanoSWE17:54.53
2040Gabi HauptGDR17:55.04
2112Józefa ChromikPOL17:55.41
2219Milena CillerováTCH17:56.22
234Władysława MajerczykPOL17:56.55
2423Monika MrklasFRG17:57.40
256Senja PusulaFIN17:59.93
2636Sharon FirthCAN18:06.28
2732Milena ChlumováTCH18:12.22
2822Anni UngerGDR18:13.19
2933Anna DurajPOL18:13.43
303Christine PhillipGDR18:17.02
3116Barbara BritchUSA18:18.37
327Birgitta LindqvistSWE18:25.88
3330Meeri BodelidSWE18:29.07
3442Hiroko TakahashiJPN18:32.75
3526Shirley FirthCAN18:36.07
361Alison OwenUSA18:54.76
3724Tokiko OzekiJPN19:00.82
3821Harumi ImaiJPN19:05.73
3938Margie MahoneyUSA19:15.13
4013Roseanne AllenCAN19:22.70
4110Hellen SanderCAN19:30.01
4215Frances LütkenGBR19:40.17
438Akiko AkasakaJPN19:49.74
DNS11Ingrid RothfußFRG