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15 kilometres (Classical), Women

Date 9 February 1992 — 9:30
LocationLes Saisies
Participants53 from 21 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 107 m
Intermediate 1: 1.9 km
Intermediate 2: 7.7 km
Maximum Climb: 61 m
Total Climbing: 564 m

The 15 km was contested for the first time at the Winter Olympics, as the women had previously contested an intermediate distance race of 10 km. The event had been held twice at the World Championships, won in 1989 by Marjo Matikainen and in 1991 by Yelena Välbe, who would win again in 1993. But in 1992 this race was dominated by Lyubov Yegorova. She posted the fastest time at each checkpoint, the fastest intermediate split, the fastest final split, and won the gold medal by 1:09.1 over Finland’s Marjut Lukkarinen. Lukkarinen was only fifth at the first and second time checks, but finished strongly for the silver medal. Välbe had started well, was second at 1.9 km, but dropped to fourth at 7.7 km, trailing Yegorovoa, Matikainen, and Stefania Belmondo, but Välbe finished quickly to move onto the podium.

This was Yegorova’s first Olympic medal, but she would win three golds and medal in every event in Albertville, and would return in 1994 to win three more golds and four medals at Lillehammer. Four days later Lukkarinen would win gold in the 5 km. Välbe might be considered the greatest ever female cross-country skier. She competed in three Winter Olympics (1992, 1994, 1998), and won seven Olympic medals with three golds, but never an individual gold. In Albertville she won a bronze in all four individual events, but added a gold in the relay. But at the World Championships and World Cup, she was unparalleled among women. She won 17 World Championship medals, including 14 golds, and in 1997, Välbe won gold medals in all five events on the schedule.

116Lyubov YegorovaEUN42:20.8Gold
242Marjut LukkarinenFIN43:29.9Silver
334Yelena VälbeEUN43:42.3Bronze
42Raisa SmetaninaEUN44:01.5
546Stefania BelmondoITA44:02.4
654Marja-Liisa KirvesniemiFIN44:02.7
737Inger Helene NybråtenNOR44:18.6
851Trude DybendahlNOR44:31.5
927Gabriella ParuzziITA44:44.0
1028Marie-Helene WestinSWE45:00.5
1139Vida VencienėLTU45:12.9
1249Nataliya MartynovaEUN45:16.1
1341Ľubomíra BalážováTCH45:22.6
1453Kateřina NeumannováTCH45:28.6
1531Manuela OschmannGER45:28.8
1647Sylvia HoneggerSUI45:33.7
1718Pirkko MäättäFIN45:40.5
188Zora SimčákováTCH45:45.6
1920Heike WezelGER45:50.6
2026Solveig PedersenNOR45:51.3
216Inger Lise HeggeNOR46:03.9
224Sirpa RyhänenFIN46:06.9
2335Carina GörlinSWE46:09.4
2423Bernadetta BocekPOL46:18.6
2529Natascia LeonardiSUI46:32.7
2648Magdalena WallinSWE46:40.2
2714Nancy FiddlerUSA46:42.4
2843Sylvie Giry-RoussetFRA46:48.5
2910Angela Schmidt-FosterCAN46:55.0
3015Li Gyong-HuiPRK47:10.5
317Lis FrostSWE47:18.3
3230Carole StanisièreFRA47:20.1
3321Anna JanouškováTCH47:29.3
3452Małgorzata RuchałaPOL47:36.3
3532Dorota KwaśnyPOL47:44.4
3644Brenda WhiteUSA48:06.0
3724Fumiko AokiJPN48:30.2
3812Katarzyna PopieluchPOL48:45.3
3945Piret NiglasEST48:58.4
4033Lorna SassevilleCAN49:18.1
415Sue ForbesUSA49:42.7
421Naomi HoshikawaJPN49:46.2
4325Rhonda DeLongCAN49:49.7
4450Dorcas DenHartogUSA50:00.5
4522Reneta BanchevaBUL50:17.4
4611Gong GuipingCHN50:56.3
4719Wang YanCHN50:57.3
489Anna BozsikHUN53:46.5
4913Inés AlderARG54:26.9
5017Jenny Palacios-StilloHON1-10:09.2
DNF40Miwa OtaJPN
DNF36Bice VanzettaITA
DNF3Silke SchwagerSUI
DNS38Barbara MettlerSUI