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Individual, Men

Date31 January – 1 February 1948
LocationSkistadion, St. Moritz / Olympiaschanze, St. Moritz
Participants39 from 13 countries
FormatNormal hill ski jumping and 18 kilometres skiing; placements determined by points table.

Nordic Combined had been an internal Norwegian affair in the four previous Winter Games, the Norwegians winning all medals, and the event was considered as a Norwegian speciality. It was therefore a great shock for the nation when the Swede Sven Israelsson, in front of a home crowd of 70 000, could as the first foreigner be celebrated as the winner of Nordic Combined in Holmekollen 1947. And that was not enough: Second was the Swiss skier Niklaus Stump, and the best Norwegian Olaf Dufseth had to be satisfied by third place. The Norwegians had been warned.

In St. Moritz the 18 km Cross Country part of Nordic Combined was integrated in the event for the specialists, and the results of the Nordic Combined participants counted for this event. Out of 84 starters, 39 of them participated in the combined event. The day brought another shock to the Norwegians, this time coming from their Finnish neighbors. One of the youngest participants in the competition, the 21 year old and unmerited Heikki Hasu, outclassed his opponents and was almost 3 minutes ahead of his countryman, the more merited Martti Huhtala. The best Norwegian in third place, Olav Odden, was beaten by Hasu with almost 5 minutes, and Israelsson and Stump, both considered as having their best event in jumping, were close behind Odden. Hasu’s excellent race placed him 4th among the specialist, only 36 seconds behind the bronze winner.

In the jumping event the day after, each skier had 3 jumps, and only the two best jumps counted. Hasu jumped safely and won the gold medal with a clear margin. Israelsson was the best jumper of all, but was not able to catch Huhtala in the battle for silver and had to settle for bronze. Stump advanced from 7th to 4th place. For the Norwegians, the jumping event went even worse than the cross country part. Odden jumped badly and fell down to 11th place. Their best jumper, Eilert Dahl, placed 8th in the jumping event and could advance to a 6th place in the final results. The US skiers Gordon Wren and Corey Engen impressed by coming 2nd and 3rd in the jumping event, but were too far behind in the cross country race to fight for a top placing in the final ranking.

Some of the lost Norwegian pride was restored in Holmenkollen a few weeks later, when Simon Slåttvik, aged 30 and coming from the northern part of Norway, won the Nordic Combined with another Norwegian outside the Olympic team, Ottar Gjermundshaug in 2nd place. Huhtala was 3rd and Israelsson a distant 14th, but Hasu and Stump was not taking part. Slåttvik became Norwegian Champion in 1947, but could not raise money enough to travel to the Norwegian Olympic selection competitions early in the 1948 season.

PosCompetitorNOCPointsCross Country Skiing, 18 kmSki Jumping, Normal Hill
1Heikki HasuFIN448.801-16:43 (1)208.8 (=8)Gold
2Martti HuhtalaFIN433.651-19:28 (2)209.5 (6)Silver
3Sven IsraelssonSWE433.401-21:44 (4)221.9 (1)Bronze
4Niklaus StumpSUI421.501-22:15 (7)213.0 (5)
5Olavi SihvonenFIN416.201-22:26 (8)209.2 (7)
6Eilert DahlNOR414.301-22:52 (10)208.8 (=8)
7Pauli SalonenFIN413.301-22:28 (9)206.3 (10)
8Olaf DufsethNOR412.601-21:50 (5)201.1 (16)
9Erik ElmsäterSWE410.951-22:12 (6)202.0 (15)
10Clas HaraldssonSWE410.751-24:21 (15)213.4 (4)
11Olav OddenNOR409.151-21:35 (3)196.9 (19)
12Kåre ØsterdalNOR404.201-24:20 (14)206.2 (11)
13Alfons SupersaxoSUI400.401-24:29 (16)203.9 (13)
14Alfred PruckerITA394.001-23:26 (11)191.5 (22)
15Rizzieri RodeghieroITA388.801-24:12 (13)190.8 (23)
16Josl GstreinAUT381.701-25:04 (17)188.2 (25)
17Theo AllenbachSUI376.101-23:54 (12)176.6 (32)
18Gottlieb PerrenSUI373.801-26:27 (20)187.8 (26)
19René JeandelFRA371.101-25:57 (19)182.1 (28)
20Stefan DziedzicPOL367.601-25:33 (18)177.1 (31)
21Karl MartitschAUT360.201-31:19 (27)198.2 (17)
22Józef Daniel KrzeptowskiPOL359.801-31:05 (26)197.8 (18)
23Hubert HammerschmidtAUT356.901-32:47 (30)202.4 (14)
24Tone RazingerYUG352.451-28:24 (23)176.2 (33)
25Tadeusz KwapieńPOL352.201-27:55 (21)173.7 (34)
26Corey EngenUSA346.801-37:24 (34)214.8 (3)
27Don JohnsonUSA345.101-32:03 (28)187.6 (27)
28Alberto TassottiITA342.101-28:16 (22)165.1 (36)
29Gordy WrenUSA340.201-40:12 (36)220.2 (2)
30Walter JeandelFRA339.601-34:19 (31)192.6 (21)
31Jaroslav KadavýTCH338.601-32:17 (29)181.1 (29)
32Bohumil KosourTCH328.501-29:37 (24)159.0 (37)
33Ralph Townsend, Jr.USA326.701-37:12 (33)188.7 (24)
34Leopold TajnerPOL321.501-38:45 (35)195.5 (20)
35Jaroslav LukešTCH320.901-41:00 (37)205.4 (12)
36František ŠimůnekTCH312.301-35:21 (32)169.8 (35)
37Bill IrwinCAN280.001-44:43 (39)181.0 (30)
38Nikola DelevBUL262.101-43:29 (38)157.1 (38)
DNFPaul HaslwanterAUT1-31:00 (25)– (DNS)