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Large Hill, Team, Men

Date22 February 1994
LocationLysgårdsbakkene, Lillehammer
Participants48 from 12 countries
FormatTwo jumps per team member, with both scored on distance and form. Four members per team, with all four jumps in each round to count towards team total.
Judge #1Kyoichi OmoriJPN
Judge #2Fabio MorandiniITA
Judge #3Räto WohlwendSUI
Judge #4Gerhard WenningerAUT
Judge #5M. MartinakSVK
DetailsK-Point: 123 m

Traditionally the domain of the Finns and Norwegians, the two nations had won all but one of the world and Olympic championships to be held, the 1994 Olympic title was to be decided between two nations who had never challenged for a major title beforehand. After the first round Germany and Japan were separated by less than a point but Jinya Nishikata and Takanobu Okabe performed well in the second round and with one man left for each nation Japan held the advantage. By the time Masahiko Harada stood at the top of the jump he knew what he had to do to ensure a Japanese victory. A jump of around 105 m would be enough and since he had made a leap of 122 m in the first round this appeared to be a relative formality. Instead the jump turned into a disaster as he mistimed his leap and landed at just 97.5 m. One of the defining images of the 1994 Games is of Harada kneeling in the snow with head in his hands as his team-mates stood in disbelief. Prior to 1994 only the best three jumps of each team counted per round but the rules were changed before Lillehammer and all jumps were now added to the team’s score. If the old rules had still been in place Japan would have recorded a clear victory.

9-1Jens Weißflog277.7
9-2Dieter Thoma254.1
9-3Hansjörg Jäkle231.8
9-4Christof Duffner206.5
11-1Takanobu Okabe262.0
11-2Jinya Nishikata254.4
11-3Noriaki Kasai248.9
11-4Masahiko Harada191.6
10-1Andi Goldberger254.3
10-2Stefan Horngacher236.6
10-3Heinz Kuttin218.5
10-4Christian Moser209.5
12-1Espen Bredesen257.7
12-2Lasse Ottesen239.8
12-3Øyvind Berg215.5
12-4Roar Ljøkelsøy185.8
7-1Raimo Ylipulli231.6
7-2Jani Soininen231.0
7-3Janne Ahonen214.9
7-4Janne Väätäinen212.0
6-1Nicolas Jean-Prost224.0
6-2Steve Delaup203.2
6-3Nicolas Dessum202.4
6-4Didier Mollard192.5
78Czech RepublicCZE800.7
8-1Zbyněk Krompolc221.9
8-2Jaroslav Sakala203.9
8-3Ladislav Dluhoš199.8
8-4Jiří Parma175.1
5-1Roberto Cecon236.2
5-2Ivo Pertile199.8
5-3Ivan Lunardi188.5
5-4Andrea Cecon157.8
4-1Robert Meglič215.2
4-2Samo Gostiša180.2
4-3Matjaž Zupan180.2
4-4Matjaž Kladnik163.8
3-1Mikael Martinsson209.3
3-2Staffan Tällberg187.7
3-3Johan Rasmussen145.5
3-4Fredrik Johansson110.8
112United StatesUSA505.0
2-1Greg Boester146.4
2-2Randy Weber130.5
2-3Ted Langlois129.1
2-4Kurt Stein99.0
121Russian FederationRUS416.3
1-1Mikhail Yesin118.5
1-2Stanislav Pokhilko116.3
1-3Dmitry Chelovenko101.1
1-4Aleksey Solodyankin80.4