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Kayak Singles, 1,000 metres, Men

Date20 – 22 October 1964
LocationSagami-ko, Sagamihara, Kanagawa
Participants15 from 15 countries

Denmark’s Erik Hansen was the reigning Olympic, European, and World Champion in the K-1 1000, making him a strong favorite to defend his title at the 1964 Summer Games. The only major tournament in which he had been bested was the 1961 European Championships, where he placed third behind Carl von Gerber of Sweden and Vasile Nicoară of Romania, neither of whom were competing in the K-1 1000 in Tokyo. Instead, their nations were represented by Rolf Peterson and Aurel Vernescu respectively, the latter of whom was the current European and World runner-up. Non-Olympian Siegfried Rossberg was the most recent European and World bronze medalist, but Germany competed as a unified nation for the final time in 1964 and sent West German Erich Suhrbier instead. The only other major medalist in the tournament was the Soviet Union’s Igor Pisarev, who had been second in the event in 1956. Hungary, the defending Olympic runner-up, sent Mihály Hesz.

In the opening round, the first heat was the most competitive and saw Hansen win it in the fastest time, ahead of Hesz and Peterson. Vernescu bested Suhrbier in the second heat, while Pisarev finished third behind Poland’s Władysław Szuszkiewicz and Great Britain’s Alistair Wilson in a heat where everyone advanced. Szuszkiewicz, in a heat that included Hesz and was won by Günther Pfaff of Austria, was the only one of these men not to advance after the semi-finals. Vernescu and Hansen won the other heats, the latter once again with the round’s fastest time. Considering his performance thus far, Hansen seemed as if he was a shoo-in for gold, but he struggled heavily in the final and finished seventh. In its closing seconds, the race for the Olympic title came down to a drive between Peterson and Hesz, the former of whom edged out the latter by only 0.15 seconds. Hungary thus settled for silver while Vernescu came in shortly thereafter for bronze.

1132Rolf PetersonSWE4:04.27 (3 h1)4:06.97 (2 h2)3:57.13 (1)Gold
268Mihály HeszHUN4:02.90 (2 h1)4:04.57 (2 h3)3:57.28 (2)Silver
3127Aurel VernescuROU4:02.06 (1 h2)4:03.35 (1 h2)4:00.77 (3)Bronze
460Erich SuhrbierGER4:03.44 (2 h2)4:04.05 (2 h1)4:01.62 (4)
514Günther PfaffAUT4:07.65 (3 h2)4:03.53 (1 h3)4:03.56 (5)
697Toon GeurtsNED4:10.68 (4 h1)4:45.53 (2 h1)4:05.27 (3 h3)4:04.48 (6)
740Erik HansenDEN4:00.58 (1 h1)4:03.00 (1 h1)4:04.48 (7)
825Alistair WilsonGBR4:09.44 (2 h3)4:07.61 (3 h2)4:05.80 (8)
9160Igor PisarevURS4:11.91 (3 h3)4:09.95 (3 h1)4:07.67 (9)
4 h1 r3/486Hideo ShigashiyamaJPN4:17.47 (6 h1)4:42.93 (1 h1)4:17.44 (4 h1)
4 h2 r3/433Arpad SimonyikCAN4:12.48 (4 h2)5:31.18 (1 h2)4:13.59 (4 h2)
4 h3 r3/4111Władysław SzuszkiewiczPOL4:06.48 (1 h3)4:08.51 (4 h3)
5 h3 r3/448Ilkka NummistoFIN4:14.34 (5 h1)5:31.76 (2 h2)4:17.47 (5 h3)
3 h1 r2/4145Tony RalphsUSA4:21.53 (5 h2)5:09.14 (3 h1)– (DNS h2)
3 h2 r2/419Fernando InchausteBOL5:48.74 (6 h2)6:07.70 (3 h2)– (DNS h1)
DNS2Phil ColesAUS– (DNS h1)
DNS28Georgi TodorovBUL– (DNS h3)
DNS84Cesare ZilioliITA– (DNS h3)
DNS17René RoelsBEL– (DNS h3)

Round One

Date20 October 1964
FormatTop three in each heat advanced to the semi-finals. All others advanced to the Repêchage.

Heat #1

1Erik HansenDEN4:00.58Q
2Mihály HeszHUN4:02.90Q
3Rolf PetersonSWE4:04.27Q
4Toon GeurtsNED4:10.68
5Ilkka NummistoFIN4:14.34
6Hideo ShigashiyamaJPN4:17.47
DNSPhil ColesAUS

Heat #2

1Aurel VernescuROU4:02.06Q
2Erich SuhrbierGER4:03.44Q
3Günther PfaffAUT4:07.65Q
4Arpad SimonyikCAN4:12.48
5Tony RalphsUSA4:21.53
6Fernando InchausteBOL5:48.74

Heat #3

1Władysław SzuszkiewiczPOL4:06.48Q
2Alistair WilsonGBR4:09.44Q
3Igor PisarevURS4:11.91Q
DNSGeorgi TodorovBUL
DNSCesare ZilioliITA
DNSRené RoelsBEL


Date20 October 1964
FormatTop two in each heat advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat #1

1Hideo ShigashiyamaJPN4:42.93Q
2Toon GeurtsNED4:45.53Q
3Tony RalphsUSA5:09.14

Heat #2

1Arpad SimonyikCAN5:31.18Q
2Ilkka NummistoFIN5:31.76Q
3Fernando InchausteBOL6:07.70


Date21 October 1964
FormatTop three in each heat advanced to the final.

Heat #1

1Erik HansenDEN4:03.00Q
2Erich SuhrbierGER4:04.05Q
3Igor PisarevURS4:09.95Q
4Hideo ShigashiyamaJPN4:17.44
DNSFernando InchausteBOL

Heat #2

1Aurel VernescuROU4:03.35Q
2Rolf PetersonSWE4:06.97Q
3Alistair WilsonGBR4:07.61Q
4Arpad SimonyikCAN4:13.59
DNSTony RalphsUSA

Heat #3

1Günther PfaffAUT4:03.53Q
2Mihály HeszHUN4:04.57Q
3Toon GeurtsNED4:05.27Q
4Władysław SzuszkiewiczPOL4:08.51
5Ilkka NummistoFIN4:17.47

Final Round

Date22 October 1964 — 14:01
17Rolf PetersonSWE3:57.13
26Mihály HeszHUN3:57.28
34Aurel VernescuROU4:00.77
49Erich SuhrbierGER4:01.62
51Günther PfaffAUT4:03.56
62Toon GeurtsNED4:04.48
75Erik HansenDEN4:04.48
88Alistair WilsonGBR4:05.80
93Igor PisarevURS4:07.67