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1,500 metres, Women

Date6 – 10 August 2012
LocationOlympic Stadium, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants45 from 25 countries

There was no clear favorite in the women’s metric mile, especially after Moroccan Mariem Alaoui Selsouli, considered a slight favorite, tested positive for a diuretic just before London. It was her second ADRV and she would eventually be banned for 8 years, although not officially until 2014. The final had 13 runners from nine different nations, but in the end the two Turkish runners would win gold and silver. The pace in the final was funereal, so slow that despite the top eight runners bettering 60 seconds for the final lap, the winning time was five seconds slower than the previous slowest winning time at the Olympics.

With the slow pace, the entire pack was together at 1100 metres. America’s best hope, Morgan Uceny, world ranked #1 in 2011, was running near the back of the pack at that point, only to lock legs with another runner and fall to the track. The same fate had befallen her at the 2011 World Championships, and she pounded her fists on the London track in frustration. Ahead of her the lead at three laps was taken by Gamze Bulut of Turkey. But she was soon passed by her teammate, Aslı Çakır. The two Turks were trailed by Ethiopia’s Abeba Aregawi and Bahrain’s Maryam Jamal. The homestretch was a mad sprint, due to the slow pace, but Çakır held on for gold, with Bulut coming up from fourth 50 metres from the line to win silver, and Jamal filling out the podium.

Alptekin had previously been suspended for doping, after a positive test at the 2004 World Junior Championships, but returned in 2006. Jamal was born Zenebech Tola in Ethiopia but in 2004 she and her husband sought political asylum in Switzerland. She was eventually granted citizenship in Bahrain which asked that she run for them and adopt a Muslim name. She was the 2007 and 2009 World Champion.

A few months after the Games, Çakır was sued by Turkish runner, Süreyya Ayhan who alleged that she deserved a share of the riches Çakır received for winning the gold medal. Ayhan Kop claimed there was a contract between the two granting her a share of the rewards if Çakır won an Olympic medal.

That was how the event and the results seemed to have ended. In 2015, however, the IOC began re-testing samples from the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympics, using newer, more advanced testing techniques, in an effort to find those who had used performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), but in whom it could not be detected at the time of those Olympics. This was one of the many events affected.

After the re-testing, this was revealed to be the dirtiest known athletics event in Olympic history, surpassed only by the 2012 men’s weightlifting 94 kg class. The original 1,500 m gold medalist, Turkey’s Aslı Çakır, and her teammate, silver medalist Gamze Bulut, were disqualified for biological passport offenses, Çakır in August 2015 and Bulut in March 2017. The medals were eventually upgraded to the next placed finishers, Tatyana Tomashova and Abeba Aregawi.

Two other finalists, Belarussian Nataliya Koreyvo, who placed seventh, and Russian Yekaterina Kostetskaya, originally ninth, were also disqualified for biological passport offenses. Three runners who competed in the heats only – Yekaterina Martynova (RUS), Hanna Mishchenko and Anzhelika Shevchenko, both of Ukraine – all fell afoul of the biological passport rule.

In 2017 Aslı Çakır was nabbed for another PED offense. This was her third positive doping test, as in September 2004 she had been caught at the World Junior Championships. After the 2017 positive test, Çakır was banned for life from athletics.

11259Maryam JamalBRN4:05.39 (3 h1)4:02.18 (3 h2)4:10.74 (1)Gold
22899Tatyana TomashovaRUS4:05.10 (2 h1)4:02.10 (2 h2)4:10.90 (2)Silver
31697Abeba AregawiETH4:04.55 (1 h1)4:01.03 (1 h2)4:11.03 (3)Bronze
43314Shannon RowburyUSA4:06.03 (7 h1)4:05.47 (3 h1)4:11.26 (4)
52995Lucia KlocováSVK4:07.79 (9 h1)4:02.99 (6 h2)4:12.64 (5)
61854Lisa DobriskeyGBR4:13.32 (1 h2)4:05.35 (2 h1)4:13.02 (6)
71879Laura WeightmanGBR4:07.29 (3 h3)4:02.99 (5 h2)4:15.60 (7)
82341Hellen ObiriKEN4:05.40 (4 h1)4:02.30 (4 h2)4:16.57 (8)
AC r3/33322Morgan UcenyUSA4:06.87 (1 h3)4:05.34 (1 h1)– (DNF)
4 h1 r2/31320Hilary StellingwerffCAN4:05.79 (6 h1)4:05.57 (4 h1)
5 h1 r2/31938Corinna HarrerGER4:07.83 (10 h1)4:05.70 (5 h1)
6 h1 r2/31255Mimi BeleteBRN4:07.01 (2 h3)4:05.91 (6 h1)
7 h1 r2/31855Hannah EnglandGBR4:05.73 (5 h1)4:06.35 (7 h1)
7 h2 r2/32470Siham HilaliMAR4:13.34 (2 h2)4:04.79 (7 h2)
8 h1 r2/31648Nuría FernándezESP4:13.72 (3 h2)4:06.57 (8 h1)
8 h2 r2/31071Zoe BuckmanAUS4:07.83 (5 h3)4:05.03 (8 h2)
9 h1 r2/32616Lucy Van DalenNZL4:07.04 (8 h1)4:06.97 (9 h1)
9 h2 r2/31317Nicole SifuentesCAN4:07.65 (4 h3)4:06.33 (9 h2)
10 h1 r2/31075Kaila McKnightAUS4:13.80 (4 h2)4:08.44 (10 h1)
10 h2 r2/33316Jenny SimpsonUSA4:13.81 (5 h2)4:06.89 (10 h2)
6 h2 r1/31260Genzeb ShumiBRN4:14.02 (6 h2)
6 h3 r1/32337Faith KipyegonKEN4:08.78 (6 h3)
7 h2 r1/31698Meskerem AssefaETH4:15.52 (7 h2)
7 h3 r1/31704Genzebe DibabaETH4:11.15 (7 h3)
8 h2 r1/32344Eunice SumKEN4:16.95 (8 h2)
8 h3 r1/33117Janet AcholaUGA4:11.64 (8 h3)
9 h2 r1/32936Sonja RomanSLO4:19.17 (9 h2)
9 h3 r1/31649Isabel MacíasESP4:13.07 (9 h3)
10 h2 r1/32446Eliane SaholinirinaMAD4:19.46 (10 h2)
10 h3 r1/33108Betlhem Desalegn BelaynehUAE4:14.07 (10 h3)
11 h1 r1/32956Marina MunćanSRB4:11.25 (11 h1)
11 h2 r1/32694Renata PliśPOL4:19.62 (11 h2)
11 h3 r1/31608Gladys LandaverdeESA4:18.26 (11 h3)
12 h1 r1/31530Tereza ČapkováCZE4:12.15 (12 h1)
12 h2 r1/31408Chancel Ilunga SankuruCOD5:05.25 (12 h2)
13 h1 r1/31656Natalia RodríguezESP4:16.18 (13 h1)
14 h1 r1/33090Tuğba KarakayaTUR4:29.21 (14 h1)
DNF2472Btissam LakhouadMAR– (DNF h1)
DQ3083Gamze BulutTUR[4:06.69] (DQ h3)[4:01.18] (DQ h2)[4:10.40] (DQ)1
DQ3188Anzhelika ShevchenkoUKR[4:12.97] (DQ h1)2
DQ2872Yekaterina KostetskayaRUS[4:06.94] (DQ h3)[4:05.32] (DQ h1)[4:12.90] (DQ)3
DQ1181Natallia KareyvaBLR[4:06.87] (DQ h3)[4:02.37] (DQ h2)[4:11.58] (DQ)4
DQ3084Aslı ÇakırTUR[4:13.64] (DQ h2)[4:05.11] (DQ h1)[4:10.23] (DQ)5
DQ3175Hanna MishchenkoUKR[4:13.63] (DQ h3)6
DQ2878Yekaterina MartynovaRUS[4:13.86] (DQ h2)7
DNS2603Ingvill Måkestad BovimNOR– (DNS h2)

Round One (6 August 2012 — 11:50)

Top three in each heat and three two fastest advanced to the final.

Heat One (11:50)

PosOrdAthleteNOCTime (A)
16Abeba AregawiETH4:04.55Q
27Tatyana TomashovaRUS4:05.10Q
39Maryam JamalBRN4:05.39Q
45Hellen ObiriKEN4:05.40Q
54Hannah EnglandGBR4:05.73Q
63Hilary StellingwerffCAN4:05.79Q
78Shannon RowburyUSA4:06.03q
816Lucy Van DalenNZL4:07.04q
914Lucia KlocováSVK4:07.79q
1015Corinna HarrerGER4:07.83q
1111Marina MunćanSRB4:11.25
1210Tereza ČapkováCZE4:12.15
132Natalia RodríguezESP4:16.18
1412Tuğba KarakayaTUR4:29.21
DNF1Btissam LakhouadMAR
DQ13Anzhelika ShevchenkoUKR[4:12.97]8


400 m1:07.18Tatyana Tomashova
800 m2:13.67Tatyana Tomashova
1,200 m3:18.97Tatyana Tomashova

Heat Two (12:01)

PosOrdAthleteNOCTime (A)
19Lisa DobriskeyGBR4:13.32Q
215Siham HilaliMAR4:13.34Q
35Nuría FernándezESP4:13.72Q
47Kaila McKnightAUS4:13.80Q
514Jenny SimpsonUSA4:13.81Q
612Genzeb ShumiBRN4:14.02
76Meskerem AssefaETH4:15.52
813Eunice SumKEN4:16.95
911Sonja RomanSLO4:19.17
101Eliane SaholinirinaMAD4:19.46
114Renata PliśPOL4:19.62
1210Chancel Ilunga SankuruCOD5:05.25
DQ8Aslı ÇakırTUR[4:13.64]9
DQ2Yekaterina MartynovaRUS[4:13.86]10
DNS3Ingvill Måkestad BovimNOR


400 m1:10.78Nuría Fernández
800 m2:23.47Siham Hilali
1,200 m3:28.67Kaila McKnight

Heat Three (12:12)

PosOrdAthleteNOCTime (A)
110Morgan UcenyUSA4:06.87Q
28Mimi BeleteBRN4:07.01Q
315Laura WeightmanGBR4:07.29Q
411Nicole SifuentesCAN4:07.65q
514Zoe BuckmanAUS4:07.83q
62Faith KipyegonKEN4:08.78
713Genzebe DibabaETH4:11.15
84Janet AcholaUGA4:11.64
95Isabel MacíasESP4:13.07
109Betlhem Desalegn BelaynehUAE4:14.07
116Gladys LandaverdeESA4:18.26
DQ1Gamze BulutTUR[4:06.69]Q11
DQ3Yekaterina KostetskayaRUS[4:06.94]12
DQ7Natallia KareyvaBLR[4:06.87]Q13
DQ12Hanna MishchenkoUKR[4:13.63]14


400 m1:10.71Faith Kipyegon
800 m2:18.19Faith Kipyegon
1,200 m3:19.56Faith Kipyegon

Semi-Finals (8 August 2012 — 19:45)

Top three in each heat and three two fastest advanced to the final.

Heat One (19:45)

PosOrdAthleteNOCTime (A)
13Morgan UcenyUSA4:05.34Q
25Lisa DobriskeyGBR4:05.35Q
34Shannon RowburyUSA4:05.47Q
46Hilary StellingwerffCAN4:05.57
52Corinna HarrerGER4:05.70
612Mimi BeleteBRN4:05.91
711Hannah EnglandGBR4:06.35
88Nuría FernándezESP4:06.57
99Lucy Van DalenNZL4:06.97
107Kaila McKnightAUS4:08.44
DQ1Yekaterina KostetskayaRUS[4:05.32]15
DQ10Aslı ÇakırTUR[4:05.11]16


400 m1:06.05Yekaterina Kostetskaya
800 m2:15.32Morgan Uceny
1,200 m3:19.48Mimi Belete

Heat Two (19:56)

PosOrdAthleteNOCTime (A)
12Abeba AregawiETH4:01.03Q
27Tatyana TomashovaRUS4:02.10Q
34Maryam JamalBRN4:02.18Q
43Hellen ObiriKEN4:02.30Q
56Laura WeightmanGBR4:02.99q
612Lucia KlocováSVK4:02.99q
75Siham HilaliMAR4:04.79
88Zoe BuckmanAUS4:05.03
911Nicole SifuentesCAN4:06.33
101Jenny SimpsonUSA4:06.89
DQ9Gamze BulutTUR[4:01.18]Q17
DQ10Natallia KareyvaBLR[4:02.37]18


400 m1:05.58Tatyana Tomashova
800 m2:10.93Tatyana Tomashova
1,200 m3:15.35Gamze Bulut

Final (10 August 2012 — 20:55)

PosOrdAthleteNOCTime (A)
19Maryam JamalBRN4:10.74
25Tatyana TomashovaRUS4:10.90
37Abeba AregawiETH4:11.03
41Shannon RowburyUSA4:11.26
54Lucia KlocováSVK4:12.64
613Lisa DobriskeyGBR4:13.02
712Laura WeightmanGBR4:15.60
86Hellen ObiriKEN4:16.57
DNF11Morgan UcenyUSA
DQ2Gamze BulutTUR[4:10.40]19
DQ10Yekaterina KostetskayaRUS[4:12.90]20
DQ3Natallia KareyvaBLR[4:11.58]21
DQ8Aslı ÇakırTUR[4:10.23]22


400 m1:15.12Gamze Bulut
800 m2:23.97Gamze Bulut
1,200 m3:26.88Gamze Bulut