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Team All-Around, Men

Date28 – 30 July 2012
LocationNorth Greenwich Arena, Greenwich, London
Participants60 from 12 countries

Even after coming in second at the last two World Championships, Japan, with its star team member Kohei Uchimura, was favored to take the gold medal in the men’s gymnastics team all-around event at the 2012 Summer Olympics. They could not ignore China, however, who had finished first at the 2000 and 2008 Olympic Games, as well as the two most recent World Championships, and still had many multiple World Championship titleholders amongst its ranks. The teams from the Germany and the United States, which had won bronze medals at the 2010 and 2011 World Championships respectively, were seen as strong contenders for the final podium spot.

The qualification round took a surprising twist, with the United States coming out on top and Japan and China finishing fifth and sixth respectively. The home team impressed as well, with Great Britain finishing third behind Russia. Germany in fourth rounded out the top six while Ukraine and France nabbed the last two spots for the final. In the race for the medals, the United States lost the steam it had had in the qualifications and sank to fifth place by the end of the competition. Ukraine and Great Britain battled to gain a solid grasp on the final podium spot, with the home nation coming out on top and setting themselves up to take home their first team medal in men’s gymnastics since 1912, when Great Britain had finished third. China had already guaranteed itself the gold medal and, with Japan in second place and only Uchimura left with an apparatus (the pommel horse), that nation seemed poised for the silver. Uchimura tumbled from the pommel horse during his dismount, however, and his team suffered for it, being dragged down into fourth place and surrendering the silver medal to Great Britain. This would have been only the second time British gymnastics had won silver, and the first since Walter Tysall’s placement in the 1908 individual all-around. The Japanese team launched an inquiry into Uchimura’s score, however, claiming that he was penalized too harshly for his dismount, and won the appeal. The judges raised his total by 0.7, enough to bump the nation back into silver medal position. This sent the home team back to bronze and knocked Ukraine off the podium entirely, an unfortunately dramatic end to an otherwise rousing competition.

1People's Republic of ChinaCHN269.985 (6)275.997 (1)Gold
Chen YibingFeng ZheGuo WeiyangZhang ChenglongZou Kai
2JapanJPN270.503 (5)271.952 (2)Silver
Ryohei KatoKazuhito TanakaYusuke TanakaKohei UchimuraKoji Yamamuro
3Great BritainGBR272.420 (3)271.711 (3)Bronze
Sam OldhamDaniel PurvisLouis SmithKristian ThomasMax Whitlock
4UkraineUKR269.810 (7)271.526 (4)
Mykola KuksenkovVitaliy NakonechnyiIhor RadivilovOleh StepkoOleh Verniaiev
5United StatesUSA275.342 (1)269.952 (5)
Jake DaltonJonathan HortonDanell LeyvaSam MikulakJohn Orozco
6Russian FederationRUS272.595 (2)269.603 (6)
Denis AblyazinAleksandr BalandinDavid BelyavskyEmin GaribovIgor Pakhomenko
7GermanyGER270.888 (4)268.019 (7)
Philipp BoyFabian HambüchenSebastian KrimmerMarcel NguyenAndreas Toba
8FranceFRA265.759 (8)265.441 (8)
Pierre-Yves BényYann CucheratGaël da SilvaHamilton SabotCyril Tommasone
9 r1/2SpainESP265.587 (9)
Isaac BotellaJavier GómezFabián GonzálezRubén LópezSergio Muñoz
10 r1/2RomaniaROU262.567 (10)
Cristian Ioan BățagăMarius Daniel BerbecarOvidiu BuidosoVlad CotunaFlavius Koczi
11 r1/2ItalyITA262.085 (11)
Matteo AngiolettiAlberto BusnariMatteo MorandiPaolo OttaviEnrico Pozzo
12 r1/2Republic of KoreaKOR255.327 (12)
Kim Hui-HunKim Ji-HunKim Seung-IlKim Su-MyeonYang Hak-Seon

Qualification (28 July 2012 — 11:00)

Five-person teams, four to compete on each apparatus, with best three of four scores counting for each apparatus. Top eight teams advanced to the final round.

PosGymnastNOCPointsFloor ExerciseHorse VaultParallel BarsHorizontal BarRingsPommelled Horse
1United StatesUSA275.34246.165 (1)48.000 (4)45.182 (5)46.698 (1)45.332 (3)43.965 (3)Q
Jake Dalton15.63315.90015.100
Jonathan Horton13.13315.56615.16612.700
Danell Leyva15.10015.50015.33315.86614.60014.866
Sam Mikulak15.36616.30015.31614.03314.333
John Orozco15.16615.80014.53315.26615.06614.766
2Russian FederationRUS272.59545.066 (6)48.166 (3)45.666 (3)44.432 (5)45.799 (1)43.466 (4)Q
Denis Ablyazin15.43316.3000.00013.73315.500
Aleksandr Balandin14.76615.66613.733
David Belyavsky15.10016.30015.30014.86614.36614.900
Emin Garibov14.53315.23315.60015.56614.63314.233
Igor Pakhomenko14.06615.56614.00014.333
3Great BritainGBR272.42045.832 (2)48.333 (2)44.024 (8)45.199 (4)44.199 (8)44.833 (1)Q
Sam Oldham14.70015.53314.66615.10014.600
Daniel Purvis15.20016.10014.73314.73315.03313.400
Louis Smith13.03315.800
Kristian Thomas15.36616.20014.62515.36614.56614.133
Max Whitlock15.26616.03313.90014.13314.900
4GermanyGER270.88845.332 (5)46.533 (11)45.758 (2)45.233 (3)44.766 (7)43.266 (5)Q
Philipp Boy14.76615.70014.93313.80014.16614.333
Fabian Hambüchen15.13315.83315.30015.63314.76614.100
Sebastian Krimmer14.63314.60014.833
Marcel Nguyen15.43314.87515.52515.00015.10013.900
Andreas Toba13.13315.00014.900
5JapanJPN270.50345.632 (3)47.683 (7)47.124 (1)43.766 (8)45.099 (6)41.199 (9)Q
Ryohei Kato15.43315.90014.333
Kazuhito Tanaka13.66615.75015.72514.40015.10012.200
Yusuke Tanaka15.86614.20015.033
Kohei Uchimura15.76616.03315.53315.00014.96612.466
Koji Yamamuro14.43315.33314.20014.36614.90014.400
6People's Republic of ChinaCHN269.98544.932 (7)47.633 (8)44.965 (6)46.466 (2)45.124 (5)40.865 (10)Q
Chen Yibing12.90015.85814.466
Feng Zhe14.43316.10015.63315.00014.866
Guo Weiyang12.26615.30013.96614.93314.40013.266
Zhang Chenglong14.66616.23315.36615.93313.133
Zou Kai15.83315.20015.53312.533
7UkraineUKR269.81044.599 (9)48.515 (1)43.765 (9)43.532 (9)45.166 (4)44.233 (2)Q
Mykola Kuksenkov14.53315.76615.06614.66615.00014.900
Vitaliy Nakonechnyi14.06614.13314.80014.933
Ihor Radivilov16.26615.300
Oleh Stepko15.03315.91613.36613.46614.86614.400
Oleh Verniaiev15.03316.33314.56614.06614.60014.366
8FranceFRA265.75944.333 (10)45.765 (12)45.366 (4)44.198 (6)43.165 (10)42.932 (6)Q
Pierre-Yves Bény14.43314.93314.70014.26613.566
Yann Cucherat14.90014.366
Gaël da Silva15.40015.36614.96614.366
Hamilton Sabot15.36614.86614.53314.033
Cyril Tommasone14.50015.46615.10014.13314.16615.333
9SpainESP265.58744.699 (8)47.958 (5)43.632 (10)43.833 (7)42.899 (11)42.566 (7)
Isaac Botella14.03315.86612.900
Javier Gómez14.83315.95815.06614.53313.90013.833
Fabián González15.26616.00013.33315.00014.03314.733
Rubén López14.73314.30014.900
Sergio Muñoz14.60016.00013.83313.26613.96614.000
10RomaniaROU262.56745.348 (4)47.332 (9)44.832 (7)41.257 (11)43.899 (9)39.899 (11)
Cristian Ioan Bățagă14.66615.76614.83312.700
Marius Daniel Berbecar15.43315.23313.70014.46612.733
Ovidiu Buidoso14.36614.73314.06613.766
Vlad Cotuna15.01615.50014.86613.49114.400
Flavius Koczi15.66616.06613.50012.63314.60013.400
11ItalyITA262.08543.165 (11)46.799 (10)43.366 (11)40.666 (12)45.698 (2)42.391 (8)
Matteo Angioletti14.03315.56615.066
Alberto Busnari13.76612.10015.058
Matteo Morandi14.13315.63314.5000.00015.7660.000
Paolo Ottavi14.26614.93314.50014.06614.86613.700
Enrico Pozzo14.76615.60014.36614.50014.03313.633
12Republic of KoreaKOR255.32741.765 (12)47.865 (6)42.433 (12)42.666 (10)41.932 (12)38.666 (12)
Kim Hui-Hun12.93315.96613.70014.16612.100
Kim Ji-Hun12.90015.50013.100
Kim Seung-Il14.53314.03313.23312.66612.133
Kim Su-Myeon14.76615.66614.70013.93313.83313.433
Yang Hak-Seon14.06616.23311.96611.23313.933

Final (30 July 2012 — 16:30)

Five-person teams, three to compete on each apparatus, with all three scores counting for each apparatus.

PosGymnastNOCPointsFloor ExerciseHorse VaultParallel BarsHorizontal BarRingsPommelled Horse
1People's Republic of ChinaCHN275.99745.133 (5)48.316 (1)46.750 (1)47.066 (1)44.899 (5)43.833 (4)
Chen Yibing15.80014.733
Feng Zhe14.40016.21615.95015.00014.533
Guo Weiyang15.20014.56614.600
Zhang Chenglong14.90016.20015.60015.66614.500
Zou Kai15.83315.90016.400
2JapanJPN271.95244.733 (6)45.974 (7)46.282 (2)46.899 (2)45.699 (=2)42.365 (5)
Ryohei Kato15.30016.04114.766
Kazuhito Tanaka13.73315.36615.16613.433
Yusuke Tanaka15.50016.00015.200
Kohei Uchimura15.70015.90015.41615.73315.13314.166
Koji Yamamuro14.03315.366
3Great BritainGBR271.71146.132 (1)48.182 (2)44.566 (7)43.833 (7)43.066 (8)45.932 (1)
Sam Oldham14.96614.00014.033
Daniel Purvis15.53315.96614.80014.63314.60014.733
Louis Smith15.966
Kristian Thomas15.43316.55015.20014.433
Max Whitlock15.16615.66614.80015.233
4UkraineUKR271.52644.065 (8)48.065 (3)44.733 (6)43.998 (6)45.699 (=2)44.966 (3)
Mykola Kuksenkov15.20015.26615.23315.100
Vitaliy Nakonechnyi14.33314.26614.866
Ihor Radivilov16.06615.433
Oleh Stepko14.86615.73313.93315.03315.000
Oleh Verniaiev14.86616.26615.60014.466
5United StatesUSA269.95245.266 (3)46.632 (6)45.765 (3)46.399 (3)45.257 (4)40.633 (7)
Jake Dalton15.46616.06615.033
Jonathan Horton15.20015.266
Danell Leyva15.20015.36615.86613.400
Sam Mikulak14.60015.96615.26614.500
John Orozco14.60015.13315.33314.95812.733
6Russian FederationRUS269.60345.308 (2)46.866 (5)43.965 (8)45.033 (5)46.132 (1)42.299 (6)
Denis Ablyazin15.47516.40015.616
Aleksandr Balandin13.46615.816
David Belyavsky14.93316.13315.43314.83312.933
Emin Garibov15.06615.60014.70014.833
Igor Pakhomenko14.90014.33314.60014.533
7GermanyGER268.01945.199 (4)47.032 (4)45.433 (4)45.065 (4)44.824 (6)40.466 (8)
Philipp Boy14.80015.56613.76613.200
Fabian Hambüchen15.06615.63315.40016.16614.858
Sebastian Krimmer14.53314.733
Marcel Nguyen15.33315.83315.50015.13315.133
Andreas Toba14.83312.533
8FranceFRA265.44144.066 (7)44.473 (8)45.290 (5)42.915 (8)43.432 (7)45.265 (2)
Pierre-Yves Bény14.33314.56614.59113.26614.46615.033
Yann Cucherat
Gaël da Silva15.20015.46614.76614.633
Hamilton Sabot15.56614.88314.33314.766
Cyril Tommasone14.53314.44115.13315.466