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4 x 100 metres Freestyle Relay, Men

Date29 July 2012
LocationLondon Aquatics Centre, Olympic Park, Stratford, London
Participants71 from 15 countries

At Beijing France had been expected to win gold but were beaten on the anchor leg by the United States’ team. The defeat stung and they did not forget it. In the final Nathan Adrian, who would later win the 100 free, gave the US the lead, swimming the only sub-48 second opener. Australia was second, which was disappointing as they opened with 2011 100 free World Champion James Magnussen. Australia would fall back and the race would be between the USA and France.

On the second leg Michael Phelps kept the US in the lead and Cullen Jones extended that on the third leg. The anchor swimmers were France’s Yannick Agnel and American Ryan Lochte. They had swim earlier in the night in the 200 free with Agnel winning and Lochte placing fourth. Lochte was definitely stronger but not well-known as a sprinter and the question was if he could hold off Agnel.

The answer was no. Agnel closed quickly and won gold for France in 3:09.93, with Lochte coming home in 3:10.38 for the silver medal. Russia won a surprising bronze medal as they finished just ahead of Australia. For Phelps it was his 17th Olympic medal ever, and his first in London, but it was his first ever Olympic silver medal, after 14 golds, and two bronzes.

1FranceFRA3:13.38 (1 h1)3:09.93 (1)Gold
Amaury LeveauxFabien GilotClément LefertYannick AgnelAlain BernardJérémy Stravius
2United StatesUSA3:12.59 (2 h2)3:10.38 (2)Silver
Nathan AdrianMichael PhelpsCullen JonesRyan LochteJimmy FeigenMatt GreversRicky BerensJason Lezak
3Russian FederationRUS3:12.77 (3 h2)3:11.41 (3)Bronze
Andrey GrechinNikita LobintsevVladimir MorozovDan IzotovYevgeny LagunovSergey Fesikov
4AustraliaAUS3:12.29 (1 h2)3:11.63 (4)
James MagnussenMatt TargettEamon SullivanJames RobertsCameron McEvoyTommaso D'Orsogna
5South AfricaRSA3:13.93 (2 h1)3:13.45 (5)
Gideon LouwDarian TownsendGraeme MooreRoland Schoeman
6GermanyGER3:13.51 (4 h2)3:13.52 (6)
Benjamin StarkeMarkus DeiblerChristoph FildebrandtMarco di Carli
7ItalyITA3:15.78 (3 h1)3:14.13 (7)
Luca DottoMarco OrsiMichele SantucciFilippo MagniniAndrea Rolla
8BelgiumBEL3:13.89 (5 h2)3:14.40 (8)
Dieter DekoninckJasper AerentsEmmanuel VanluchenePieter Timmers
9BrazilBRA3:16.14 (4 h1)
Nicolas OliveiraBruno FratusNicholas SantosMarcelo Chierighini
10CanadaCAN3:16.42 (5 h1)
Brent HaydenColin RussellRichard HortnessThomas Gossland
11People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:17.00 (6 h2)
Lu ZhiwuZhang EnjianHe JianbinShi Tengfei
12Great BritainGBR3:17.08 (6 h1)
Simon BurnettGrant TurnerJames Disney-MayCraig Gibbons
13SerbiaSRB3:18.79 (7 h2)
Milorad ČavićVelimir StjepanovićIvan LenđerRadovan Siljevski
14HungaryHUN3:21.91 (8 h2)
Péter BernekGergő KisGábor BalogKrisztián Takács
15VenezuelaVEN3:22.68 (7 h1)
Cristian QuinteroOctavio AlesiMarcos LavadoCrox Acuña

Round One (29 July 2012 — 11:56)

Fastest eight teams advanced to final

Heat One (11:56)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
Amaury Leveaux23.7648.610.7548.61 (2)
Alain Bernard23.0348.310.301:36.92 (1)
Clément Lefert22.4448.140.162:25.06 (1)
Jérémy Stravius23.0948.320.373:13.38 (1)
23South AfricaRSA3:13.93Q
Roland Schoeman23.1349.000.6149.00 (3)
Darian Townsend22.5748.260.091:37.26 (3)
Gideon Louw22.4447.920.172:25.18 (2)
Graeme Moore22.9948.750.153:13.93 (2)
Luca Dotto23.4249.270.8049.27 (4)
Andrea Rolla23.2049.460.341:38.73 (5)
Michele Santucci23.5248.850.132:27.58 (4)
Filippo Magnini23.0548.200.123:15.78 (3)
Nicolas Oliveira23.7149.310.6849.31 (5)
Bruno Fratus23.0848.980.211:38.29 (4)
Nicholas Santos23.1949.680.072:27.97 (6)
Marcelo Chierighini23.0348.170.183:16.14 (4)
Brent Hayden23.3448.420.6748.42 (1)
Colin Russell23.1948.670.101:37.09 (2)
Richard Hortness23.1249.120.342:26.21 (3)
Thomas Gossland23.4650.210.033:16.42 (5)
66Great BritainGBR3:17.08
Simon Burnett23.9250.470.6650.47 (7)
Grant Turner22.5348.310.201:38.78 (6)
James Disney-May22.7648.990.102:27.77 (5)
Craig Gibbons23.1949.310.053:17.08 (6)
Cristian Quintero23.9749.770.7149.77 (6)
Octavio Alesi23.2750.040.401:39.81 (7)
Marcos Lavado26.6452.590.362:32.40 (7)
Crox Acuña23.7450.280.213:22.68 (7)

Heat Two (12:01)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
Cameron McEvoy23.1248.940.6048.94 (6)
James Roberts22.6948.220.261:37.16 (4)
Tommaso D'Orsogna22.8347.780.322:24.94 (2)
James Magnussen22.8647.350.393:12.29 (1)
25United StatesUSA3:12.59Q
Jimmy Feigen23.2048.490.6748.49 (2)
Matt Grevers22.0747.540.231:36.03 (1)
Ricky Berens23.4548.520.172:24.55 (1)
Jason Lezak23.0548.040.333:12.59 (2)
33Russian FederationRUS3:12.77Q
Andrey Grechin22.8148.190.7348.19 (1)
Yevgeny Lagunov22.8248.340.231:36.53 (2)
Sergey Fesikov22.9048.680.252:25.21 (3)
Nikita Lobintsev22.4347.560.353:12.77 (3)
Benjamin Starke23.5748.960.7448.96 (7)
Markus Deibler22.4247.990.351:36.95 (3)
Christoph Fildebrandt22.7648.440.192:25.39 (4)
Marco di Carli22.7148.120.313:13.51 (4)
Dieter Dekoninck23.4248.790.6448.79 (4)
Jasper Aerents22.9948.580.251:37.37 (5)
Emmanuel Vanluchene23.0448.550.272:25.92 (5)
Pieter Timmers22.8547.970.203:13.89 (5)
61People's Republic of ChinaCHN3:17.00
Lu Zhiwu23.7748.920.6648.92 (5)
Zhang Enjian23.3549.570.181:38.49 (7)
He Jianbin23.5849.670.152:28.16 (6)
Shi Tengfei22.6348.840.203:17.00 (6)
Milorad Čavić23.2948.610.7048.61 (3)
Velimir Stjepanović23.2749.130.281:37.74 (6)
Ivan Lenđer23.5750.580.302:28.32 (7)
Radovan Siljevski23.8750.470.343:18.79 (7)
Péter Bernek24.0950.290.7750.29 (8)
Gergő Kis23.5750.680.171:40.97 (8)
Gábor Balog24.6051.470.332:32.44 (8)
Krisztián Takács23.2149.470.163:21.91 (8)

Final (29 July 2012 — 21:00)

PosLaneSwimmerNOC50 mTimeReactionExchange (Pos)
Amaury Leveaux23.4348.130.7348.13 (3)
Fabien Gilot22.5347.670.211:35.80 (2)
Clément Lefert22.0947.390.132:23.19 (2)
Yannick Agnel22.1446.740.153:09.93 (1)
25United StatesUSA3:10.38
Nathan Adrian22.7647.890.6547.89 (1)
Michael Phelps22.6347.150.191:35.04 (1)
Cullen Jones22.0747.600.282:22.64 (1)
Ryan Lochte22.3947.740.113:10.38 (2)
33Russian FederationRUS3:11.41
Andrey Grechin22.9648.570.7348.57 (5)
Nikita Lobintsev22.3147.390.141:35.96 (4)
Vladimir Morozov22.7547.850.322:23.81 (4)
Dan Izotov22.6847.600.263:11.41 (3)
James Magnussen22.9548.030.6848.03 (2)
Matt Targett22.6247.830.141:35.86 (3)
Eamon Sullivan22.2647.680.142:23.54 (3)
James Roberts23.1048.090.263:11.63 (4)
51South AfricaRSA3:13.45
Gideon Louw22.9248.480.7348.48 (4)
Darian Townsend22.6348.360.261:36.84 (5)
Graeme Moore22.4548.340.132:25.18 (5)
Roland Schoeman22.6848.270.103:13.45 (5)
Benjamin Starke23.4849.030.7249.03 (7)
Markus Deibler22.6547.970.301:37.00 (6)
Christoph Fildebrandt23.1648.450.282:25.45 (6)
Marco di Carli23.0248.070.233:13.52 (6)
Luca Dotto23.0748.730.6648.73 (6)
Marco Orsi22.8848.420.121:37.15 (7)
Michele Santucci23.2248.880.202:26.03 (7)
Filippo Magnini23.0048.100.173:14.13 (7)
Dieter Dekoninck23.6449.420.6449.42 (8)
Jasper Aerents22.6348.340.221:37.76 (8)
Emmanuel Vanluchene23.0848.460.212:26.22 (8)
Pieter Timmers23.3548.180.153:14.40 (8)