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1,500 metres, Women

Date15 February 2014
LocationDvorets Zimnego Sporta Aisberg, Coastal Cluster, Adler
Participants36 from 19 countries
FormatPlacements 1-12 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on placements in earlier rounds, and best time skated.
Olympic Record 2:16.993 / Zhou Yang CHN / 20 February 2010

The 2013-2014 World Cup season had been dominated by Shim Seok-Hui, who had won three out of four races. Shim had also placed 2nd in the 2013 Worlds, just behind her compatriot Park Seong-Hui, who did not race in this event in Sochi. Defending champion Zhou Yang of China was also in competition

For Elise Christie (GBR) who was disqualified in the final of the 500 metres, things seemed to go from bad to worse. Apparently winning the second heat of the event she was amazed to find herself recorded as )did not finish). When the race was examined it was found she had skated a fraction inside the blue finishing line and so was eliminated.

The final was a close event until around halfway through when Kim A-Lang, trying to overtake, collided with and brought down Emily Scott and Li Jianrou, leaving four competitors, Arianna Fontana, Jorien ter Mors, Shim and reigning champion Zhou Yang (CHN). Shim led ahead of Zhou, but the champion came through towards the end to retain her title comfortably ahead of Shim. Fontana held on for third place to take her second medal of the Games. Ter Mors placed 4th, but would later go on to win the Olympic 1,500 m on the long-track oval.

PosNrSkaterNOCLast RacePositionsBest Time
1113Zhou YangCHNAF-11-12:18.825Gold
2139Sim Seok-HuiKORAF-22-12:18.966Silver
3124Arianna FontanaITAAF-31-12:19.336Bronze
4142Jorien ter MorsNEDAF-42-12:19.382
5155Emily ScottUSAAF-55-12:22.641
6107Valérie MaltaisCANBF-13-22:23.069
7156Jessica SmithUSABF-24-22:20.259
8104Marie-Ève DroletCANBF-33-22:19.516
9120Bernadett HeidumHUNBF-43-22:20.196
10115Véronique PierronFRABF-54-52:20.216
11102Veronika WindischAUTBF-64-32:23.042
12111Li JianrouCHNAF-DNF1-32:22.866
13136Kim A-RangKORAF-DQ2-22:22.864
14148Olga BelyakovaRUSSF-55-22:20.391
15144Yara van KerkhofNEDSF-55-32:20.291
16140Agnė SereikaitėLTUSF-66-32:20.398
17118Anna SeidelGERSF-66-32:20.405
18129Ayuko ItoJPNSF-77-32:30.354
19135Jo Hae-RiKORSF-DQ0-12:27.629
20126Lucia PerettiITAR1-40-42:22.953
21112Liu QiuhongCHNR1-40-42:24.640
22108Marianne St-GelaisCANR1-40-42:27.071
23127Martina ValcepinaITAR1-40-42:27.212
24154Aly DudekUSAR1-40-42:27.899
25134Inna SimonovaKAZR1-40-42:30.499
26101Deanna LockettAUSR1-50-52:25.140
27131Yui SakaiJPNR1-50-52:27.198
28117Charlotte GilmartinGBRR1-50-52:27.935
29152Tatiana BodóvaSVKR1-50-52:31.788
30122Zsófia KónyaHUNR1-50-52:55.523
31114Kateřina NovotnáCZER1-60-62:27.232
32103Volha TalayevaBLRR1-60-62:27.817
33132Biba SakuraiJPNR1-60-62:28.127
DNF116Elise ChristieGBRR1-DNF0-0
DNF149Tatyana BorodulinaRUSR1-DNF0-0
DQ151Valeriya ReznikRUS[R1-DQ][0-0]

Round One (15 February 2014 — 14:00)

Top three finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One (14:00)

16Sim Seok-HuiKOR2:24.765Q
21Marie-Ève DroletCAN2:24.859Q
32Anna SeidelGER2:25.700Q
44Martina ValcepinaITA2:27.212
55Véronique PierronFRA2:55.658ADV
DQ3Valeriya ReznikRUS

Heat Two (14:05)

13Arianna FontanaITA2:29.645Q
26Olga BelyakovaRUS2:29.880Q
35Ayuko ItoJPN2:30.354Q
44Inna SimonovaKAZ2:30.499
51Tatiana BodóvaSVK2:31.788
DNF2Elise ChristieGBR2:29.6441

Heat Three (14:10)

13Jo Hae-RiKOR2:27.629Q
25Valérie MaltaisCAN2:27.721Q
34Li JianrouCHN2:27.758Q
41Aly DudekUSA2:27.899
52Charlotte GilmartinGBR2:27.935
66Biba SakuraiJPN2:28.127

Heat Four (14:15)

15Jorien ter MorsNED2:21.626Q
22Bernadett HeidumHUN2:21.826Q
33Agnė SereikaitėLTU2:21.900Q
41Lucia PerettiITA2:22.953
56Deanna LockettAUS2:25.140
64Volha TalayevaBLR2:27.817

Heat Five (14:20)

14Zhou YangCHN2:26.543Q
21Jessica SmithUSA2:26.703Q
32Yara van KerkhofNED2:26.809Q
46Marianne St-GelaisCAN2:27.071
55Yui SakaiJPN2:27.198
63Kateřina NovotnáCZE2:27.232

Heat Six (14:25)

15Emily ScottUSA2:22.641Q
21Kim A-RangKOR2:22.864Q
33Veronika WindischAUT2:23.042Q
42Liu QiuhongCHN2:24.640
54Zsófia KónyaHUN2:55.523
DNF6Tatyana BorodulinaRUS

Semi-Finals (15 February 2014 — 15:12)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One (15:12)

14Zhou YangCHN2:18.825Q
21Sim Seok-HuiKOR2:18.966Q
32Marie-Ève DroletCAN2:19.516QB
45Jessica SmithUSA2:20.259QB
56Yara van KerkhofNED2:20.291
63Anna SeidelGER2:20.405

Heat Two (15:18)

14Arianna FontanaITA2:19.336Q
21Jorien ter MorsNED2:19.382Q
32Bernadett HeidumHUN2:20.196QB
47Véronique PierronFRA2:20.216QB
55Olga BelyakovaRUS2:20.391
63Agnė SereikaitėLTU2:20.398
76Ayuko ItoJPN2:56.961

Heat Three (15:24)

16Li JianrouCHN2:22.866Q
22Kim A-RangKOR2:22.928Q
35Valérie MaltaisCAN2:23.069QB
43Veronika WindischAUT2:23.241QB
51Emily ScottUSA2:23.439ADV

Final Round (15 February 2014 — 16:06)

B Final (16:06)

15Valérie MaltaisCAN2:24.711
24Jessica SmithUSA2:25.787
31Marie-Ève DroletCAN2:25.870
42Bernadett HeidumHUN2:26.004
53Véronique PierronFRA2:26.066
66Veronika WindischAUT2:26.296

A Final (16:12)

11Zhou YangCHN2:19.140
22Sim Seok-HuiKOR2:19.239
33Arianna FontanaITA2:19.416
44Jorien ter MorsNED2:19.656
57Emily ScottUSA2:39.436
DNF5Li JianrouCHN
DQ6Kim A-RangKOR