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1,500 metres, Women

Date20 February 2010
LocationPacific Coliseum, Vancouver
Participants36 from 18 countries
FormatPlacements 1-12 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on placements in earlier rounds, and best time skated.
Olympic Record 2:21.069 WR / Choi Eun-Gyeong KOR / 13 February 2002

China had the strongest team going into this event. Apart from 500 m champion Wang Meng, it featured Zhou Yang, who held the 1,500 m world record and had won the season’s World Cup for the distance. The defending World Champion, Kim Min-Jeong of South Korea, was not selected for this event, but with Lee Eun-Byeol, Park Seung-Hui and Jo Hae-Ri they fielded a strong team.

All favorites went through to the semi-finals, but the second semi-final heat saw the exit of Wang. Attempting to pass two skaters, Wang caused a pile-up with Jo and Katherine Reutter (United States). She was disqualified for this, while Jo and Reutter were advanced to the final. Also qualified were Lee, Tania Vicent, Erika Huszár, Evgeniya Radanova, Park and Zhou. Three laps from the bell in the crowded final, Zhou opened up a lead on the pack, with only Lee and Park able to follow. Zhou held on until the finish line, while the two Koreans were far enough in front to fight it out for silver (Lee) and bronze (Park).

After her title, Zhou was naturally ecstatic, and in an interview with Chinese television, she thanked her parents, who had supported her sports dreams, despite their poverty. While this would not have caused raised eyebrows in most of the world, it caused a stir in China, where athletes generally thank their country. IOC member Yu Zaiqing was quoted as saying: )It’s fine to thank your mom and dad [for the gold medal] but one needs to thank the country first and foremost), referring to the country’s government funded sports system. But Yu’s comment received a lot of criticism in China, notably from the younger internet generation, who preferred Zhou’s more natural and enthusiastic response.

PosNrSkaterNOCLast RacePositionsBest Time
1114Zhou YangCHNAF-1Gold
2140Lee Eun-ByeolKORAF-2Silver
3141Park Seung-HuiKORAF-3Bronze
4157Katherine ReutterUSAAF-4
5137Jo Hae-RiKORAF-5
6124Erika HuszárHUNAF-6
7104Evgeniya RadanovaBULAF-7
8109Tania VicentCANAF-8
9127Arianna FontanaITABF-1
10111Sun LinlinCHNBF-2
11101Tatyana BorodulinaAUSBF-3
12134Hiroko SadakaneJPNBF-4
13107Kalyna RobergeCANSF-55-22:23.619
14106Valérie MaltaisCANSF-55-32:23.722
15153Allison BaverUSASF-55-42:25.053
16151Nina YevteyevaRUSSF-66-32:24.277
17103Marina Georgieva-NikolovaBULSF-77-32:25.604
18112Wang MengCHNSF-DQ0-12:29.199
19115Kateřina NovotnáCZESF-DQ0-32:24.504
20118Elise ChristieGBRR1-40-42:23.898
21154Kimberly DerrickUSAR1-40-42:24.375
22116Stéphanie BouvierFRAR1-40-42:24.966
23123Bernadett HeidumHUNR1-40-42:30.332
24149Katalin KristoROUR1-40-42:36.022
25102Veronika WindischAUTR1-50-52:24.440
26128Cecilia MaffeiITAR1-50-52:24.931
27152Valeriya PotyomkinaRUSR1-50-52:28.405
28136Biba SakuraiJPNR1-50-52:30.458
29148Patrycja MaliszewskaPOLR1-60-62:25.586
30150Olga BelyakovaRUSR1-60-62:26.762
31131Katia ZiniITAR1-60-62:30.606
32121Han Yue ShuangHKGR1-60-62:35.742
DQ147Paula BzuraPOL[R1-DQ]
DQ133Mika OzawaJPN[R1-DQ]
DQ120Aika KleinGER[R1-DQ]
DQ122Rózsa DarázsHUN[R1-DQ]

Round One (20 February 2010 — 17:45)

Top three finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One (17:45)

13Sun LinlinCHN2:24.031Q
22Tania VicentCAN2:24.100Q
35Nina YevteyevaRUS2:24.277Q
41Kimberly DerrickUSA2:24.375
54Veronika WindischAUT2:24.440
66Patrycja MaliszewskaPOL2:25.586

Heat Two (17:50)

12Park Seung-HuiKOR2:24.129Q
24Zhou YangCHN2:24.246Q
31Kateřina NovotnáCZE2:24.504Q
43Stéphanie BouvierFRA2:24.966
56Valeriya PotyomkinaRUS2:28.405
65Han Yue ShuangHKG2:35.742

Heat Three (17:55)

11Wang MengCHN2:29.199Q
24Katherine ReutterUSA2:29.316Q
36Valérie MaltaisCAN2:30.321Q
42Bernadett HeidumHUN2:30.332
53Biba SakuraiJPN2:30.458
65Katia ZiniITA2:30.606

Heat Four (18:00)

16Jo Hae-RiKOR2:22.928Q
24Kalyna RobergeCAN2:23.619Q
32Evgeniya RadanovaBUL2:23.698Q
43Elise ChristieGBR2:23.898
55Cecilia MaffeiITA2:24.931
61Olga BelyakovaRUS2:26.762

Heat Five (18:05)

16Arianna FontanaITA2:27.120Q
23Tatyana BorodulinaAUS2:27.408Q
35Erika HuszárHUN2:27.487Q
42Katalin KristoROU2:36.022
DQ1Paula BzuraPOL
DQ4Mika OzawaJPN

Heat Six (18:10)

12Lee Eun-ByeolKOR2:27.286Q
23Hiroko SadakaneJPN2:28.046Q
36Marina Georgieva-NikolovaBUL2:28.732Q
45Allison BaverUSA2:44.915ADV
DQ1Aika KleinGER
DQ4Rózsa DarázsHUN

Semi-Finals (20 February 2010 — 18:58)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One (18:58)

14Lee Eun-ByeolKOR2:24.318Q
22Tania VicentCAN2:24.742Q
31Sun LinlinCHN2:24.777QB
45Hiroko SadakaneJPN2:24.901QB
57Allison BaverUSA2:25.053
63Nina YevteyevaRUS2:25.414
76Marina Georgieva-NikolovaBUL2:25.604

Heat Two (19:04)

14Erika HuszárHUN2:24.192Q
23Evgeniya RadanovaBUL2:24.376Q
31Jo Hae-RiKOR2:35.492ADV
46Katherine ReutterUSA2:37.060ADV
52Kalyna RobergeCAN2:47.998
DQ5Wang MengCHN

Heat Three (19:09)

11Park Seung-HuiKOR2:20.859QOR
22Zhou YangCHN2:21.049Q
34Arianna FontanaITA2:21.522QB
45Tatyana BorodulinaAUS2:21.617QB
56Valérie MaltaisCAN2:23.722
DQ3Kateřina NovotnáCZE

Final Round (20 February 2010 — 19:51)

B Final (19:51)

11Arianna FontanaITA2:42.801
23Sun LinlinCHN2:42.960
32Tatyana BorodulinaAUS2:43.051
44Hiroko SadakaneJPN2:43.135

A Final (19:56)

12Zhou YangCHN2:16.993OR
24Lee Eun-ByeolKOR2:17.849
31Park Seung-HuiKOR2:17.927
48Katherine ReutterUSA2:18.396
57Jo Hae-RiKOR2:18.831
63Erika HuszárHUN2:19.251
75Evgeniya RadanovaBUL2:19.411
86Tania VicentCAN2:23.035