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1,500 metres, Women

Date13 February 2002
LocationSalt Lake Ice Center, Salt Lake City, Utah
Participants28 from 17 countries
FormatPlacements 1-12 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on points earned in earlier rounds, and time in final round skated.

This event was expected to become an Asian battle, with China and South Korea gunning for the gold. Both Yang Yang (A) and Yang Yang (S) were hoping to win China’s first ever Winter Olympic gold medal, although the latter had not previously excelled in this new Olympic distance. The South Korean hopes were mainly with Go Gi-Hyun, a 15-year-old who had won the first two World Cups of the season.

Both Chinese and South Korean entrants qualified for the final, as the second South Korean, Choi Eun-Gyeong, advanced from the semi-finals with a new world record of 2:21.069. The Koreans played out their numerical advantage best, as Ko placed first ahead of Choi Eun-Gyeong. Yang Yang (S) was disqualified for interfering with Alanna Kraus, while her teammate finished behind Evgeniya Radanova in fourth. Ko became the youngest individual winner in short track, and Radanova won her country’s first ever medal in the sport.

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsBest Time
1174Go Gi-HyeonKORGold
2170Choi Eun-GyeongKORSilver
3105Evgeniya RadanovaBULBronze
4122Yang Yang (A)CHN
5112Alanna KrausCAN
6110Marie-Ève DroletCAN
7167Chikage TanakaJPN
8134Christin PriebstGER
9163Mara ZiniITA
10178Nina YevteyevaRUS
11125Stéphanie BouvierFRA
12123Yang Yang (S)CHN68DQ
13183Amy PetersonUSA182:26.118
14157Olga DanilovISR182:32.458
15124Kateřina NovotnáCZE182:35.085
16128Jo WilliamsGBR82:27.845
17176Katalin KristoROU82:28.709
18103Marina GeorgievaBUL82:33.362
19101Yuliya PaulovichBLR82:36.058
20164Yuka KaminoJPN82:52.591
21177Nataliya DmitriyevaRUS52:29.086
22131Yvonne KunzeGER52:29.779
23149Marianna NagyHUN52:39.615
24126Sarah LindsayGBR53:01.223
25145Eva FarkasHUN32:42.172
26140Christy RenHKG32:49.666
27162Katia ZiniITA33:19.248
DQ184Erin PorterUSA

Round One (13 February 2002 — 18:00)

Top three finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One

12Yang Yang (S)CHN2:26.94334QOR
25Alanna KrausCAN2:26.96821Q
34Amy PetersonUSA2:27.06213Q
43Jo WilliamsGBR2:27.8458
51Yvonne KunzeGER2:29.7795
66Christy RenHKG2:49.6663

Heat Two

16Go Gi-HyeonKOR2:26.98034Q
25Mara ZiniITA2:27.55321Q
33Christin PriebstGER2:27.64913Q
42Katalin KristoROU2:28.7098
51Nataliya DmitriyevaRUS2:29.0865
64Eva FarkasHUN2:42.1723

Heat Three

13Evgeniya RadanovaBUL2:32.82134Q
22Nina YevteyevaRUS2:32.97021Q
32Kateřina NovotnáCZE2:35.43813Q
45Yuka KaminoJPN2:52.5918
DQ1Erin PorterUSA

Heat Four

11Choi Eun-GyeongKOR2:29.46034Q
24Yang Yang (A)CHN2:29.57821Q
33Marie-Ève DroletCAN2:29.65213Q
45Marina GeorgievaBUL2:33.3628
52Marianna NagyHUN2:39.6155

Heat Five

14Chikage TanakaJPN2:29.20234Q
23Stéphanie BouvierFRA2:30.07521Q
36Olga DanilovISR2:32.45813Q
45Yuliya PaulovichBLR2:36.0588
52Sarah LindsayGBR3:01.2235
61Katia ZiniITA3:19.2483

Semi-Finals (13 February 2002 — 19:32)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One

11Go Gi-HyeonKOR2:31.12034Q
24Evgeniya RadanovaBUL2:31.19421Q
32Stéphanie BouvierFRA2:31.57013QB
45Christin PriebstGER2:32.8848QB
53Kateřina NovotnáCZE2:35.0855

Heat Two

15Choi Eun-GyeongKOR2:21.06934QWR
24Yang Yang (A)CHN2:21.69021Q
33Marie-Ève DroletCAN2:21.75813QB
42Chikage TanakaJPN2:21.9248QB
51Amy PetersonUSA2:26.1185

Heat Three

12Yang Yang (S)CHN2:32.31534Q
23Alanna KrausCAN2:32.41121Q
31Nina YevteyevaRUS2:32.75913QB
44Mara ZiniITA2:32.8998QB
55Olga DanilovISR2:36.1145

Final Round (13 February 2002 — 20:35)

B Final

11Marie-Ève DroletCAN2:31.203
24Chikage TanakaJPN2:31.479
32Christin PriebstGER2:32.442
45Mara ZiniITA2:32.513
56Nina YevteyevaRUS2:32.666
63Stéphanie BouvierFRA2:32.673

A Final (20:35)

14Go Gi-HyeonKOR2:31.581
22Choi Eun-GyeongKOR2:31.610
31Evgeniya RadanovaBUL2:31.723
43Yang Yang (A)CHN2:31.791
56Alanna KrausCAN3:05.002
DQ5Yang Yang (S)CHN