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Small-Bore Rifle, Prone, 50 metres, Men

Date 5 December 1956 — 9:00
LocationMerrett Rifle Range, Williamstown, Victoria
Participants44 from 25 countries
Format50 metres prone. 60 shots prone. 600 possible.

This event was won by Canada’s Gerry Ouellette. Ouellette was a corporal in the Canadian Reserve Army and also worked full-time as a tool designer at the Ford plant in Windsor, Ontario. One of his main competitors was his teammate, Gil Boa, who had won the 1954 World Championships in this event. In practice in Melbourne, Ouellette was unhappy with his rifle, and he and Boa decided to share the same rifle. This meant that they had to shoot very quickly as there was a time limit to fire the required 60 rounds. Boa shot first and scored 598, dropping a point in his first and last strings. He was bettered by Vasily Borisov (URS), who recorded a 599. With little time to spare, Ouellette fired off 60 shots, almost in rapid-fire fashion, and scored a perfect 600. At first considered a world record, the course was re-measured and found to be 1.5 metres short of 50 metres, thus disqualifying the mark as a record. Ouellette would compete in the Olympics again, but not until 1968. The Americans did not fare well, but noted that nearly everyone in the event used the new U.S. ammunition that had just been developed, Western Supermatch Mark III.

PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsRound 1 PointsRound 2 PointsRound 3 PointsRound 4 PointsRound 5 PointsRound 6 Points
1Gerry OuelletteCAN600100100100100100100Gold1
2Vasily BorisovURS59910010010010010099Silver
3Gil BoaCAN5989910010010010099Bronze
4Otakar HořínekTCH59810010010098100100
5Iosif SîrbuROU59810010010098100100
6Sándor KrebsHUN5981001001001009999
7Erling KongshaugNOR5981001001009999100
8Severino MoreiraBRA597999910010010099
9Constantin AntonescuROU596100100989910099
10Don TolhurstAUS596100981009999100
11Rudi SiglGER596100100100999998
12John SundbergSWE596100991009910098
13Anker HagenNOR596999810010099100
14Anders KvissbergSWE596991001009998100
15Vilho YlönenFIN596100100981009999
16Zlatko MašekYUG595991009997100100
17Johannes HumanRSA595991009898100100
18Uffe Schultz LarsenDEN595971001009910099
19Wu Tao-YanTPE59598999999100100
20Milton SobocinskiBRA5949899991009999
21Óscar CáceresPER594979899100100100
22Norman RuleAUS5949999999910098
23César JaymePHI5949998999999100
24Yukio InokumaJPN5941009899999999
25Enrique LuccaVEN594971001009899100
26Steffen CranmerGBR59398989899100100
27Albert SiglGER5939799100999999
28Luis CoquisPER59399999897100100
29Anatoly BogdanovURS5939998991009998
30Robin LavineRSA59398100100979999
31Art JacksonUSA5939710099999999
32Jorma TaittoFIN592100100999697100
33Juan LlabotVEN5929898100999899
34Hernando CasteloPHI59297999810098100
35Jacques MazoyerFRA59197979998100100
36Verle Wright, Jr.USA5909998979898100
37Ole Hviid JensenDEN5909995999899100
38Frederick HopkinsonGBR5909798981009998
39Maurice RaccaFRA5899798979910098
40Roy CongreveKEN587979799989997
41Charles TrotterKEN586989798979799
42Frans LafortuneBEL58599100989296100
43Tomokazu MaruyamaJPN584979698979898
44Zafar Ahmed MuhammadPAK582989996979696