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Hammer Throw, Men

Date 3 August 1936
LocationOlympiastadion, Reichssportfeld, Berlin
Participants27 from 16 countries

Pat O’Callaghan wanted to try for a three-peat in the hammer throw in 1936. But there were two Irish governing bodies in athletics, and he aligned himself with the “wrong” one, the National Athletic and Cycling Association of Ireland (NACAI), or at least the one that was not recognized by the IAAF. The problem was that the NACAI claimed control over all 32 Irish counties, including Ulster, and the IAAF demanded that they be in charge of only the 26 counties of the Irish Free State. Thus O’Callaghan was not allowed to compete. He would have been favored again, throwing 59.56 (195-5) in 1937, well above the world record although it was not recognized. In his absence the first two places were taken by Germans, with Karl Hein winning a big upset victory. He trailed his countryman, Erwin Blask, until the final throw but came thru in the last round with 56.49 (185-4) to secure the gold medal. In 1938 Blask would throw 59.00 (193-7) to break the long-standing world record of 57.77 (189-6½) set by Paddy Ryan in 1913.

1883Karl HeinGER– (NP)56.49 (1)GoldOR
2881Erwin BlaskGER– (NP)55.04 (2)SilverOR
3606Fred WarngårdSWE– (NP)54.83 (3)Bronze
4186Gustaf Alfons KoutonenFIN– (NP)51.90 (4)
5800William RoweUSA– (NP)51.66 (5)
6799Donald FavorUSA– (NP)51.01 (6)
7882Bernhard GreulichGER– (NP)50.61 (7)
8151Koit AnnamaaEST– (NP)50.46 (8)
9798Henry DreyerUSA– (NP)50.42 (9)
10185Sulo HeinoFIN– (NP)49.93 (10)
11187Ville PörhöläFIN– (NP)49.89 (11)
12604Gunnar JanssonSWE– (NP)49.28 (12)
13410Isao AbeJPN– (NP)49.01 (13)
14605Evert LinnéSWE– (NP)47.61 (14)
15352Giovanni CantagalliITA– (NP)47.42 (15)
16240Joseph WirtzFRA– (NP)45.69 (16)
17100Antonio BarticevicCHI– (NP)45.23 (17)
AC r1/2515Emil JanauschAUT– (AC)
AC r1/261Assis NabanBRA– (AC)
AC r1/2291Norman DrakeGBR– (AC)
AC r1/218Christos DimitropoulosGRE– (AC)
AC r1/2405Eiichiro MatsunoJPN– (AC)
AC r1/2313Hans HoutzagerNED– (AC)
AC r1/2694Jaroslav EliášTCH– (AC)
AC r1/2695Jaroslav KnotekTCH– (AC)
AC r1/2443Milan StepišnikYUG– (AC)
AC r1/2442Pedro GoićYUG– (AC)
DNS520Heinz PistorAUT
DNS239Robert Saint-PéFRA
DNS631Walter GrütterSUI
DNS632Rudolf WehrliSUI

Qualifying Round (3 August 1936 — 9:00)

All those reaching 46.00 metres advanced to the final.

NPErwin BlaskGERQ
NPFred WarngårdSWEQ
NPGustaf Alfons KoutonenFINQ
NPWilliam RoweUSAQ
NPDonald FavorUSAQ
NPBernhard GreulichGERQ
NPKoit AnnamaaESTQ
NPHenry DreyerUSAQ
NPSulo HeinoFINQ
NPVille PörhöläFINQ
NPGunnar JanssonSWEQ
NPEvert LinnéSWEQ
NPGiovanni CantagalliITAQ
NPJoseph WirtzFRAQ
NPAntonio BarticevicCHIQ
ACAssis NabanBRA
ACChristos DimitropoulosGRE
ACEiichiro MatsunoJPN
ACEmil JanauschAUT
ACJaroslav EliášTCH
ACJaroslav KnotekTCH
ACHans HoutzagerNED
ACMilan StepišnikYUG
ACNorman DrakeGBR
ACPedro GoićYUG

Final Round (3 August 1936 — 15:00)

1883Karl HeinGER56.4952.1352.44×54.7054.8556.49OR
2881Erwin BlaskGER55.0452.5555.04×54.1054.48×OR
3606Fred WarngårdSWE54.8352.0552.9854.0354.8353.3050.61
4186Gustaf Alfons KoutonenFIN51.90×50.0151.9049.1149.91×
5800William RoweUSA51.6651.5351.0449.2950.3251.66×
6799Donald FavorUSA51.0150.7850.0251.0148.4850.3347.71
7882Bernhard GreulichGER50.6150.19×50.61
8151Koit AnnamaaEST50.4648.7749.5450.46
9798Henry DreyerUSA50.4249.81×50.42
10185Sulo HeinoFIN49.9349.9347.1548.30
11187Ville PörhöläFIN49.8945.35×49.89
12604Gunnar JanssonSWE49.2849.2148.4949.28
13410Isao AbeJPN49.0147.4041.8349.01
14605Evert LinnéSWE47.61×47.2547.61
15352Giovanni CantagalliITA47.4245.2147.4245.08
16240Joseph WirtzFRA45.69×44.8245.69
17100Antonio BarticevicCHI45.23×43.0245.23