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Triple Jump, Men

Date 3 August 1948 — 15:30
LocationEmpire Stadium, Wembley, London
Participants29 from 18 countries

Sweden’s Arne Åhman had placed third at the 1946 European Championships, trailing Finland’s Valle Rautio, who won the title. Australia’s George Avery led the qualifiers and jumped 15.36 (50-4¾) in round one. But Åhman had jumped first in the final, and his 15.40 (50-6¼) led from the start, and was eventually the gold medal winning mark. Rautio would finish only sixth. The bronze went to Turkey’s Ruhi Sarialp, the only Olympic athletics medal won by a Turkish athlete in the 20th century.

1425Arne ÅhmanSWE14.600 (=7)15.400 (1)Gold
2433George AveryAUS15.335 (1)15.365 (2)Silver
3468Ruhi SarıalpTUR14.530 (13)15.025 (3)Bronze
4455Preben LarsenDEN14.520 (14)14.830 (4)
5435Geraldo de OliveiraBRA14.590 (9)14.825 (5)
6456Valle RautioFIN14.860 (2)14.700 (6)
7451Les McKeandAUS14.550 (11)14.530 (7)
8452Adhemar da SilvaBRA14.690 (4)14.490 (8)
9466Åke HallgrenSWE14.770 (3)14.485 (9)
10469Bill AlbansUSA14.550 (12)14.330 (10)
1113Hélio da SilvaBRA14.640 (6)14.310 (11)
12444Kim Won-GwonKOR14.600 (=7)14.250 (12)
13467Lennart MobergSWE14.570 (10)14.215 (13)
AC r2/2463Henry RebelloIND14.650 (5)– (NM)
15 r1/258Máximo ReyesPER14.380 (15)
16 r1/2471Erik KoutonenUSA14.370 (16)
17 r1/2465João VieiraPOR14.280 (17)
18 r1/2458Robert BobinFRA14.130 (18)
19 r1/2470Bob BeckusUSA14.030 (19)
20 r1/2457Charles ÉpalleFRA14.020 (20)
21 r1/2434Felix WürthAUT13.920 (21)
22 r1/2464Luís AlcidePOR13.920 (22)
23 r1/2454Carlos VeraCHI13.850 (23)
24 r1/2461Allan LindsayGBR13.700 (24)
25 r1/2459Sidney CrossGBR13.455 (25)
AC r1/2460Robert HawkeyGBR– (DNQ)
AC r1/2418Jorge AguirreMEX– (AC)
AC r1/2438Gallage PeirisSRI– (NM)
AC r1/2462Stefán SörenssonISL– (NM)
DNS16Charles ThompsonGUY– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (3 August 1948 — 11:00)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 14.50 metres advanced to the final.

1George AveryAUS15.335Q
2Valle RautioFIN14.860Q
3Åke HallgrenSWE14.770Q
4Adhemar da SilvaBRA14.690Q
5Henry RebelloIND14.650Q
6Hélio da SilvaBRA14.640Q
=7Arne ÅhmanSWE14.600Q
=7Kim Won-GwonKOR14.600Q
9Geraldo de OliveiraBRA14.590Q
10Lennart MobergSWE14.570Q
11Les McKeandAUS14.550Q
12Bill AlbansUSA14.550Q
13Ruhi SarıalpTUR14.530Q
14Preben LarsenDEN14.520Q
15Máximo ReyesPER14.380
16Erik KoutonenUSA14.370
17João VieiraPOR14.280
18Robert BobinFRA14.130
19Bob BeckusUSA14.030
20Charles ÉpalleFRA14.020
21Felix WürthAUT13.920
22Luís AlcidePOR13.920
23Carlos VeraCHI13.850
24Allan LindsayGBR13.700
25Sidney CrossGBR13.455
DNQRobert HawkeyGBR
NMGallage PeirisSRI
NMStefán SörenssonISL
ACJorge AguirreMEX
DNSCharles ThompsonGUY

Qualifying Round, Group A (3 August 1948)

1George AveryAUS15.335Q
2Åke HallgrenSWE14.770Q
3Hélio da SilvaBRA14.640Q
=4Arne ÅhmanSWE14.600Q
=4Kim Won-GwonKOR14.600Q
6Bill AlbansUSA14.550Q
7Preben LarsenDEN14.520Q
8Erik KoutonenUSA14.370
9Robert BobinFRA14.130
10Bob BeckusUSA14.030
11Charles ÉpalleFRA14.020
12Luís AlcidePOR13.920
13Sidney CrossGBR13.455
ACRobert HawkeyGBR
ACJorge AguirreMEX

Qualifying Round, Group B (3 August 1948)

1Valle RautioFIN14.860Q
2Adhemar da SilvaBRA14.690Q
3Henry RebelloIND14.650Q
4Geraldo de OliveiraBRA14.590Q
5Lennart MobergSWE14.570Q
6Les McKeandAUS14.550Q
7Ruhi SarıalpTUR14.530Q
8Máximo ReyesPER14.380
9João VieiraPOR14.280
10Felix WürthAUT13.920
11Carlos VeraCHI13.850
12Allan LindsayGBR13.700
NMGallage PeirisSRI
NMStefán SörenssonISL
DNSCharles ThompsonGUY

Final Round (3 August 1948 — 15:30)

11Arne ÅhmanSWE15.40015.40014.68014.89014.580××
23George AveryAUS15.36515.365×14.67014.32014.780
314Ruhi SarıalpTUR15.02514.23015.02014.91015.025×
49Preben LarsenDEN14.830
56Geraldo de OliveiraBRA14.825
612Valle RautioFIN14.700
710Les McKeandAUS14.530
84Adhemar da SilvaBRA14.490
97Åke HallgrenSWE14.485
102Bill AlbansUSA14.330
115Hélio da SilvaBRA14.310
128Kim Won-GwonKOR14.250
1311Lennart MobergSWE14.215
NM13Henry RebelloIND×--