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Pole Vault, Men

Date14 – 16 October 1968
LocationEstadio Olímpico Universitario, Ciudad de México
Participants23 from 15 countries

As in 1964 the competition came down to an American and several Germans. The American favorites were Bob Seagren and John Pennel, with Seagren considered the better. Both had set multiple world records. Six jumpers were still alive after 5.30 (17-4½) – Seagren, Pennel, Klaus Schiprowski (FRG), Wolfgang Nordwig (GDR), Khristos Papanikolaou (GRE), and Gennady Bliznetsov (URS). Bliznetsov missed at 5.35 (17-6½), and Seagren passed at that height. His pass was considered unusual and he later commented that it was his unfamiliarity with the metric system, as he did not realize that 5.35 was 17-6½, which was still a big height in that era. At 5.40 (17-8½), Pennel cleared on his second effort but his pole passed under the uprights, which was illegal in that era (the rule was changed the next year), and he would settle for 5.35 (17-6½) and fifth place. Seagren, Schiprowski and Nordwig all cleared 5.40 (17-8½), Seagren and Schiprowski on the second effort, Nordwig missing twice. When all three missed at 5.45 (17-10½), that gave Seagren the gold medal over Schiprowski based on fewer overall misses, with Nordwig getting bronze because of his three misses at 5.40 (17-8½).

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
1302Bob SeagrenUSA4.90 (13)5.40 (1)GoldOR
245Claus SchiprowskiFRG4.90 (=3)5.40 (2)SilverOR
380Wolfgang NordwigGDR4.90 (=1)5.40 (3)BronzeOR
4439Khristos PapanikolaouGRE4.90 (=3)5.35 (4)OR
5296John PennelUSA4.90 (=1)5.35 (5)OR
6797Gennady BliznetsovURS4.90 (=3)5.30 (6)OR
7354Hervé d'EncausseFRA4.90 (=3)5.25 (7)OR
810Heinfried EngelFRG4.90 (15)5.20 (8)OR
9252Ignacio SolaESP4.90 (=9)5.20 (9)OR
10732Kjell IsakssonSWE4.90 (14)5.15 (10)OR
11649Kiyoshi NiwaJPN4.90 (=9)5.15 (11)OR
12815Aleksandr MalyutinURS4.90 (12)5.00 (12)
13392Mike BullGBR4.90 (=9)5.00 (13)
14334Altti AlarotuFIN4.90 (=3)5.00 (14)
AC r2/2337Erkki MustakariFIN4.90 (=3)– (NH)
16 r1/2Pantelis NikolaidisGRE4.80 (16)
17 r1/2Érico BarneyARG4.80 (17)
18 r1/2Klaus LehnertzFRG4.75 (18)
19 r1/2John-Erik BlomqvistSWE4.75 (19)
20 r1/2Casey CarriganUSA4.60 (20)
21 r1/2767Wu Ah-MinTPE4.50 (21)
22 r1/2Heinz WyssSUI4.50 (22)
AC r1/2Ingo PeykerAUT– (NH)
DNS110Aldo RighiITA– (DNS)
DNS232Steen Smidt-JensenDEN– (DNS)
DNSRenato DionisiITA– (DNS)
DNS582Dominique RakotorahalahyMAD– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (14 October 1968 — 10:00)

Top 12 and ties and all those clearing 4.90 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts
=1Wolfgang NordwigGDR4.90001Q
=1John PennelUSA4.90001Q
=3Altti AlarotuFIN4.90002Q
=3Erkki MustakariFIN4.90002Q
=3Hervé d'EncausseFRA4.90002Q
=3Claus SchiprowskiFRG4.90002Q
=3Khristos PapanikolaouGRE4.90002Q
=3Gennady BliznetsovURS4.90002Q
=9Ignacio SolaESP4.90003Q
=9Mike BullGBR4.90003Q
=9Kiyoshi NiwaJPN4.90003Q
12Aleksandr MalyutinURS4.90049Q
13Bob SeagrenUSA4.90112Q
14Kjell IsakssonSWE4.90113Q
15Heinfried EngelFRG4.90225Q
16Pantelis NikolaidisGRE4.80003
17Érico BarneyARG4.80039
18Klaus LehnertzFRG4.75003
19John-Erik BlomqvistSWE4.75224
20Casey CarriganUSA4.60001
21Wu Ah-MinTPE4.50003
22Heinz WyssSUI4.50013
NHIngo PeykerAUT
DNSRenato DionisiITA
DNSAldo RighiITA
DNSSteen Smidt-JensenDEN
DNSDominique RakotorahalahyMAD

Qualifying Round, Group A (14 October 1968)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts4.20 m4.30 m4.40 m4.50 m4.60 m4.70 m4.75 m4.80 m4.85 m4.90 m
=1Wolfgang NordwigGDR4.90001---------o
=1John PennelUSA4.90001---------o
=3Altti AlarotuFIN4.90002-----o---o
=3Erkki MustakariFIN4.90002----o----o
=3Hervé d'EncausseFRA4.90002-------o-o
=3Claus SchiprowskiFRG4.90002-------o-o
=3Khristos PapanikolaouGRE4.90002-------o-o
=3Gennady BliznetsovURS4.90002----o----o
9Bob SeagrenUSA4.90112---------xo
10Kjell IsakssonSWE4.90113-----o---xo
11Heinfried EngelFRG4.90225----o--o-xxo
12Casey CarriganUSA4.60001----o----xxx
DNSRenato DionisiITA

Qualifying Round, Group B (14 October 1968)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts4.20 m4.30 m4.40 m4.50 m4.60 m4.70 m4.75 m4.80 m4.85 m4.90 m
=1Ignacio SolaESP4.90003----o--o-o
=1Mike BullGBR4.90003----o--o-o
=1Kiyoshi NiwaJPN4.90003----o--o-o
4Aleksandr MalyutinURS4.90049--xxoo-o-xxo-o
5Pantelis NikolaidisGRE4.80003--o-o--o-xxx
6Érico BarneyARG4.80039oo-xooxxo-o-xxx
7Klaus LehnertzFRG4.75003--o-o-o-xxx
8John-Erik BlomqvistSWE4.75224----o-xxo--xxx
9Wu Ah-MinTPE4.50003oo-oxxx
10Heinz WyssSUI4.50013-xo-o-
NHIngo PeykerAUT
DNSAldo RighiITA
DNSSteen Smidt-JensenDEN
DNSDominique RakotorahalahyMAD

Final Round (16 October 1968 — 12:30)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal MissesTotal Attempts4.60 m4.80 m4.90 m5.00 m5.05 m5.10 m5.15 m5.20 m5.25 m5.30 m5.35 m5.40 m5.45 m
1Bob SeagrenUSA5.40126----o--xo-o-xoxxxOR
2Claus SchiprowskiFRG5.401311--oo-o-oxooxoxoxxxOR
3Wolfgang NordwigGDR5.40238---xo---o-ooxxoxxxOR
4Khristos PapanikolaouGRE5.35028-o-o--o-xoxooxxxOR
5John PennelUSA5.35248----o--xo-xoxxoxxxOR
6Gennady BliznetsovURS5.30116o-o--o-o-xoxxxOR
7Hervé d'EncausseFRA5.25014---o--xo-o-xxxOR
8Heinfried EngelFRG5.20037-o-xxo-xo-oxxxOR
9Ignacio SolaESP5.20249-xo-o-xooxxoxxxOR
10Kjell IsakssonSWE5.15014--o-xo-oxxxOR
11Kiyoshi NiwaJPN5.15116-ooo-oxoxxxOR
12Aleksandr MalyutinURS5.00003o-oo-xxx
13Mike BullGBR5.00125-xooxo-xxx
14Altti AlarotuFIN5.00223---xxo-
NHErkki MustakariFIN