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Javelin Throw, Men

Date4 – 5 August 1984
LocationLos Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California
Participants28 from 19 countries

The top javelinist in 1984 was easily East German Uwe Hohn. His 11 meets prior to July averaged 94.09, longer than any other mark in 1984. On 20 July 1984, he changed the event. That day in Berlin he broke the world record with 104.80 (343-10). The throw was so long that it started to raise safety concerns. He was close to literally throwing the javelin out of the stadium – or at least the infield – and putting runners or spectators in danger. Partly because of this, the javelin specifications were shortly thereafter changed, and a new implement was in use from April 1986, although the changes had been initiated before the 1984 Olympics, in an effort to change the javelin center-of-gravity and allow for more frequent tip-first landings, making it easier to judge. Without Hohn nobody was favored in Los Angeles. Tom Petranoff (USA) led the qualifiers with 85.96 (282-0¼) but would finish only 10th in the final. The gold was won by Finland’s Arto Härkönen, continuing his nation’s tradition in the javelin. He was the first left-hander to win the Olympic javelin.

1253Arto HärkönenFIN83.06 (4)86.76 (1)Gold
2387Dave OttleyGBR85.68 (2)85.74 (2)Silver
3800Kenth EldebrinkSWE81.06 (9)83.72 (3)Bronze
4310Wolfram GambkeFRG82.98 (5)82.46 (4)
5571Masami YoshidaJPN81.42 (8)81.98 (5)
6477Einar VilhjálmssonISL80.94 (10)81.58 (6)
7356Roald BradstockGBR83.06 (3)81.22 (7)
8111Laslo BabitsCAN82.18 (7)80.68 (8)
9685Per Erling OlsenNOR82.46 (6)78.98 (9)
10931Tom PetranoffUSA85.96 (1)78.40 (10)
11881Duncan AtwoodUSA79.34 (12)78.10 (11)
12290Jean-Paul LakafiaFRA80.52 (11)70.86 (12)
13 r1/2261Raimo ManninenFIN79.26 (13)
14 r1/2636Juan de la GarzaMEX79.16 (14)
15 r1/2683Reidar LorentzenNOR76.62 (15)
16 r1/2957Sejad KrdžalićYUG76.52 (16)
17 r1/2266Tero SaviniemiFIN76.46 (17)
18 r1/2935Steve RollerUSA75.50 (18)
19 r1/2826Zakayo MalekwaTAN75.18 (19)
20 r1/2559Kazuhiro MizoguchiJPN74.82 (20)
21 r1/2704Muhammad Rashid KhanPAK74.58 (21)
22 r1/2338Klaus TafelmeierFRG73.52 (22)
23 r1/2505Agostino GhesiniITA72.96 (23)
24 r1/2844Chen Hung-YenTPE71.48 (24)
25 r1/2458Gurtej SinghIND70.08 (25)
26 r1/2472Siggi EinarssonISL69.82 (26)
27 r1/2837Justin AropUGA69.76 (27)
AC r1/2691Mike O'RourkeNZL– (NM)

Qualifying Round (4 August 1984 — 9:30)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 83.00 metres advanced to the final.

1Tom PetranoffUSA85.96Q
2Dave OttleyGBR85.68Q
3Roald BradstockGBR83.06Q
4Arto HärkönenFIN83.06Q
5Wolfram GambkeFRG82.98q
6Per Erling OlsenNOR82.46q
7Laslo BabitsCAN82.18q
8Masami YoshidaJPN81.42q
9Kenth EldebrinkSWE81.06q
10Einar VilhjálmssonISL80.94q
11Jean-Paul LakafiaFRA80.52q
12Duncan AtwoodUSA79.34q
13Raimo ManninenFIN79.26
14Juan de la GarzaMEX79.16
15Reidar LorentzenNOR76.62
16Sejad KrdžalićYUG76.52
17Tero SaviniemiFIN76.46
18Steve RollerUSA75.50
19Zakayo MalekwaTAN75.18
20Kazuhiro MizoguchiJPN74.82
21Muhammad Rashid KhanPAK74.58
22Klaus TafelmeierFRG73.52
23Agostino GhesiniITA72.96
24Chen Hung-YenTPE71.48
25Gurtej SinghIND70.08
26Siggi EinarssonISL69.82
27Justin AropUGA69.76
NMMike O'RourkeNZL

Qualifying Round, Group A (4 August 1984)

PosOrdAthleteNOCDistanceGroup A Round OneGroup A Round TwoGroup A Round Three
18Roald BradstockGBR83.0679.5281.0883.06
23Wolfram GambkeFRG82.9875.1082.98×
312Per Erling OlsenNOR82.4682.46××
411Laslo BabitsCAN82.18×76.6882.18
59Masami YoshidaJPN81.4278.1481.4278.06
613Einar VilhjálmssonISL80.9479.78×80.94
710Jean-Paul LakafiaFRA80.5280.5266.2678.02
81Duncan AtwoodUSA79.3477.0879.34×
92Raimo ManninenFIN79.2679.26××
106Juan de la GarzaMEX79.1678.80×79.16
114Sejad KrdžalićYUG76.5276.52××
1214Zakayo MalekwaTAN75.1871.80×75.18
137Agostino GhesiniITA72.9672.1663.9272.96
145Justin AropUGA69.7669.7666.30×

Qualifying Round, Group B (4 August 1984)

PosOrdAthleteNOCDistanceGroup B Round OneGroup B Round TwoGroup B Round Three
17Tom PetranoffUSA85.9685.96--
21Dave OttleyGBR85.6885.68--
32Arto HärkönenFIN83.0682.8283.06-
413Kenth EldebrinkSWE81.0679.3681.0679.42
59Reidar LorentzenNOR76.62×68.0076.62
611Tero SaviniemiFIN76.46×76.46×
74Steve RollerUSA75.5075.5075.48×
814Kazuhiro MizoguchiJPN74.8274.8272.5869.18
96Muhammad Rashid KhanPAK74.5872.4870.7674.58
1012Klaus TafelmeierFRG73.52××73.52
115Chen Hung-YenTPE71.4862.4671.4868.54
128Gurtej SinghIND70.0863.6270.0869.32
1310Siggi EinarssonISL69.8269.8266.6867.02
143Mike O'RourkeNZL×××

Final Round (5 August 1984 — 17:10)

17Arto HärkönenFIN86.76×78.7484.3486.76××
29Dave OttleyGBR85.7485.7481.52××83.9284.46
32Kenth EldebrinkSWE83.72×80.28××83.7283.30
411Wolfram GambkeFRG82.4682.0082.46×78.88×72.08
53Masami YoshidaJPN81.98×81.98×81.9877.9281.66
65Einar VilhjálmssonISL81.5880.4477.6679.2281.58×79.26
76Roald BradstockGBR81.2270.2081.2278.2276.68×78.82
812Laslo BabitsCAN80.68××80.68×××
91Per Erling OlsenNOR78.9873.64×78.98
1010Tom PetranoffUSA78.40××78.40
118Duncan AtwoodUSA78.1072.5478.10×
124Jean-Paul LakafiaFRA70.86××70.86