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High Jump, Men

Date24 – 25 September 1988
LocationOl-lim-pik Ju-gyeong-gi-jang, Seoul Sports Complex, Seoul
Participants27 from 18 countries

The best jumper in 1988 was Cuban world record holder Javier Sotomayor but Cuba participated in a small boycott of six nations in 1988, supporting the North Koreans, and he could not compete. That left the competition wide open. There were five former world record holders in the field. The competition was difficult to follow because of passes and tactical maneuvers. Four jumpers cleared 2.36 (7-8¾), but only Hennadiy Avdieienko (URS) and Hollis Conway (USA) did so on their first attempts, and they led. At 2.38 (7-9¾) there were six jumpers remaining, as two had passed to that height. But only Avdieienko cleared 2.38, and he had the gold medal, the silver going to Conway.

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
11026Gennady AvdeyenkoURS2.25 (12)2.38 (1)GoldOR
21081Hollis ConwayUSA2.28 (=5)2.36 (2)Silver
=3957Patrik SjöbergSWE2.25 (8)2.36 (=3)Bronze
=31056Rudolf PovarnitsynURS2.25 (=9)2.36 (=3)Bronze
595Nick SaundersBER2.28 (4)2.34 (5)
6379Dietmar MögenburgFRG2.28 (=1)2.34 (6)
=7393Carlo ThränhardtFRG2.25 (=13)2.31 (=7)
=7422Dalton GrantGBR2.28 (=5)2.31 (=7)
=71052Igor PaklinURS2.28 (=1)2.31 (=7)
101096Jim HowardUSA2.25 (=13)2.31 (10)
111131Brian StantonUSA2.25 (=9)2.31 (11)
12848Krzysztof KrawczykPOL2.25 (15)2.31 (12)
13605Luca TosoITA2.25 (16)2.25 (13)
14275Arturo OrtizESP2.28 (7)2.25 (14)
15985Róbert RuffíniTCH2.25 (=9)2.20 (15)
16445Geoff ParsonsGBR2.28 (3)2.15 (16)
17 r1/2175Milt OtteyCAN2.22 (17)
18 r1/2680Jo Hyeon-UkKOR2.22 (18)
19 r1/2168Brian MarshallCAN2.22 (19)
=20 r1/267Troy KempBAH2.19 (=20)
=20 r1/2852Artur PartykaPOL2.19 (=20)
=20 r1/2893Sorin MateiROU2.19 (=20)
23 r1/2211Zhu JianhuaCHN2.19 (23)
24 r1/2435Floyd MandersonGBR2.19 (24)
25 r1/2189Paul NgadjadoumCHA2.15 (25)
26 r1/231Fernando PastorizaARG2.10 (26)
AC r1/21208Cheick SeynouBUR– (NH)

Qualifying Round (24 September 1988 — 12:00)

Top 12 and ties and all those clearing 2.28 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses
=1Dietmar MögenburgFRG2.2800Q
=1Igor PaklinURS2.2800Q
3Geoff ParsonsGBR2.2801Q
4Nick SaundersBER2.2802Q
=5Dalton GrantGBR2.2812Q
=5Hollis ConwayUSA2.2812Q
7Arturo OrtizESP2.2813Q
8Patrik SjöbergSWE2.2500q
=9Róbert RuffíniTCH2.2501q
=9Rudolf PovarnitsynURS2.2501q
=9Brian StantonUSA2.2501q
12Gennady AvdeyenkoURS2.2502q
=13Carlo ThränhardtFRG2.2511q
=13Jim HowardUSA2.2511q
15Krzysztof KrawczykPOL2.2512q
16Luca TosoITA2.2523q
17Milt OtteyCAN2.2201
18Jo Hyeon-UkKOR2.2222
19Brian MarshallCAN2.2226
=20Troy KempBAH2.1900
=20Artur PartykaPOL2.1900
=20Sorin MateiROU2.1900
23Zhu JianhuaCHN2.1911
24Floyd MandersonGBR2.1922
25Paul NgadjadoumCHA2.1500
26Fernando PastorizaARG2.1000
NHCheick SeynouBUR

Qualifying Round, Group A (24 September 1988)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses2.05 m2.10 m2.15 m2.19 m2.22 m2.25 m2.28 m
=1Dietmar MögenburgFRG2.2800---o-oo
=1Igor PaklinURS2.2800---o-oo
3Geoff ParsonsGBR2.2801--o--xoo
4Nick SaundersBER2.2802---o-xxoo
=5Dalton GrantGBR2.2812---o-xoxo
=5Hollis ConwayUSA2.2812---ooxoxo
7Arturo OrtizESP2.2813o-o-xoxoxo
8Róbert RuffíniTCH2.2501--ooxooxxx
9Luca TosoITA2.2523--oxo-xxoxxx
=10Troy KempBAH2.1900--oo--xxx
=10Sorin MateiROU2.1900---o-xxx
12Floyd MandersonGBR2.1922oooxxoxxx
13Paul NgadjadoumCHA2.1500ooo-

Qualifying Round, Group B (24 September 1988)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses2.05 m2.10 m2.15 m2.19 m2.22 m2.25 m2.28 m
1Patrik SjöbergSWE2.2500---ooo-
=2Rudolf PovarnitsynURS2.2501---xooo-
=2Brian StantonUSA2.2501--ooxoo-
4Gennady AvdeyenkoURS2.2502--o-xxoo-
=5Carlo ThränhardtFRG2.2511---o-xo-
=5Jim HowardUSA2.2511-oo-oxo-
7Krzysztof KrawczykPOL2.2512--o-xoxo-
8Milt OtteyCAN2.2201---xooxxx
9Jo Hyeon-UkKOR2.2222-oo-xxo-xxx
10Brian MarshallCAN2.2226-oxxoxxoxxoxxx
11Artur PartykaPOL2.1900-oooxxx
12Zhu JianhuaCHN2.1911-o-xoxxx
13Fernando PastorizaARG2.1000ooxxx
NHCheick SeynouBUR

Final Round (25 September 1988 — 12:10)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses2.15 m2.20 m2.25 m2.28 m2.31 m2.34 m2.36 m2.38 m2.40 m2.44 m
1Gennady AvdeyenkoURS2.3811-oo-oooxox--xx-OR
2Hollis ConwayUSA2.3603-xoxoooxooxxx=OR
=3Patrik SjöbergSWE2.3611--o-o-xoxxx=OR
=3Rudolf PovarnitsynURS2.3611-oooooxoxxx=OR
5Nick SaundersBER2.3402-oxo-x--ox--xx-
6Dietmar MögenburgFRG2.3412--o-xoxox--xx-
=7Dalton GrantGBR2.3100--o-oxxx
=7Carlo ThränhardtFRG2.3100--o-oxx-x--
=7Igor PaklinURS2.3100-oo-ox--xx-
10Jim HowardUSA2.3101-ooxooxxx
11Brian StantonUSA2.3111o-ooxoxxx
12Krzysztof KrawczykPOL2.3123-ooxoxxoxxx
13Luca TosoITA2.2501xoooxxx
14Arturo OrtizESP2.2522o-xxoxxx
15Róbert RuffíniTCH2.2022oxxoxxx
16Geoff ParsonsGBR2.1500o-xxx