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Pole Vault, Men

Date25 – 27 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Stadio, Olympiako Athletiko Kentro Athinon Spiros Loues, Maroussi
Participants39 from 25 countries

The biggest surprise in qualifying was the failures of Okkert Brits (RSA), 2003 World Championships runner-up, and Dmitry Markov (AUS), 2001 World Champion. In the final seven vaulters cleared 5.75 (18-10¼). Most passed to 5.85 (19-2¼), but Igor Pavlov (RUS) cleared 5.80 (19-0¼), while Danny Ecker (GER) went out at that height, and Lars Börgeling (GER) and Derek Miles (USA) had misses at the height before passing to the next height. This left six vaulters remaining at 5.85 (19-2¼). Pavlov missed twice and passed to 5.90 (19-4¼). Börgeling and Miles missed their attempts and went out. Three vaulters cleared – Giuseppe Gibilisco (ITA), 2003 World Champion, led with his first attempt clearance, while Americans Tim Mack and Toby Stevenson got over on their second efforts. At 5.90 (19-4¼) Mack and Stevenson cleared on their first tries. Gibilisco missed once and passed to the next height, while Pavlov missed once and was out. At 5.95 (19-6¼), Mack had a third attempt clearance to win the gold medal, Stevenson winning silver and Gibilisco the bronze. Stevenson wore a helmet, the only top international vaulter to do so, keeping a promise he had made to his parents while in high school.

PosNrAthleteNOCQualifying RoundFinal Round
13303Tim MackUSA5.70 (11)5.95 (1)GoldOR
23344Toby StevensonUSA5.70 (=7)5.90 (2)Silver
32181Giuseppe GibiliscoITA5.70 (=12)5.85 (3)Bronze
42920Igor PavlovRUS5.70 (6)5.80 (4)
51872Danny EckerGER5.70 (=7)5.75 (5)
61863Lars BörgelingGER5.70 (=1)5.75 (6)
73307Derek MilesUSA5.70 (16)5.75 (7)
82146Alex AverbukhISR5.70 (=1)5.65 (8)
=92562Rens BlomNED5.70 (=7)5.65 (=9)
=93208Denys YurchenkoUKR5.70 (10)5.65 (=9)
=111054Paul BurgessAUS5.70 (=1)5.55 (=11)
=111907Tim LobingerGER5.70 (=12)5.55 (=11)
=132287Daichi SawanoJPN5.70 (15)5.55 (=13)
=132876Pavel GerasimovRUS5.70 (=1)5.55 (=13)
=133207Ruslan YeremenkoUKR5.70 (=1)5.55 (=13)
163177Oleksandr KorchmidUKR5.70 (14)5.55 (16)
17 r1/21700Matti MononenFIN5.65 (17)
18 r1/21759Romain MesnilFRA5.65 (18)
19 r1/22809Okkert BritsRSA5.60 (19)
20 r1/23075Patrik KristianssonSWE5.60 (20)
21 r1/21792Nick BuckfieldGBR5.60 (21)
=22 r1/21074Dmitri MarkovAUS5.50 (=22)
=22 r1/21510Adam PtáčekCZE5.50 (=22)
=22 r1/21707Vesa RantanenFIN5.50 (=22)
25 r1/23019Jurij RovanSLO5.50 (25)
26 r1/21528Piotr BuciarskiDEN5.50 (26)
27 r1/21274Spas BuhalovBUL5.50 (27)
=28 r1/21067Steve HookerAUS5.30 (=28)
=28 r1/21499Štěpán JanáčekCZE5.30 (=28)
=28 r1/21591Javier GazolESP5.30 (=28)
=31 r1/21743Nicolas GuigonFRA5.30 (=31)
=31 r1/22677Adam KolasaPOL5.30 (=31)
=33 r1/21975Marios EvangelouGRE5.30 (=33)
=33 r1/22382Kim Yu-SeokKOR5.30 (=33)
AC r1/21278Iliyan EfremovBUL– (NH)
AC r1/21362Liu FeiliangCHN– (NH)
AC r1/22329Grigory YegorovKAZ– (NH)
AC r1/22536Giovanni LanaroMEX– (NH)
AC r1/22947Vadim StrogalyevRUS– (NH)
DNS3379Leonid AndreyevUZB– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (25 August 2004 — 19:15)

Top 12 and ties and all those clearing 5.70 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses
=1Paul BurgessAUS5.7000Q
=1Alex AverbukhISR5.7000Q
=1Pavel GerasimovRUS5.7000Q
=1Lars BörgelingGER5.7000Q
=1Ruslan YeremenkoUKR5.7000Q
6Igor PavlovRUS5.7001Q
=7Danny EckerGER5.7002Q
=7Rens BlomNED5.7002Q
=7Toby StevensonUSA5.7002Q
10Denys YurchenkoUKR5.7003Q
=12Giuseppe GibiliscoITA5.7012Q
11Tim MackUSA5.7011Q
=12Tim LobingerGER5.7012Q
14Oleksandr KorchmidUKR5.7014Q
15Daichi SawanoJPN5.7015Q
16Derek MilesUSA5.7022Q
17Matti MononenFIN5.6500
18Romain MesnilFRA5.6522
19Okkert BritsRSA5.6001
20Patrik KristianssonSWE5.6011
21Nick BuckfieldGBR5.6023
=22Dmitri MarkovAUS5.50001
=22Vesa RantanenFIN5.50002
=22Adam PtáčekCZE5.50003
25Jurij RovanSLO5.5013
26Piotr BuciarskiDEN5.5022
27Spas BuhalovBUL5.5023
=28Štěpán JanáčekCZE5.3000
=28Steve HookerAUS5.3000
=28Javier GazolESP5.3000
=31Nicolas GuigonFRA5.3011
=31Adam KolasaPOL5.3011
=33Marios EvangelouGRE5.3022
=33Kim Yu-SeokKOR5.3022
NHGrigory YegorovKAZ
NHIliyan EfremovBUL
NHVadim StrogalyevRUS
NHLiu FeiliangCHN
NHGiovanni LanaroMEX
DNSLeonid AndreyevUZB

Qualifying Round, Group A (25 August 2004 — 19:15)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses5.30 m5.50 m5.60 m5.65 m5.70 m
=1Pavel GerasimovRUS5.7000-oo-o
=1Lars BörgelingGER5.7000-o-oo
=1Ruslan YeremenkoUKR5.7000-o-oo
=4Rens BlomNED5.7002-xoxo-o
=4Toby StevensonUSA5.7002-xoxo-o
6Giuseppe GibiliscoITA5.7012-o-x-xo
7Daichi SawanoJPN5.7015oxoxoxxoxo
8Derek MilesUSA5.7022-oo-xxo
9Romain MesnilFRA5.6522-o-xxoxxx
10Okkert BritsRSA5.6001xo-o-xxx
=11Vesa RantanenFIN5.5000ooxx-x
=11Adam PtáčekCZE5.5000oox-x
13Jurij RovanSLO5.5013xxoxoxxx
14Spas BuhalovBUL5.5023xoxxoxxx
15Steve HookerAUS5.3000oxxx
=16Marios EvangelouGRE5.3022xxoxxx
=16Kim Yu-SeokKOR5.3022xxoxxx
NHGrigory YegorovKAZ
NHVadim StrogalyevRUS
NHLiu FeiliangCHN

Qualifying Round, Group B (25 August 2004 — 19:15)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses5.30 m5.50 m5.60 m5.65 m5.70 m
=1Paul BurgessAUS5.7000-o-oo
=1Alex AverbukhISR5.7000-o-oo
3Igor PavlovRUS5.7001-oxo-o
4Danny EckerGER5.7002-xxo--o
5Denys YurchenkoUKR5.7003-xo-xxoo
6Tim MackUSA5.7011-oo-xo
7Tim LobingerGER5.7012-oxo-xo
8Oleksandr KorchmidUKR5.7014-xooxxoxo
9Matti MononenFIN5.6500oo-oxxx
10Patrik KristianssonSWE5.6011--xo-xxx
11Nick BuckfieldGBR5.6023xooxxo-xxx
12Dmitri MarkovAUS5.5000-o-xxx
13Piotr BuciarskiDEN5.5022oxxoxxx
=14Štěpán JanáčekCZE5.3000oxx-x--
=14Javier GazolESP5.3000oxxx
=16Nicolas GuigonFRA5.3011xoxxx
=16Adam KolasaPOL5.3011xoxxx
NHIliyan EfremovBUL
NHGiovanni LanaroMEXx--
DNSLeonid AndreyevUZB

Final Round (27 August 2004)

PosAthleteNOCHeightMissesTotal Misses5.40 m5.55 m5.65 m5.75 m5.80 m5.85 m5.90 m5.95 m6.00 m
1Tim MackUSA5.9524-oxoo-xooxxoxxxOR
2Toby StevensonUSA5.9001-ooo-xooxxx
3Giuseppe GibiliscoITA5.8501-xo-o-ox-xx
4Igor PavlovRUS5.8012-ooxoxoxx-x
5Danny EckerGER5.7502-xxo-oxxx
6Lars BörgelingGER5.7522-o-xxoxx-x
7Derek MilesUSA5.7523-oxoxxox-xx
8Alex AverbukhISR5.6500--oxxx
=9Rens BlomNED5.6501-xooxxx
=9Denys YurchenkoUKR5.6501-xooxxx
=11Tim LobingerGER5.5500-oxxx
=11Paul BurgessAUS5.5500-o-xxx
=13Pavel GerasimovRUS5.5511-xox-x
=13Ruslan YeremenkoUKR5.5511-xo-xxx
=13Daichi SawanoJPN5.5511oxoxxx
16Oleksandr KorchmidUKR5.5522-xxoxxx