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Music, Compositions For Orchestra, Open

Date1 – 16 August 1936
LocationAusstellungsgelände Halle VI, Kaiserdamm, Berlin
Participants20 from 9 countries
JudgePeter RaabeGER
JudgeFritz SteinGER
JudgeGeorg SchumannGER
JudgeMax TrappGER
JudgeHeinz IhlertGER
JudgeGustav HavemannGER
JudgeHeinz TiessenGER
JudgeYrjö KilpinenFIN
JudgeGian Francesco MalipieroITA

With 20 entries, Compositions For Orchestra was the most popular musical event at the 1936 Olympics. The winner was Werner Egk, although Egk was a pseudonym composed of his wife’s intials, his real name being Mayer. Egk was a government favorite during the Nazi period, although later denied any sympathies. The lyrics for his winning work in 1936, Olympische Festmusik, were from Carl Diem, chief organizer of the Games.

A novelty in Olympic music contests was that the winning works were performed live during the Olympics. During a concert on 15 August at the Dietrich-Eckart-Bühne (part of the Olympic complex), both Egk’s winning entry and Lino Liviabella’s Il Vincitore were played by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. The concert had been opened with a version of the Olympic Hymn by Richard Strauss. 20,000 spectators attended the concert.

PosCatalogue NumberCompetitorNOCTranslated TitleOriginal TitleTitle in Olympic Report or Catalogue
1Werner EgkGEROlympic Festival MusicOlympische FestmusikOlympische FestmusikGold
2Lino LiviabellaITAThe WinnerIl VincitoreIl VincitoreSilver
3Jaroslav KřičkaTCHMountain SuiteHorácká suitaBergsuiteBronze
HMJiang Wen-YeJPNFormosan Dance台湾の舞曲 (Taiwan bukyoku)Tanz Formosa
HMGian Luca TocchiITARecordRecordoRecord
ACHans LuckaschAUTOlympics Victory Fanfare MarchOlympiade-Siegesfanfaren-MarschOlympiade-Siegesfanfaren-Marsch
ACKarl PilßAUTFestive PreludeFestliches VorspielFestliches Vorspiel
ACNorbert SpronglAUTDance suiteTanz-SuiteTanz-Suite
ACRenzo MassaraniITAFanfares and athletic dancesSquilli e danze atleticheSquilli e danze atletiche
ACNoboru ItoJPNNippon Sportsスポーツ日本 (Supōtsu Nihon)Sport Nippon
ACKosaku YamadaJPNMarch行進曲 (Kōshinkyoku)March
ACMarc-César ScottoMONHercules offers the Games to the peoples of MonacoHercule offre les Jeux aux peuplades de MonacoHercule offre les Jeux aux peuplades de Monaco
ACMarius MonnikendamNEDIn the beginning was the rhythmIm Anfang war der Rhythmus
ACAlexander LangewegNEDChampion's MarchMarcia Campione
ACFrantišek KoubekTCHWith your own strength to victoryVlastní silou – k vítězství Mit eigener Kraft zum Sieg
ACJan PeštaTCHOlympic GamesOlympijské hry Olympische Spiele
ACRobert SandersUSAOlympiaOlympia
ACRoy HarrisUSAWhen Jonny comes Marching homeWhen Jonny comes Marching homeWhen Jonny comes Marching home
ACQuincy PorterUSASymphonic OdeSymphonic OdeSymphonic Ode
ACDemetrij ŽebreYUGThe RunTek (simfonicna slika za veliki orkester)Cours