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500 metres, Women

Date13 – 17 February 2010
LocationPacific Coliseum, Vancouver
Participants32 from 17 countries
FormatPlacements 1-8 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on placements in earlier rounds, and best time skated.
Olympic Record 44.118 / Yang Yang (A) CHN / 16 February 2002

Few people expected anybody else than China’s Wang Meng to grab the gold in this event. As the defending champion in the event, she had dominated the sport in recent years. At the 2008 and 2009 World Championships she had taken the overall title, the 500 m and the 1,000 m, winning the 1,500 m as well in 2008. In addition, she had won two more titles with the Chinese squad at the World Team Championships. In November 2008, Wang had also set the world record for this event, at 42.609. But the Canadians had some hope to contend with her. Among their entries were Kalyna Roberge and Jessica Gregg, who had won bronze medals at the World Championships in 2008 and 2009, respectively. The third Canadian team member was the talented Marianne St-Gelais, who had won the 500 m at the most recent World Junior Championships.

In competition, Wang left little doubt about her status. She bettered the Olympic record in the first round, quarter-finals and semi-finals (it was also briefly held by Katherine Reutter). Also through to the final were Gregg, Italy’s Arianna Fontana, who upset Reutter and Zhou Yang, and St-Gelais, who kept Roberge out of the final. The medal race itself was rather boring. Wang got off the fastest, and quickly opened a large gap. St-Gelais and Fontana skated close together, with another large gap to Gregg. Positions did not change after that, making Wang the second repeat winner of the event since Cathy Turner, who won it in 1992 and 1994.

PosNrSkaterNOCLast RacePositionsBest Time
1112Wang MengCHNAF-1Gold
2108Marianne St-GelaisCANAF-2Silver
3127Arianna FontanaITAAF-3Bronze
4105Jessica GreggCANAF-4
5114Zhou YangCHNBF-1
6107Kalyna RobergeCANBF-2
7157Katherine ReutterUSABF-3
8140Lee Eun-ByeolKORBF-4
9104Evgeniya RadanovaBULQF-30-3-144.047
10137Jo Hae-RiKORQF-30-3-244.306
11118Elise ChristieGBRQF-30-3-244.374
12115Kateřina NovotnáCZEQF-30-3-244.438
13155Aly DudekUSAQF-40-4-244.560
14117Véronique PierronFRAQF-40-4-245.218
15141Park Seung-HuiKORQF-DQ0-DQ-144.221
16119Sarah LindsayGBRQF-DQ0-DQ-244.716
17135Yui SakaiJPNR1-30-0-344.331
18116Stéphanie BouvierFRAR1-30-0-344.376
19124Erika HuszárHUNR1-30-0-344.537
20144Annita van DoornNEDR1-30-0-344.751
21101Tatyana BorodulinaAUSR1-30-0-344.901
22128Cecilia MaffeiITAR1-30-0-344.948
23143Jorien ter MorsNEDR1-30-0-345.120
24121Han Yue ShuangHKGR1-30-0-348.625
25152Valeriya PotyomkinaRUSR1-40-0-444.952
26142Liesbeth Mau-AsamNEDR1-40-0-445.135
27136Biba SakuraiJPNR1-40-0-445.146
28120Aika KleinGERR1-40-0-445.186
29148Patrycja MaliszewskaPOLR1-40-0-458.649
30158Zhao NannanCHNR1-40-0-41:02.132
31130Martina ValcepinaITAR1-40-0-41:08.173
DQ103Marina Georgieva-NikolovaBUL[R1-DQ][0-0-DQ]

Round One (13 February 2010 — 17:42)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat One (17:42)

13Katherine ReutterUSA44.187Q
22Jo Hae-RiKOR44.313Q
31Stéphanie BouvierFRA44.376
44Aika KleinGER45.186

Heat Two (17:45)

13Marianne St-GelaisCAN44.708Q
22Sarah LindsayGBR44.716Q
31Tatyana BorodulinaAUS44.901
44Valeriya PotyomkinaRUS44.952

Heat Three (17:48)

14Wang MengCHN43.926QOR
22Kateřina NovotnáCZE44.614Q
33Cecilia MaffeiITA44.948
41Patrycja MaliszewskaPOL58.649

Heat Four (17:51)

12Lee Eun-ByeolKOR44.000Q
23Jessica GreggCAN44.009Q
34Jorien ter MorsNED45.120
41Martina ValcepinaITA1:08.173

Heat Five (17:54)

14Arianna FontanaITA44.482Q
23Aly DudekUSA44.560Q
32Annita van DoornNED44.751
41Biba SakuraiJPN45.146

Heat Six (17:57)

11Zhou YangCHN44.115Q
24Kalyna RobergeCAN44.254Q
33Yui SakaiJPN44.331
42Liesbeth Mau-AsamNED45.135

Heat Seven (18:00)

13Park Seung-HuiKOR44.221Q
21Elise ChristieGBR44.374Q
34Erika HuszárHUN44.537
DQ2Marina Georgieva-NikolovaBUL

Heat Eight (18:03)

13Evgeniya RadanovaBUL45.125Q
21Véronique PierronFRA45.218Q
32Han Yue ShuangHKG48.625
44Zhao NannanCHN1:02.132

Quarter-Finals (17 February 2010 — 17:00)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One (17:00)

11Katherine ReutterUSA43.834QOR
23Kalyna RobergeCAN44.143Q
34Kateřina NovotnáCZE44.438
DQ2Park Seung-HuiKOR

Heat Two (17:03)

11Wang MengCHN43.284QOR
22Jessica GreggCAN43.956Q
34Evgeniya RadanovaBUL44.047
DQ3Sarah LindsayGBR

Heat Three (17:06)

11Zhou YangCHN44.106Q
23Arianna FontanaITA44.257Q
32Jo Hae-RiKOR44.306
44Aly DudekUSA44.588

Heat Four (17:09)

13Marianne St-GelaisCAN44.316Q
21Lee Eun-ByeolKOR44.582Q
32Elise ChristieGBR44.821
44Véronique PierronFRA1:10.899

Semi-Finals (17 February 2010 — 18:10)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat One (18:10)

12Jessica GreggCAN43.854Q
24Arianna FontanaITA43.991Q
33Zhou YangCHN43.992QB
41Katherine ReutterUSA44.145QB

Heat Two (18:14)

11Wang MengCHN42.985QOR
23Marianne St-GelaisCAN43.241Q
32Kalyna RobergeCAN43.633QB
44Lee Eun-ByeolKOR44.899QB

Final Round (17 February 2010 — 19:07)

B Final (19:07)

12Zhou YangCHN44.725
21Kalyna RobergeCAN44.824
33Katherine ReutterUSA44.846
44Lee Eun-ByeolKOR44.860

A Final (19:11)

11Wang MengCHN43.048
22Marianne St-GelaisCAN43.707
34Arianna FontanaITA43.804
43Jessica GreggCAN44.204