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Allround, Men

Date26 – 27 January 1924
LocationStade Olympique, Chamonix
Participants23 from 9 countries
StarterHans ValärSUI
RefereeHans Oscar HammerstadNOR

The allround competition had been the main form of speed skating since the beginning of international competition, and remained the World Championship format until the 1970s, when a sprint format was added. It is therefore strange that this event was only contested once at the Olympics, in 1924. The format used in the 1924 Olympics differs from the one currently used, as it used a point-for-place scoring system. Of note, the positions were those of the skaters who actually finished all four distances. This could make for interesting team tactics, with skaters deciding to forfeit or continue in spite of a bad position to help their countrymen (or hinder their opponents).

No such tactics were necessary at the 1924 Games, however. Because Jewtraw and Olsen were not entered in the allround competition, the lead was taken by Clas Thunberg and Roald Larsen. With Thunberg taking gold in both the 5000 and 1500 m, the title was virtually certain to go to the Finn. The difference with Larsen after three races was three points, which was not impossible because of Thunberg’s 10000 m record. The Finnish double victory in that event did seal it for Thunberg, while victor Skutnabb also secured a bronze in the allround competition.

PosSkaterNOCPointsTime Points500 metres5,000 metres1,500 metres10,000 metres
1Clas ThunbergFIN5.5198.0244.8 (=1)8:39.0 (1)2:20.8 (1)18:07.8 (2)Gold
2Roald LarsenNOR9.5199.7644.8 (=1)8:50.2 (3)2:22.0 (2)18:12.2 (3)Silver
3Julius SkutnabbFIN11202.3546.4 (7)8:48.4 (2)2:26.6 (4)18:04.8 (1)Bronze
4Harald StrømNOR17203.6645.6 (6)8:54.6 (5)2:29.0 (5)18:18.6 (4)1
5Sigurd MoenNOR17203.7847.2 (9)8:51.0 (4)2:25.6 (3)18:19.0 (5)
6Léon QuagliaFRA25210.8448.4 (10)9:08.6 (6)2:37.0 (9)18:25.0 (6)
7Alberts RumbaLAT27212.6448.8 (11)9:14.4 (8)2:32.0 (6)19:14.6 (8)
8Leon JucewiczPOL32226.4049.6 (12)10:05.6 (11)2:42.6 (10)20:40.8 (9)
9André GegoutFRA36236.0253.2 (15)10:15.2 (13)2:54.4 (11)21:03.4 (10)
ACAsser WalleniusFIN45.0 (3)9:12.8 (7)– (AC)19:03.8 (7)DNF
ACGeorges de WildeFRA54.8 (16)10:39.8 (14)2:55.0 (13)– (AC)DNF
ACGaston Van HazebroeckBEL55.8 (17)10:13.8 (12)2:54.8 (12)– (DNS)DNF
ACAxel BlomqvistSWE45.2 (4)9:48.8 (10)2:36.4 (8)– (DNS)DNF
ACEric BlomgrenSWE46.6 (8)9:14.6 (9)– (DNS)– (DNS)DNF
ACCharlie GormanCAN45.4 (5)– (AC)2:35.4 (7)DNF
ACAlbert HasslerFRA50.6 (13)– (DNS)– (DNS)DNF
ACFred DixGBR56.4 (=18)– (DNS)– (DNS)DNF
ACTom SuttonGBR1:00.8 (20)– (DNS)– (DNS)DNF
ACCyril HornGBR1:04.4 (22)– (DNS)– (DNS)DNF
ACLouis De RidderBEL52.8 (14)– (DNS)3:01.8 (14)DNF
ACPhilippe Van VolckxsomBEL56.4 (=18)– (DNS)3:14.6 (15)DNF
ACMarcel MoensBEL1:02.2 (21)11:30.4 (16)3:16.8 (16)– (DNS)DNF
ACAlbert TebbitGBR– (DNS)11:01.0 (15)– (DNS)DNF
DNSChristfried BurmeisterEST– (DNS)– (DNS)
DNSCesare LocatelliITA– (DNS)– (DNS)
DNSAlexander SpenglerSUI– (DNS)– (DNS)
DNSGustaf AnderssonSWE