unattached, (MIX)

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Full name unattached
Short name unattached
Place (MIX)

All athletes which do not belong to a club shortly before or during their participation at the Olympics.

Athletes (82)

Dag Albert SWE EVE Olympics 1996—2008
Mary Al-Atrash PLE SWM Olympics/Other 2016
Ingemar Backman SWE SBD Olympics 1998
Nicole Barnhart USA FBL Non-starter 2008—2012
David Bissett CAN BOB Olympics 2006—2014
Clare Bodensteiner NZL BKB Olympics 2008
Shannon Boxx USA FBL Olympics 2004—2012
Rachel Buehler USA FBL Olympics 2008—2012
Lyn Byl GBR HBL Olympics 2012
Candace Chapman CAN FBL Olympics 2008—2012
Lauren Cheney USA FBL Olympics 2008—2012
Carlos Delfino ARG BKB Olympics 2004—2016
Harry Egger AUT SPS Non-Medal 1992
Siegfried Egger AUT HOC Non-starter/Coach 1948
Bahaa Al-Farra PLE ATH Olympics 2012
Holger Forchhammer DEN FBL Non-starter 1920
Kathryn Fudge GBR HBL Olympics 2012
Robyn Gayle CAN FBL Olympics 2008—2012
Travis Gerrits CAN FRS Olympics 2014
Britt Goodwin GBR HBL Olympics 2012
Tayyiba Haneef-Park USA VVO Olympics 2004—2012
John Harkes USA FBL Olympics 1988
Laura Innes GBR HBL Non-starter 2012
Emil Janausch AUT ATH Olympics/Non-starter 1924—1936
Louise Jukes GBR HBL Olympics 2012
Ken Jurkowski USA ROW Olympics 2008—2012
Teresa Kleindienst-Gabriele CAN BKB Olympics 2000—2012
Herman Kruusenberg EST WRE Olympics 1920
Holly Lam-Moores GBR HBL Olympics 2012
Kim Lamarre CAN FRS Olympics 2014—2018
Rich Lambourne USA VVO Olympics 2008—2012
Lillie Leatherwood USA ATH Olympics 1984—1988
Karina LeBlanc CAN FBL Olympics 2008—2012
Amy LePeilbet USA FBL Olympics 2012
Yvonne Leuthold GBR HBL Olympics 2012
Ray Lewis CAN ATH Olympics 1932
Albert Lippmann FRA TEN Olympics 1900
Carli Lloyd USA FBL Olympics 2008—2020
Jill Loyden USA FBL Non-starter 2012
Kristine Lunde-Borgersen NOR HBL Olympics 2008—2012
Micael Lundmark SWE SBD Olympics 2006
Diana Matheson CAN FBL Olympics 2008—2016
Jane Mayes GBR HBL Olympics 2012
Jessica McCormack NZL BKB Olympics 2008
Christine Sonali Merrill SRI ATH Olympics 2012
Heather Mitts USA FBL Olympics 2004—2012
Carmelina Moscato CAN FBL Olympics 2012
Marie-Ève Nault CAN FBL Olympics/Non-starter 2012—2016
Denise Newman GBR DIV Olympics 1948
Kelley O'Hara USA FBL Olympics 2012—2020
Heather O'Reilly USA FBL Olympics/Non-starter 2004—2016
Volha Padabed BLR BKB Olympics 2008
Kelly Parker CAN FBL Olympics 2012
Christie Pearce-Rampone USA FBL Olympics 2000—2012
Jamil El-Reedy EGY ALP Olympics/Other 1984
Elizabeth Reid GBR VVO Olympics 2012
Amy Rodriguez USA FBL Olympics 2008—2012
Woroud Sawalha PLE ATH Olympics/Other 2012
Sophie Schmidt CAN FBL Olympics 2008—2020
Sam Schwartz USA ATH Olympics 1912
Eric Sehn CAN DIV Olympics 2012
Nédia Semedo POR ATH Olympics 2004
Lauren Sesselmann CAN FBL Olympics 2012
Wojdan Shaherkani KSA JUD Olympics 2012
Nicole Sifuentes CAN ATH Olympics 2012—2016
Adilson da Silva BRA GLF Olympics 2016
Ladislaus Simacek AUT ATH Olympics 1936
Christine Sinclair CAN FBL Olympics/Other 2008—2020
Kim Smith-Gaucher CAN BKB Olympics 2012—2020
Harry Smith USA ATH Olympics 1912
Hope Solo USA FBL Olympics/Non-starter 2004—2016
Clay Stanley USA VVO Olympics 2004—2012
Anthea Stewart ZIM HOC Olympics/Coach 1980
Alisha Tatham CAN BKB Olympics 2012
Brittany Timko CAN FBL Olympics 2008—2012
David Turquand-Young GBR MPN Olympics 1924—1928
Zoe van der Weel GBR HBL Olympics 2012
Abby Wambach USA FBL Olympics 2004—2012
Franz Weber AUT SPS Non-Medal 1992
Wei Pi-Hsiu TPE ARC Olympics 2008
Rhian Wilkinson CAN FBL Olympics 2008—2016
Emily Zurrer CAN FBL Olympics/Non-starter 2008—2012