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Arthur Mallwitz

Biographical information

TypeCompeted in Olympic Games, Competed in Intercalated Games
Full nameArthur•Mallwitz
Used nameArthur•Mallwitz
Born15 June 1880 in Berlin, Berlin (GER)
Died20 May 1968 in Bad Honnef, Nordrhein-Westfalen (GER)
AffiliationsBerliner Sportclub/Leichtathletikclub Sportfreunde Halle
NOC Germany


Arthur Mallwitz became the first Secretary-General of the International Sports Medical Association in 1928 after their foundation during the Olympic Winter Games in St. Moritz. He was also the first official German Olympic physician at the Stockholm Games in 1912. He later became one of the leading sports officials between the two World Wars, was one of the first German sports doctors, and edited the first sports medical journal The Sport Doctor. His doctoral work Physical High Performance with Special Reference to Olympic Sports is still regarded as the first sports medicine dissertation.

Arthur Mallwitz was founder and/or co-founder of several sports organizations and meetings: the first Sports Science Laboratory in Germany, the first Olympic Congress in Germany, the Idea of the German-Academic Olympia, the Academic Sport Confederation, the Department for Physical Exercises of German Students, the Association of German Sport Press; the German Reichs Committee for Physical Exercises; and the German Stadium. He was also involved in the founding of the German Association of Physicians Supporting Physical Exercises, the German High School Association for Physical Exercises, the German Life Saving Society, and the Association of German Sports Teachers. In May 1933 he became a member of the German Nationalist Party NSDAP.

Arthur Mallwitz was married to Lenigret Mallwitz, who participated in the Art Competitions in 1928. In 1906 Mallwitz travelled on his own costs to the Athens Games, and also participated in 1908 at London as a long and high jumper and pentathlete, but had limited results. In 1907 he was German high jump champion.

Personal Bests: sHJ – 1.47 (1908); LJ – unknown; sLJ – 3.14 (1908).


Games Discipline (Sport) / Event NOC / Team Pos Medal As
1906 Intercalated Games Athletics GER Arthur Mallwitz
High Jump, Men (Intercalated) DNS
Long Jump, Men (Intercalated) 24
Standing Long Jump, Men (Intercalated) 20
Triple Jump, Men (Intercalated) DNS
Javelin Throw, Freestyle, Men (Intercalated) DNS
Pentathlon (Ancient), Men (Intercalated) =12
1908 Summer Olympics Athletics GER Arthur Mallwitz
Standing High Jump, Men (Olympic) =8
Standing Long Jump, Men (Olympic) AC
Discus Throw, Greek Style, Men (Olympic) DNS

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