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Discus Throw, Greek Style, Men

Date18 July 1908 — 14:40
LocationWhite City Stadium, London
Participants23 from 8 countries

Classics scholars maintain that this event was based on a mistranslation of a corrupt text and does not truly represent the style actually used by the Ancient Greeks. Although the first four competitors beat the world record for this event, the fact was not appreciated by the spectators due to an error in the program. The world record listed in the program was that for the freestyle event (128-10 [39.29]), rather than the 115-4 (35.16) world record for the Greek-style event, which had been set by Verner Järvinen (FIN) at the 1906 Olympics.

Martin Sheridan completed his )double) of winning both discus events at the same Olympics. This also was his last Olympic medal in a storied career which saw him win five gold, three silver, and one bronze medal for nine Olympic medals in all.

PosNrAthleteNOCDistanceDistance (Imp.)QualifyingFinal
1Martin SheridanUSA37.28 (1)37.99 (1)GoldWR
2Bill HorrUSA36.68 (2)37.32 (2)Silver
3Verner JärvinenFIN36.49 (3)36.48 (3)Bronze
4Arthur DearbornUSA35.65 (4)
5Michail DorizasGRE33.34 (5)
6Nikolaos GeorgantasGRE33.21 (6)
7István MudinHUN33.11 (7)
8Wilbur BurroughsUSA32.81 (8)
9Elmer NiklanderFIN32.46 (9)
10Umberto AvattaneoITA28.53 (10)
ACPlatt AdamsUSA– (AC)
ACMiroslav ŠusteraBOH– (AC)
ACHenry LeekeGBR– (AC)
ACWalter HendersonGBR– (AC)
ACFolke FleetwoodSWE– (AC)
ACImre MudinHUN– (AC)
ACJohnny GarrelsUSA– (AC)
ACErnest MayGBR– (AC)
ACAlfred FlaxmanGBR– (AC)
ACMiklós KovácsHUN– (AC)
ACJames BarrettGBR– (AC)
ACGyörgy LuntzerHUN– (AC)
ACEric LemmingSWE– (AC)
DNSLajos VeresHUN
DNSKároly HalmosHUN
DNSEdmond BaillardFRA
DNSHans RehderGER
DNSFrantišek VyskocilBOH
DNSMoritz RasmussenDEN
DNSHans TronnerAUT
DNSFrantišek SoučekBOH
DNSEd ArchibaldCAN
DNSHarald AggerDEN
DNSJuho HalmeFIN
DNSJohan KempFIN
DNSAarne SalovaaraFIN
DNSJalmari SauliFIN
DNSLauri WilskmanFIN
DNSCharles LagardeFRA
DNSRaoul PaoliFRA
DNSAndré TisonFRA
DNSEdmond BarrettGBR
DNSMichael CollinsGBR
DNSJohn MurrayGBR
DNSArthur MallwitzGER
DNSLudwig UettwillerGER
DNSCharalampos ZourasGRE
DNSFerenc JesinaHUN
DNSKároly KobulszkyHUN
DNSNándor KovácsHUN
DNSGyula StrauszHUN
DNSDoug StupartRSA
DNSJulius WagnerSUI
DNSTheodor NeijströmSWE
DNSOtto NilssonSWE
DNSHugo WieslanderSWE
DNSJohn FlanaganUSA
DNSMerritt GiffinUSA
DNSSimon GillisUSA
DNSMatt McGrathUSA
DNSRalph RoseUSA
DNSLee TalbottUSA
DNSAndré DésfargesFRA

Qualifying Round (18 July 1908 — 14:40)

The eight scheduled qualifying sections were consolidated into four pools. Contestants threw from a forward sloping pedestal and were required to follow a restricted set of movements. The discus had to be released from a standing position and no turning or spinning was allowed.

PosAthleteNOCDistanceDistance (Imp.)
1Martin SheridanUSA37.28122-4Q
2Bill HorrUSA36.68120-4Q
3Verner JärvinenFIN36.49119-8¼Q
4Arthur DearbornUSA35.65116-11½
5Michail DorizasGRE33.34109-4½
6Nikolaos GeorgantasGRE33.21108-11¼
7István MudinHUN33.11108-7½
8Wilbur BurroughsUSA32.81107-7¾
9Elmer NiklanderFIN32.46106-6
10Umberto AvattaneoITA28.5393-7¼
ACPlatt AdamsUSA
ACMiroslav ŠusteraBOH
ACHenry LeekeGBR
ACWalter HendersonGBR
ACFolke FleetwoodSWE
ACImre MudinHUN
ACJohnny GarrelsUSA
ACErnest MayGBR
ACAlfred FlaxmanGBR
ACMiklós KovácsHUN
ACJames BarrettGBR
ACGyörgy LuntzerHUN
ACEric LemmingSWE

Qualifying Round, Group A (18 July 1908)

PosAthleteNOCDistanceDistance (Imp.)
1Michail DorizasGRE33.34109-4½
2Wilbur BurroughsUSA32.81107-7¾
3Umberto AvattaneoITA28.5393-7¼
ACPlatt AdamsUSA
ACMiroslav ŠusteraBOH
ACHenry LeekeGBR
ACWalter HendersonGBR

Qualifying Round, Group B (18 July 1908)

PosAthleteNOCDistanceDistance (Imp.)
1Arthur DearbornUSA35.65116-11½
2Nikolaos GeorgantasGRE33.21108-11¼
ACFolke FleetwoodSWE
ACImre MudinHUN

Qualifying Round, Group C (18 July 1908)

PosAthleteNOCDistanceDistance (Imp.)
1István MudinHUN33.11108-7½
2Elmer NiklanderFIN32.46106-6
ACJohnny GarrelsUSA
ACErnest MayGBR
ACAlfred FlaxmanGBR

Qualifying Round, Group D (18 July 1908)

PosAthleteNOCDistanceDistance (Imp.)
1Martin SheridanUSA37.28122-4
2Bill HorrUSA36.68120-4
3Verner JärvinenFIN36.49119-8¼
ACMiklós KovácsHUN
ACJames BarrettGBR
ACGyörgy LuntzerHUN
ACEric LemmingSWE

Final Round (18 July 1908)

PosAthleteNOCDistanceDistance (Imp.)
1Martin SheridanUSA37.99124-8WR
2Bill HorrUSA37.32122-5½
3Verner JärvinenFIN36.48119-8¼