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Triple Jump, Men

Date30 April 1906
LocationPanathinaiko Stadio, Athina
Participants21 from 9 countries
FormatFinal only.

Another interesting match-up, which paired Meyer Prinstein, Peter O’Connor, and high jump champion, Con Leahy. Leahy had trouble with his steps but still led throughout until O’Connor bested him in the last round. Prinstein was not a factor, as he had injured his ankle in the long jump.

At the end an interview, O’Connor described what he considered to be the final comeuppance, “The limit, however, was reached when the officials hoisted on the Olympic masts the three flags indicating the nationality of the first, second, and third winners of the long jump - the British Union Jack being flown for my being second. I was an accomplished gymnast in my youth and my active climbing of the post excited the spectators. At a height of about 20 feet, I unfurled my big green flag [of Ireland] and remained aloft for some considerable time waving it vigorously. Con Leahy assisted in the demonstration by keeping fighting guard at the foot of the pole, meantime waving his green flag and defying every effort of the officials to prevent the demonstration which caused a great sensation.” Though O’Connor described this (in 1956) as having occurred after the long jump, which he won, American newspapers (specifically The Chicago Tribune) mentioned this occurrence, and noted that it happened after the triple jump, not the long jump.

1Peter O'ConnorGBR14.07513.800 (NP)13.735 (NP)x (NP)13.675 (NP)13.545 (NP)14.075 (NP)Gold
2Con LeahyGBR13.98013.980 (NP)13.610 (NP)13.940 (NP)13.885 (NP)13.830 (NP)x (NP)Silver
3Tom CronanUSA13.70013.480 (NP)x (NP)x (NP)12.830 (NP)13.700 (NP)13.580 (NP)Bronze
4Oscar GuttormsenNOR13.34013.170 (NP)13.340 (NP)x (NP)
5Dimitrios MullerGRE13.12512.070 (NP)12.665 (NP)13.125 (NP)
6Frank ConnollyUSA12.75012.610 (NP)12.750 (NP)12.735 (NP)
7Vasilios StournarasGRE12.72512.380 (NP)12.725 (NP)12.665 (NP)
8Carl Alfred PedersenNOR12.68012.680 (NP)12.480 (NP)x (NP)
9Paul WeinsteinGER12.61512.615 (NP)12.185 (NP)12.535 (NP)
10Christos ParsalisGRE12.52012.510 (NP)12.520 (NP)11.590 (NP)
11Meyer PrinsteinUSA12.27012.270 (NP)x (NP)x (NP)
=12Bohuslav Pohl-PolenskýBOH12.19512.195 (NP)12.140 (NP)x (NP)
=12Eric LemmingSWE12.19511.875 (NP)12.195 (NP)x (NP)
14Niels Bernhard LøwDEN12.00011.620 (NP)12.000 (NP)x (NP)
15Gustav KrojerAUT11.98511.985 (NP)11.835 (NP)11.500 (NP)
16L. LeonGRE11.96011.960 (NP)x (NP)x (NP)
17Stavros LelekosGRE11.45511.455 (NP)x (NP)x (NP)
NMMartin BrustmannGERx (NP)x (NP)x (NP)
NMKarl LampelmayerAUTx (NP)x (NP)x (NP)
NMNikolaos AndreadakisGREx (NP)x (NP)x (NP)
NMJames B. ConnollyUSAx (NP)x (NP)x (NP)
DNSEmmanuel TsaloumasEGY
DNSJohannes JensenNOR
DNSJosef JašekBOH
DNSVesselin KasseroffGRE
DNSOrio PizioITA
DNSHolger WarendorphNOR
DNSMarcel DuboisBEL
DNSLéon DupontBEL
DNSWallis WaltersGBR
DNSArthur MallwitzGER
DNSIstván SomodiHUN
DNSEdvard LarsenNOR
DNSJulius WagnerGER
DNSKarl FryksdahlSWE
DNSEllery ClarkUSA
DNSHarry HillmanUSA
DNSMartin SheridanUSA
DNSNigel BarkerAUS
DNSHeikki ÅhlmanFIN
DNSUno HäggmanFIN
DNSMartin BeckmannGER
DNSGeorgios ZinonGRE
DNSPál VarghaHUN
DNSHugo FriendUSA
DNSBert KerriganUSA
DNSBob LeavittUSA