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Standing Long Jump, Men

Date25 April 1906
LocationPanathinaiko Stadio, Athina
Participants30 from 12 countries
FormatFinal only.

Ray Ewry won the standing long jump easily, with Martin Sheridan again placing 2nd, edging out Lawson Robertson of the United States, who took the bronze medal. Unfortunately for Sheridan, he injured his right leg while practicing for the standing long jump, which would cause him to withdraw from the pentathlon. Finishing 13th in the standing long jump was Austria’s Theodor Scheidl. Scheidl competed in the pentathlon as well, and the extent of Sheridan’s injury can be seen by the finish of the only section he completed, the standing long jump. Robertson won that section of the pentathlon, with Scheidl defeating Sheridan for 2nd place points, although Sheridan had bested him by 32 centimetres in the open event.

1Ray EwryUSA3.3003.150 (NP)3.280 (NP)3.220 (NP)3.300 (NP)Gold
2Martin SheridanUSA3.0953.070 (NP)x (NP)3.045 (NP)3.095 (NP)Silver
3Lawson RobertsonUSA3.0502.910 (NP)3.040 (NP)3.010 (NP)3.050 (NP)Bronze
4Léon DupontBEL2.9752.845 (NP)2.900 (NP)2.975 (NP)
5Axel LjungSWE2.9552.955 (NP)x (NP)x (NP)
6István SomodiHUN2.8602.860 (NP)2.715 (NP)2.415 (NP)
7Alexandre TuffèriGRE2.8552.855 (NP)2.840 (NP)2.795 (NP)
8Kostas TsiklitirasGRE2.8402.840 (NP)2.785 (NP)2.815 (NP)
=9Henri JardinFRA2.8302.830 (NP)2.795 (NP)2.820 (NP)
=9Bert KerriganUSA2.8302.830 (NP)x (NP)x (NP)
11Ioannis KollarosGRE2.7802.780 (NP)2.700 (NP)x (NP)
=12Pantelis AmirasGRE2.7752.775 (NP)2.750 (NP)2.730 (NP)
=12Theodor ScheidlAUT2.7752.735 (NP)x (NP)2.775 (NP)
=14Julius WagnerGER2.7502.750 (NP)2.650 (NP)2.725 (NP)
=14István MudinHUN2.7502.705 (NP)2.750 (NP)x (NP)
16Emilio BrambillaITA2.7252.670 (NP)2.725 (NP)2.650 (NP)
17Martin BrustmannGER2.7002.575 (NP)2.575 (NP)2.700 (NP)
18Alexandre MaspoliFRA2.6952.695 (NP)2.675 (NP)2.635 (NP)
19Hjalmar JohanssonSWE2.6902.690 (NP)2.645 (NP)x (NP)
20Arthur MallwitzGER2.6752.620 (NP)2.590 (NP)2.675 (NP)
21Wilhelm RitzenhoffGER2.6702.610 (NP)x (NP)2.670 (NP)
22André TisonFRA2.660x (NP)2.660 (NP)x (NP)
23Paul WeinsteinGER2.6502.530 (NP)2.650 (NP)2.480 (NP)
24Gustav KrojerAUT2.5702.570 (NP)2.525 (NP)x (NP)
25Aage PetersenDEN2.5552.530 (NP)2.555 (NP)x (NP)
26Eric LemmingSWE2.535x (NP)2.535 (NP)x (NP)
27Niels Bernhard LøwDEN2.5202.430 (NP)2.520 (NP)x (NP)
28Uno HäggmanFIN2.4252.390 (NP)2.425 (NP)x (NP)
29Epaminonas AnezakisCRT2.4202.420 (NP)2.390 (NP)x (NP)
NMHugo FriendUSAx (NP)x (NP)x (NP)
DNSI. GiannichostasGRE
DNSJohannes JensenNOR
DNSJosef JašekBOH
DNSY. ShakhotinRUS
DNSOrio PizioITA
DNSHolger WarendorphNOR
DNSJoseph KrämerGER
DNSMarcel DuboisBEL
DNSAdolphe KlingelhoeferFRA
DNSSidney AbrahamsGBR
DNSAlfred HealeyGBR
DNSWallis WaltersGBR
DNSKarl FryksdahlSWE
DNSBoris HonzátkoBOH
DNSEllery ClarkUSA
DNSJames B. ConnollyUSA
DNSMeyer PrinsteinUSA
DNSNigel BarkerAUS
DNSHeikki ÅhlmanFIN
DNSMartin BeckmannGER
DNSGeorgios ZinonGRE
DNSFrank ConnollyUSA
DNSBob LeavittUSA
DNSTom CronanUSA