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1,500 metres, Men

Date12 February 1998 — 15:00
LocationM-Wave, Nagano
Participants44 from 18 countries
Olympic Record 1:51.29 / Johann Olav Koss NOR / 16 February 1994
StarterMinoru ShinpoJPN
RefereeFolkert BrouwerNED

The season had barely started, when the first time below 1:50 was reported from Erben Wennemars, though the time was not recognized as a world record. The first official sub-1:50 record was set in a Berlin World Cup by Ids Postma, only to be bettered by Kevin Overland later the same day. At the Dutch Olympic Trials, Rintje Ritsma again lowered it, to 1:48.88. Other favorites included the other Dutch skaters (Bos and Hersman (who replaced Wennemars after his injury in the 500 m) and Ådne Søndrål, Olympic silver medalist back in 1992, and runner-up at the two most recent World Championships.

The first to approach 1:50 was American KC Boutiette, who had converted from inline skating and had competed at the 1994 Games as a substitute for Dan Jansen in this event. His time of 1:50.04 held out until the last three pairs, with Jan Bos beating it first with 1:49.75. Next up were Postma and Søndrål, who fought out an exciting duel. Postma got off to a better start, but the Norwegian caught up, and at 1,100 m, the two were exactly equal. With Postma having the final inner curve, he seemed to have the advantage and beat Søndrål. But Postma stumbled slightly, and Søndrål had a very powerful last lap. He broke the world record by more than a second (1:47.87), with Postma also finishing well below the old mark. Only Ritsma, runner-up in 1994 and Overland were remaining, and Ritsma’s splits matched those of the two leaders. However, like Postma, he was unable to keep up with Søndrål’s pace in the final lap, and had to settle for a bronze. Søndrål’s world record wouldn’t last long, as the Norwegian broke it himself by nearly 1.5 seconds at the World Single Distance Championships in Calgary later that year.

122IÅdne SøndrålNOR1:47.87GoldWR
222OIds PostmaNED1:48.13Silver
323ORintje RitsmaNED1:48.52Bronze
421IJan BosNED1:49.75OR
518IKC BoutietteUSA1:50.04OR
620OMartin HersmanNED1:50.31
717OHiroyuki NoakeJPN1:50.49OR
818OToru AoyanagiJPN1:50.68
92OChristian BreuerGER1:50.96OR
1014IAndrey AnufriyenkoRUS1:50.99
1110OVadim SayutinRUS1:51.31
1212OChoi Jae-BongKOR1:51.47
1316IPeter AdebergGER1:51.50
1413ODmitry ShepelRUS1:51.64
1514OCheon Ju-HyeonKOR1:51.65
1616OYusuke ImaiJPN1:51.70
179IBart VeldkampBEL1:51.73
185OMarnix ten KortenaarAUT1:51.94
197ISergey TsybenkoKAZ1:52.03
2023IKevin OverlandCAN1:52.07
2119IKeiji ShirahataJPN1:52.23
224OAleksandr KibalkoRUS1:52.27
2313IDavide CartaITA1:52.44
2415OErmanno IoriattiITA1:52.45
2521OSteven ElmCAN1:52.70
2620IKevin MarshallCAN1:52.77
2710IRadik BikchentayevKAZ1:52.87
285ISteinar JohansenNOR1:52.88
2911OBrigt RykkjeNOR1:52.91
3019ONeal MarshallCAN1:52.93
313ICasey FitzRandolphUSA1:53.26
3215ICory CarpenterUSA1:53.50
338OFrank DittrichGER1:53.64
343OPaweł ZygmuntPOL1:53.73
3517IDave TamburrinoUSA1:54.19
3611IWan ChunboCHN1:54.64
3712ICédric KuentzFRA1:54.78
386IRené TaubenrauchGER1:54.91
392IJeong Jin-UkKOR1:55.02
409OAndrew NicholsonNZL1:55.06
411ISergey KaznacheyevKAZ1:55.22
426OZsolt BalóHUN1:55.52
438IFeng QingboCHN1:56.45
444IDezideriu HorvathROU1:57.35
DNS7ORemi HereideNOR