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500 metres, Women

Date13 – 14 February 2002
LocationUtah Olympic Oval, Kearns, Utah
Participants31 from 12 countries
FormatTwo runs, total time determined placement.
Olympic Record 38.21 / Catriona Le May Doan CAN / 14 February 1998
Olympic Record (2 races)76.60 / Catriona Le May Doan CAN / 13 – 14 February 1998
StarterLars JennerstenSWE
RefereeErnest KretschmannUSA

Based on the results earlier in the season, only one woman could win the Olympic 500 m title. Defending champion Catriona Le May Doan had absolutely dominated the event in the 2001-2002 season. She had won all six World Cup races, bettering the World Record twice during competition in Calgary. She had also won the distance twice en route to winning the World Sprint Championships. In addition, she was also the 1998, 1999 and 2001 World Champion. During the season, several women had made the podium behind the Canadian, notably Sabine Völker (Germany), Andrea Nuyt (Netherlands) and Svetlana Zhurova. Based on results of past seasons, Monique Garbrecht-Enfeldt (Germany) was also highly considered.

In the first run, Le May opened in a blistering 10.22, and only narrowly missed her 37.22 world record with 37.30. In the following pair, veteran Garbrecht-Enfeldt came remarkably close to the leading mark, with 37.34, being followed by Nuyt at two tenths. These three women were in medal positions at the end of day one, with Zhurova and Völker not far from the bronze medal. The first of these medal hopefuls to skate the second run was Völker, who improved her first run time by 0.05 to 37.57. Both Zhurova and Nuyt then performed much worse than on their first attempt, both falling in the overall standings in favor of Völker. The final run was between the two leaders. As in 1998 Le May won the title, copying her Nagano performance closely by winning both runs, narrowly in the first and more clearly in the second.

PosCompetitorNOCTimeRace #1Race #2
1Catriona Le May DoanCAN74.7537.30 (1)37.45 (1)GoldOR
2Monique Garbrecht-EnfeldtGER74.9437.34 (2)37.60 (3)Silver
3Sabine VölkerGER75.1937.62 (5)37.57 (2)BronzeOR
4Andrea NuytNED75.3737.54 (3)37.83 (5)
5Anzhalika KatsiuhaBLR75.3937.73 (6)37.66 (4)
6Tomomi OkazakiJPN75.6437.77 (7)37.87 (=6)OR
7Svetlana ZhurovaRUS75.6437.55 (4)38.09 (8)
8Marianne TimmerNED76.1738.30 (13)37.87 (=6)OR
9Yukari WatanabeJPN76.2037.98 (9)38.22 (10)
10Svetlana KaykanRUS76.3138.05 (10)38.26 (11)OR
11Eriko SanmiyaJPN76.3738.25 (12)38.12 (9)
12Sayuri OsugaJPN76.4237.82 (8)38.60 (16)
13Wang ManliCHN76.6238.20 (11)38.42 (14)
14Chris WittyUSA76.7338.37 (17)38.36 (12)
15Jenny WolfGER76.7338.36 (16)38.37 (13)
16Chiara SimionatoITA76.9238.45 (18)38.47 (15)
17Marieke WijsmanNED77.1038.31 (=14)38.79 (20)
18Choi Seung-YongKOR77.1438.31 (=14)38.83 (21)
19Marion WohlrabGER77.3738.66 (19)38.71 (=17)
20Becky SundstromUSA77.6038.89 (23)38.71 (=17)
21Susan AuchCAN77.6038.84 (20)38.76 (19)
22Elli OchowiczUSA77.7138.85 (21)38.86 (22)
23Jin HuaCHN78.2639.06 (24)39.20 (24)
24Yang ChunyuanCHN78.6339.56 (28)39.07 (23)
25Jo Seon-YeonKOR78.7939.31 (25)39.48 (25)
26Emese HunyadyAUT78.8939.38 (26)39.51 (26)
27Krisztina EgyedHUN79.2839.47 (27)39.81 (29)
28Sviatlana RadkevichBLR79.4539.84 (30)39.61 (27)
29Lee Yong-JuKOR79.7839.72 (29)40.06 (30)
30Xing AihuaCHN144.361:44.62 (31)39.74 (28)
DNFAmy SannesUSA38.86 (22)– (DNF)