Emese Nemeth-Hunyady

Biographical information

RolesCompeted in Olympic Games • Other
Full nameEmese•Nemeth-Hunyady (-Järvinen)
Used nameEmese•Nemeth-Hunyady
Born4 March 1966 in Budapest, Budapest (HUN)
Measurements167 cm / 65 kg
AffiliationsMagyar Testgyakorlók Köre Vörös Meteor Sportklub/Eis und Rollsport Club Eisring-Süd, Wien
NOC Austria Hungary
Medals OG
Gold 1
Silver 1
Bronze 1
Total 3


By far the best female speed skater to come out of Hungary, Emese Hunyady first appeared internationally at age 15. After representing her birth nation at the 1984 Olympics, she entered a marriage of convenience with Austrian coach Thomas Németh, allowing her to move to Western Europe and represent Austria from 1987 on. Having evolved from a sprinter to an allround skater, she experienced three highly successful years from 1992 through 1994. In 1992, Hunyady claimed two silver medals at the major allround tournaments, while placing third in the Olympic 3,000 m. One year later, she took the European title (helped by a fall of Gunda Niemann), while finishing as runner-up at that season’s Worlds. At the 1994 Olympics, she first earned a silver in the 3,000 m, before becoming the first Austrian speed skating champion by winning the 1,500 m. Earlier in the season, Hunyady had also won the World Allrounds, although these were not well-attended. The Austrian’s last title came in 1999, when she won the 1,500 m at the World Single Distance Championships. Retiring after the 2002 Olympics, Hunyady moved to Switzerland with her husband, former speed skater Timo Järvinen and their son.

Personal Bests: 500 – 38.87 (2001); 1000 – 1:15.99 (2000); 1500 – 1:56.51 (2002); 3000 – 4:06.55 (2002); 5000 – 7:15.23 (1998).


Games Discipline (Sport) / Event NOC / Team Pos Medal As
1984 Winter Olympics Speed Skating (Skating) HUN Emese Hunyady
500 metres, Women (Olympic) 19
1,000 metres, Women (Olympic) 30
1988 Winter Olympics Speed Skating (Skating) AUT Emese Nemeth-Hunyady
500 metres, Women (Olympic) =19
1,000 metres, Women (Olympic) 16
3,000 metres, Women (Olympic) 14
1992 Winter Olympics Speed Skating (Skating) AUT Emese Hunyady
1,000 metres, Women (Olympic) 10
1,500 metres, Women (Olympic) 7
3,000 metres, Women (Olympic) 3 Bronze
5,000 metres, Women (Olympic) 15
1994 Winter Olympics Speed Skating (Skating) AUT Emese Hunyady
1,000 metres, Women (Olympic) 7
1,500 metres, Women (Olympic) 1 Gold
3,000 metres, Women (Olympic) 2 Silver
5,000 metres, Women (Olympic) 12
1998 Winter Olympics Speed Skating (Skating) AUT Emese Hunyady
500 metres, Women (Olympic) DQ
1,500 metres, Women (Olympic) 4
3,000 metres, Women (Olympic) 5
5,000 metres, Women (Olympic) 8
2002 Winter Olympics Speed Skating (Skating) AUT Emese Hunyady
500 metres, Women (Olympic) 26
1,500 metres, Women (Olympic) 12
3,000 metres, Women (Olympic) 9

Olympic Records

Records may have been broken subsequently during the same competition.
Games Date Sport Event Phase Mark Pos
2002 Winter Olympics 10 February 2002 Speed Skating (Skating) 3,000 metres, Women Final Standings 4:06.55 9

Other participations

Games Role NOC As
1994 Winter Olympics Flagbearer at the Closing Ceremony AUT Emese Hunyady
1998 Winter Olympics Flagbearer at the Opening Ceremony AUT Emese Hunyady

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