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Épée, Individual, Women

Date15 August 2004
LocationAithousa Ksifaskias, Olympiako Syngrotima Ellenikou, Hellinikon
Participants38 from 20 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

Since 2000 the medal podium at the World Championships had completely changed on each occasion with no fencer winning more than a single medal over the three years of competition. Part of this can be explained by the absence due to pregnancy during part of this time by the Olympic champions of 2000 and 2004. Both Tímea Nagy and Laura Flessel-Colovic had taken time away from the sport to have babies with Flessel-Colovic’s progress also having been compromised by a positive drug test from an over-the-counter medication she was given by a team doctor. The two former champions made their way to the final and although Nagy lost the first point she then gained control, opening up a three-point lead at 7-4 before easing towards a 15-10 victory and a successful defence of her gold medal. Nagy announced her retirement after her win but changed her decision and went on to win the 2006 world title. She failed to be selected to defend her title in Beijing and eventually retired for good in 2010.

122Tímea NagyHUNGold
21Laura Flessel-ColovicFRASilver
32Maureen NisimaFRABronze
411Ildikó Mincza-NébaldHUN
59Imke DuplitzerGER
614Zhang LiCHN
719Kim Hui-JeongKOR
825Jeanne ChristouGRE
94Li NaCHN
105Britta HeidemannGER
116Cristiana CascioliITA
127Claudia BokelGER
1310Tatyana LogunovaRUS
1415Evelyn HallsAUS
1516Hajnalka Király-PicotFRA
1629Ana Maria BrânzăROU
173Adrienn HormayHUN
188Sherraine MacKayCAN
1912Anna SivkovaRUS
2013Oksana YermakovaRUS
2117Lee Geum-NamKOR
2218Shen WeiweiCHN
2320Nadiya KazimirchukUKR
2421Sonja TolNED
2523Kamara JamesUSA
2624Kim Mi-JeongKOR
2726Niki-Katerina SidiropoulouGRE
2827Megumi HaradaJPN
2928Ángela María EspinozaCOL
3030Monique KavelaarsCAN
3131Eimey GómezCUB
3232Dimitra MagkanoudakiGRE
3333Jessica BeerNZL
3434Catherine DunnetteCAN
3535Zahra GamirALG
3636Rachel BarlowRSA
3737Natalia TyshlerRSA
3838Kelly WilsonRSA
DNS39Aminata NdongSEN

Round One

Date15 August 2004 — 10:00
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round two.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #115 AugLaura Flessel-Colovic (1)FRAbye
Bout #215 Aug 10:00Piste RedEimey Gómez (31)CUB11 – 9Catherine Dunnette (34)CAN
Bout #315 AugShen Weiwei (18)CHNbye
Bout #415 AugHajnalka Király-Picot (16)FRAbye
Bout #515 AugTatyana Logunova (10)RUSbye
Bout #615 AugKamara James (23)USAbye
Bout #715 AugJeanne Christou (25)GREbye
Bout #815 AugSherraine MacKay (8)CANbye
Bout #915 AugBritta Heidemann (5)GERbye
Bout #1015 Aug 10:08Piste GreenÁngela María Espinoza (28)COL15 – 8Natalia Tyshler (37)RSA
Bout #1115 AugSonja Tol (21)NEDbye
Bout #1215 AugIldikó Mincza-Nébald (11)HUNbye
Bout #1315 AugOksana Yermakova (13)RUSbye
Bout #1415 AugKim Hui-Jeong (19)KORbye
Bout #1515 Aug 10:13Piste YellowMonique Kavelaars (30)CAN14 – 8Rachel Barlow (36)RSA
Bout #1615 AugLi Na (4)CHNbye
Bout #1715 AugAdrienn Hormay (3)HUNbye
Bout #1815 Aug 10:16Piste BlueAna Maria Brânză (29)ROU15 – 14Zahra Gamir (35)ALG
Bout #1915 AugNadiya Kazimirchuk (20)UKRbye
Bout #2015 AugZhang Li (14)CHNbye
Bout #2115 AugAnna Sivkova (12)RUSbye
Bout #2215 AugTímea Nagy (22)HUNbye
Bout #2315 Aug 10:21Piste GreenMegumi Harada (27)JPN15 – 6Kelly Wilson (38)RSA
Bout #2415 AugCristiana Cascioli (6)ITAbye
Bout #2515 AugClaudia Bokel (7)GERbye
Bout #2615 Aug 10:24Niki-Katerina Sidiropoulou (26)GREAminata NdongSENwalkover
Bout #2715 AugKim Mi-Jeong (24)KORbye
Bout #2815 AugImke Duplitzer (9)GERbye
Bout #2915 AugEvelyn Halls (15)AUSbye
Bout #3015 AugLee Geum-Nam (17)KORbye
Bout #3115 Aug 10:29Piste BlueDimitra Magkanoudaki (32)GRE15 – 8Jessica Beer (33)NZL
Bout #3215 AugMaureen Nisima (2)FRAbye

Round Two

Date15 August 2004 — 11:00
FormatWinner of each match advanced to round three.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #115 Aug 11:00Piste GreenLaura Flessel-Colovic (1)FRA15 – 9Eimey Gómez (31)CUB
Bout #215 Aug 11:30Piste GreenHajnalka Király-Picot (16)FRA11 – 7Shen Weiwei (18)CHN
Bout #315 Aug 12:00Piste GreenTatyana Logunova (10)RUS15 – 11Kamara James (23)USA
Bout #415 Aug 12:30Piste GreenJeanne Christou (25)GRE15 – 13Sherraine MacKay (8)CAN
Bout #515 Aug 11:00Piste YellowBritta Heidemann (5)GER15 – 3Ángela María Espinoza (28)COL
Bout #615 Aug 11:30Piste YellowIldikó Mincza-Nébald (11)HUN15 – 7Sonja Tol (21)NED
Bout #715 Aug 12:00Piste YellowKim Hui-Jeong (19)KOR9 – 7Oksana Yermakova (13)RUS
Bout #815 Aug 12:30Piste YellowLi Na (4)CHN15 – 11Monique Kavelaars (30)CAN
Bout #915 Aug 11:00Piste BlueAna Maria Brânză (29)ROU15 – 13Adrienn Hormay (3)HUN
Bout #1015 Aug 11:30Piste BlueZhang Li (14)CHN10 – 9Nadiya Kazimirchuk (20)UKR
Bout #1115 Aug 12:00Piste BlueTímea Nagy (22)HUN15 – 10Anna Sivkova (12)RUS
Bout #1215 Aug 12:30Piste BlueCristiana Cascioli (6)ITA15 – 14Megumi Harada (27)JPN
Bout #1315 Aug 11:00Piste RedClaudia Bokel (7)GER15 – 10Niki-Katerina Sidiropoulou (26)GRE
Bout #1415 Aug 11:30Piste RedImke Duplitzer (9)GER15 – 9Kim Mi-Jeong (24)KOR
Bout #1515 Aug 12:00Piste RedEvelyn Halls (15)AUS15 – 14Lee Geum-Nam (17)KOR
Bout #1615 Aug 12:30Piste RedMaureen Nisima (2)FRA6 – 5Dimitra Magkanoudaki (32)GRE

Round Three

Date15 August 2004 — 13:00
FormatWinner of each match advanced to quarter-finals.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #115 Aug 13:00Piste RedLaura Flessel-Colovic (1)FRA15 – 9Hajnalka Király-Picot (16)FRA
Bout #215 Aug 13:30Piste RedJeanne Christou (25)GRE15 – 10Tatyana Logunova (10)RUS
Bout #315 Aug 13:00Piste YellowIldikó Mincza-Nébald (11)HUN11 – 10Britta Heidemann (5)GER
Bout #415 Aug 13:30Piste YellowKim Hui-Jeong (19)KOR14 – 9Li Na (4)CHN
Bout #515 Aug 13:00Piste BlueZhang Li (14)CHN15 – 13Ana Maria Brânză (29)ROU
Bout #615 Aug 13:30Piste BlueTímea Nagy (22)HUN15 – 13Cristiana Cascioli (6)ITA
Bout #715 Aug 13:00Piste GreenImke Duplitzer (9)GER14 – 13Claudia Bokel (7)GER
Bout #815 Aug 13:30Piste GreenMaureen Nisima (2)FRA15 – 10Evelyn Halls (15)AUS


Date15 August 2004 — 14:10
FormatWinner of each match advanced to semi-finals.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #115 Aug 14:10Piste GreenLaura Flessel-Colovic (1)FRA15 – 13Jeanne Christou (25)GRE
Bout #215 Aug 14:10Piste YellowIldikó Mincza-Nébald (11)HUN15 – 9Kim Hui-Jeong (19)KOR
Bout #315 Aug 14:10Piste BlueTímea Nagy (22)HUN8 – 7Zhang Li (14)CHN
Bout #415 Aug 14:10Piste RedMaureen Nisima (2)FRA15 – 14Imke Duplitzer (9)GER


Date15 August 2004 — 18:30
FormatWinner of each match advanced to final.
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout #115 Aug 18:30Piste FinalLaura Flessel-Colovic (1)FRA15 – 14Ildikó Mincza-Nébald (11)HUN
Bout #215 Aug 19:00Piste FinalTímea Nagy (22)HUN15 – 14Maureen Nisima (2)FRA

Final Round

Date15 August 2004 — 19:30
MatchDate/TimeLocationCompetitor (Seed)NOCResultCompetitor (Seed)NOC
Bout 1/215 Aug 19:55Piste FinalTímea Nagy (22)HUN15 – 10Laura Flessel-Colovic (1)FRA
Bout 3/415 Aug 19:30Piste FinalMaureen Nisima (2)FRA15 – 12Ildikó Mincza-Nébald (11)HUN