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Slalom, Women

Date11 February 1976
LocationAxamer Lizum, Axams
Participants42 from 16 countries
FormatTwo runs, total time determined placement.
Course Setter (Run 1)Heinz DietrichAUT
Course Setter (Run 2)Jacques FournoFRA
DetailsGates: 51 / 50
Length: 400 m
Start Altitude: 1785 m
Vertical Drop: 175 m

Rosi Mittermaier had won a surprise gold medal in the downhill three days before. A better technical skier, she was thought to have a chance to add a second title in the slalom. Mittermaier’s teammate Pamela Behr led the first run with Mittermaier second, and the always solid Danièle Debernard third. But Mittermaier posted the best time on the second run to win her second gold medal, with Behr dropping to fifth place overall. Debernard dropped to fourth, with the bronze medal going to Liechtenstein’s Hanni Wenzel, the first Olympic medal ever won by an athlete from the tiny nation.

PosNrSkierNOCTimeRun 1Run 2
15Rosi MittermaierFRG1:30.5446.77 (2)43.77 (1)Gold
21Claudia GiordaniITA1:30.8746.87 (4)44.00 (2)Silver
37Hanni WenzelLIE1:32.2047.75 (6)44.45 (3)Bronze
42Danièle DebernardFRA1:32.2446.86 (3)45.38 (5)
511Pamela BehrFRG1:32.3146.68 (1)45.63 (7)
68Lindy CochranUSA1:33.2447.96 (7)45.28 (4)
710Christa ZechmeisterFRG1:33.7248.20 (8)45.52 (6)
821Wanda BielerITA1:35.6648.86 (11)46.80 (8)
920Dagmar KuzmanováTCH1:35.7048.62 (9)47.08 (10)
1023Mary SeatonUSA1:35.8749.04 (12)46.83 (9)
1119Ursula KonzettLIE1:36.3548.82 (10)47.53 (12)
1228Bernadette ZurbriggenSUI1:37.1849.78 (17)47.40 (11)
136Cindy NelsonUSA1:37.3349.52 (16)47.81 (13)
1424Laurie KreinerCAN1:39.3850.26 (20)49.12 (15)
1530Valentina IliffeGBR1:40.1451.65 (23)48.49 (14)
1643Steinunn SæmundsdóttirISL1:44.7253.55 (24)51.17 (16)
1738Riitta OllikkaFIN1:45.6254.23 (26)51.39 (17)
1831Fiona EasdaleGBR1:47.0054.12 (25)52.88 (18)
1940Sue GibsonNZL2:03.531:02.59 (28)1:00.94 (20)
DNF4Patricia EmonetFRA47.47 (5)– (DNF)
DNF15Betsy CliffordCAN49.09 (13)– (DNF)
DNF26Brigitte TotschnigAUT49.17 (=14)– (DNF)
DNF9Monika BerweinFRG49.17 (=14)– (DNF)
DNF27Michèle JacotFRA50.00 (18)– (DNF)
DNF16Torill FjeldstadNOR50.11 (19)– (DNF)
DNF29Jana ŠoltýsováTCH51.34 (22)– (DNF)
DNF36Hazel HutcheonGBR– (27)– (DNF)
DNF25Abbi FisherUSA50.34 (21)– (DNS)
DNF35Nicola SpießAUT– (TNK)– (DNS)
DNF42Joanne HenkeAUS– (DNF)
DNF39Jórunn ViggósdóttirISL– (DNF)
DNF37Paola HoferITA– (DNF)
DNF34Alla AskarovaURS– (DNF)
DNF33Sally RoddAUS– (DNF)
DNF22Regina SacklAUT– (DNF)
DNF17Wilma GattaITA– (DNF)
DNF14Lise-Marie MorerodSUI– (DNF)
DNF13Marie-Theres NadigSUI– (DNF)
DNF12Monika KasererAUT– (DNF)
DNF3Fabienne SerratFRA– (DNF)
DNF18Kathy KreinerCAN– (DNF)
DQ32Anne RobbGBR[1:07.17] (DQ)53.52 (19)
DNS41Farida RahmehLBN– (DNS)