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Light-Heavyweight, Freestyle (≤84 kilograms), Men

Date27 – 28 August 2004
LocationOlympiako Gymnastirio Ano Liosion, Ano Liossia
Participants22 from 22 countries
FormatRound-robin pools, winner of each pool advanced to single-elimination tournament.

Russia had two good options for this class, with the defending gold medalist, Adam Saytiyev, and the 2003 World Champion, Sazhid Sazhidov. They chose Sazhidov, who had won his 2003 title by defeating American Cael Sanderson in the final. Sanderson was the most heralded American folkstyle wrestler since Dan Gable, having gone undefeated throughout high school and college in the United States, winning four NCAA Championships, and finishing his college career with a 159-0 record. Sanderson was not as successful in freestyle, having lost to various other international wrestlers in the past few years, including Cuban Yoel Romero at the 2003 Pan American Games, and he had failed to make the 2000 Olympic team. Sanderson got through his pool and then in the semi-finals avenged his loss to Romero, winning 3-2 to advance to the final. Sazhidov seemed on his way as well, but he lost in the semi-final to Korean Mun Ui-Je, who had been a silver medalist at Sydney and a two-time silver medalist at the World Championships. Mun went ahead early in the final, but Sanderson came back and won the gold medal, 3-1. Sanderson then retired and started coaching, althought he briefly returned to competition in 2011.

1Cael SandersonUSAGold
2Mun Ui-JeKORSilver
3Sazhid SazhidovRUSBronze
4Yoel RomeroCUB
5Majid KhodaeiIRI
6Lazaros LoizidisGRE
7Taras DankoUKR810
8Shamil AliyevTJK610
9Nicolae GhițăROU416
10Hidekazu YokoyamaJPN412
11Davyd BichinashviliGER410
12Miroslav GochevBUL49
13Revaz MindorashviliGEO44
14Siarhei BorchankaBLR43
15Gökhan YavaşerTUR40
16Anuj KumarIND26
17Matar SèneSEN26
18Magomed KurugliyevKAZ23
19Mogamed IbragimovMKD12
20Vincent Aka-AkesseFRA00
21Jeffrey CobbGUM00
ACMamed AghaevARMDQ

Round One (27 August 2004)

Pool A (27 August 2004)

1Majid KhodaeiIRI20613
2Hidekazu YokoyamaJPN11412
3Anuj KumarIND0226

Match #1 Majid KhodaeiIRI
decision (8-1) (6:00)
Hidekazu YokoyamaJPN
Match #2 Majid KhodaeiIRI
decision (5-1) (6:00)
Anuj KumarIND
Match #3 Hidekazu YokoyamaJPN
decision (11-5) (6:00)
Anuj KumarIND

Pool B (27 August 2004)

1Cael SandersonUSA20613
2Siarhei BorchankaBLR1143
3Magomed KurugliyevKAZ0223

Match #1 Cael SandersonUSA
decision (9-1) (6:00)
Siarhei BorchankaBLR
Match #2 Cael SandersonUSA
decision (4-2) (6:00)
Magomed KurugliyevKAZ
Match #3 Siarhei BorchankaBLR
decision (2-1) (9:00)
Magomed KurugliyevKAZ

Pool C (27 August 2004)

1Lazaros LoizidisGRE2066
2Revaz MindorashviliGEO1144
3Vincent Aka-AkesseFRA0200

Match #1 Lazaros LoizidisGRE
decision (3-1) (6:00)
Revaz MindorashviliGEO
Match #2 Lazaros LoizidisGRE
decision (3-0) (6:00)
Vincent Aka-AkesseFRA
Match #3 Revaz MindorashviliGEO
decision (3-0) (6:19)
Vincent Aka-AkesseFRA

Pool D (27 August 2004)

1Yoel RomeroCUB20713
2Davyd BichinashviliGER11410
3Jeffrey CobbGUM0200

Match #1 Yoel RomeroCUB
decision (3-0) (6:00)
Davyd BichinashviliGER
Match #2 Yoel RomeroCUB
grand superiority (10-0) (4:31)
Jeffrey CobbGUM
Match #3 Davyd BichinashviliGER
grand superiority (10-0) (2:10)
Jeffrey CobbGUM

Pool E (27 August 2004)

1Taras DankoUKR2079
2Gökhan YavaşerTUR1140
ACMamed AghaevARM0200

Match #1 Taras DankoUKR
decision (6-0) (6:00)
Gökhan YavaşerTUR
Match #2 Taras DankoUKR
DQ (3-0) (7:35)
Mamed AghaevARM
Match #3 Gökhan YavaşerTUR walkover

Pool F (27 August 2004)

1Mun Ui-JeKOR20613
2Miroslav GochevBUL1149
3Mogamed IbragimovMKD0212

Match #1 Mun Ui-JeKOR
decision (9-5) (6:00)
Miroslav GochevBUL
Match #2 Mun Ui-JeKOR
decision (4-0) (6:00)
Mogamed IbragimovMKD
Match #3 Miroslav GochevBUL
decision (4-2) (6:00)
Mogamed IbragimovMKD

Pool G (27 August 2004)

1Sazhid SazhidovRUS301132
2Shamil AliyevTJK21610
3Nicolae GhițăROU12416
4Matar SèneSEN0326

Match #1 Sazhid SazhidovRUS
decision (5-0) (6:00)
Shamil AliyevTJK
Match #2 Sazhid SazhidovRUS
fall (10-2) (2:21)
Nicolae GhițăROU
Match #3 Sazhid SazhidovRUS
grand superiority (17-0) (6:00)
Matar SèneSEN
Match #4 Shamil AliyevTJK
decision (4-3) (7:49)
Nicolae GhițăROU
Match #5 Shamil AliyevTJK
decision (6-3) (6:00)
Matar SèneSEN
Match #6 Nicolae GhițăROU
decision (11-3) (6:00)
Matar SèneSEN

Quarter-Finals (27 August 2004)

Match #1 Mun Ui-JeKOR
decision (3-1) (8:46)
Taras DankoUKR
Match #2 Yoel RomeroCUB
decision (3-1) (6:00)
Lazaros LoizidisGRE
Match #3 Cael SandersonUSA
decision (6-5) (6:14)
Majid KhodaeiIRI

Semi-Finals (28 August 2004)

Match #1 Mun Ui-JeKOR
decision (10-2) (6:00)
Sazhid SazhidovRUS
Match #2 Cael SandersonUSA
decision (3-2) (6:00)
Yoel RomeroCUB

Final Round (28 August 2004)

Match 1/2 Cael SandersonUSA
decision (3-1) (6:00)
Mun Ui-JeKOR
Match 3/4 Sazhid SazhidovRUS
decision (5-3) (6:00)
Yoel RomeroCUB
Match 5/6 Majid KhodaeiIRI
decision (3-0) (6:00)
Lazaros LoizidisGRE